This section of the website is dedicated specifically to training your whippet. We have lots of useful tips and tricks you can use to help train your whippet.

Aggressive Whippet: What To Do

aggressive whippet

For an aggressive whippet, it is important to start positive socialisation as soon as possible, to show your whippet that there is no reason for his aggressive behaviour. Introduce him to different dogs on a leash, approaching the stranger from the side rather than the front. If your whippet tends to bite, try the socialisation …

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How To Stop Your Whippet Jumping Up

how to stop your whippet jumping up

The Whippet is a small, athletic, lean hound dog from England that is known for its love of running and exercise. This fast, agile dog, descending from its larger cousin, the Greyhound, excels in sports like agility, racing, lure coursing, dock diving, as well as fly-ball. Moreover, Whippets also make wonderful family pets, being affectionate, …

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How To Train A Whippet To Race

how to train a whippet to race

Whippets are famous for their unequalled speed in the dog’s world; they can run at speeds of up to 35mph which is simply breathtaking to witness. Their determination, courage, agility, and speed make them just the right canines for the work they were initially bred for; coursing and racing. Immediately when your whippet starts walking; …

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