Whippet Puppy Supplies: 13 Essential Items For Your New Puppy

There is no day like the day you bring your whippet puppy home.

It’s just so exciting.

But, excitement usually turns to panic as you realize you haven’t got all the supplies you know you’ll need to raise them.

So to get you started, I have created a checklist of those fundamental whippet puppy supplies you cannot do without.


There are countless leashes to choose from, but this one ticks all of the boxes. Comfortable, practical, durable, and cost-effective.

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Most whippet puppies will need a size small collar, although they will quickly grow into the next size up.

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I recommend this crate because it is suitable for all weather conditions and has a mate which will help your small puppy feel comfortable and keep warm.

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This is bed is not only memory foam, but it is waterproof too should your puppy have a mishap!

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When traveling with your puppy, putting a harness on them will help you keep them close and secure. This one is ideal.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Biscuits are made of premium ingredients, taste great for a whippet (which makes them effective training aids), and provide crunch satisfying your pup’s urge to chew and helping to clean their teeth simultaensously.

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Food & Water Bowls

These Bowls are perfect!

With two stainless steel 400ml bowls attached to a high-quality silicone stand, your dog is given a complete dinner set.

You can serve food and water simultaneously. The stainless steel bowls are non-toxic and are completely odorless too.

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Your young whippet needs good, nutritious food for him to grow strong and healthy.

This food in particular is made predominantly from Turkey, and it is made with only natural ingredients.

It also is tailored to the needs of a young pup and has natural prebiotics to support digestive help and nutrient assimilation too.

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Nail Clippers

You’ll need to keep your puppy’s nails trimmed back. These will enable you to do so safely. They have safety mechanisms in place, are made of high-quality material making them durable, and are cost-effective too!

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Brushing your whippet will be key to their grooming. While they have a short coat, they do shed somewhat frequently, so brushing once per week is advised!

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While you shouldn’t bathe your whippet too regularly, they will certainly require the occasional wash.

And when you do so, it’s essential you only use a shampoo designed for dogs.

This one is a best seller in its category.

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Poop Bags

I recommend these particular bags as they come with a bag dispenser which is very convenient when on the go.


You’ll likely go through many toys when owning your whippet, but these are great ones for this active breed in particular.

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Optional Extras

Pet Camera

If you want to keep an eye on your pup while you are away, then you are going to need a good premium camera to do that. Furbo is the one I use:

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Exercise Pen

Exercise pens are perfect for confining your puppy to a smaller area while giving them more space than in a crate or confined area.

Baby Gate

Baby gates are what you need if you want to restrict access to rooms and/or stairs.

How To Prepare For Your New Whippet Puppy

Here’s a short preview from my Ultimate Whippet Puppy Handbook of some of the best things you can do for your new puppy:

  1. Get everything you need. If you get most of the items on this list you’ll be pretty much good to go!
  2. Get set up, before returning home. This means ensuring products arrive, unboxed, checked, and installed (if required). From there, make sure you optimize your home – place their food and water bowls in their new places, have toys ready to be played with, etc.
  3. Find a veterinarian. And schedule an initial appointment to get your puppy checked over and have any necessary treatments (flea, tick, vaccinations), etc.
  4. Puppy-proof your house and yard. Maybe even get on your hands and knees to see from your puppy’s perspective. Make sure there are no opportunities for escape, or things that could harm them (plants, cables, etc).

For more tips on how to raise your new whippet puppy, check out my Ultimate Whippet Puppy Handbook. It’s currently on sale!


While this may seem like a pretty long list, if you get all of the items on it – you’ll be in good stead and have pretty much everything you need.

And, the perk of getting it all from Amazon in one order is then it’s done.

You can literally check it off the list and move on to what matters.

Welcoming your new pup into their new home!

Whippet Puppy eBook

Bringing home your new adorable whippet puppy is one of the happiest and most exciting times for a new owner. But it can quickly become overwhelming and chaotic at the same time.

Having been through this experience myself, multiple times over.

I decided to create The Ultimate Whippet Puppy Handbook for those that are looking for one resource to answer all of the many questions and concerns you may have.

Get the Whippet Puppy Handbook here.

Do Whippet Puppies Need Coats?

Whippets do need coats and should wear them in wet weather. Due to their short coats, these dogs struggle to keep themselves warm when wet and can develop hypothermia unless you keep them dry.

Do Whippets Need Jumpers?

Whippets do need jumpers or at least some warm clothing that can keep them warm. These dogs struggle to keep themselves warm and suffer from the cold, particularly in the colder seasons and months.

Do Whippets Need A Harness?

It is best and advisable to get a harness for your whippet. This is due to a whippet’s natural inherent chase and prey drive, which causes them to respond quickly to small animals and other things that move. Harnesses are an effective and safe means of preventing chase.

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