7 Best Dog Beds For Whippets

7 best dog beds for whippets

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When you think of a perfect pet dog, a whippet should immediately cross your mind.

Not only are they quiet and peaceful, but they are also affectionate and friendly.

They are warm even to strangers and other dogs. As long as they have had their daily dose of energetic exercise, they are a joy to live with.

Now, whippets are known to love their comfort and naps- they can sleep for up to 12 to 15 hours a day.

Also, due to their delicate thin skin, they tend to get cold pretty easily.

Therefore, you need to invest in a perfect dog bed that suits their slender frame and thin coat.

If you are not sure of the perfect bed to get your pooch, this is the right place for you.

We have put together the 7 best dog beds for whippets that you can get for your pet, along with relevant information about each one of them.

Still, you may be wondering what to look out for when choosing the perfect bed that provides adequate support and rest for your furry buddy.

We have listed the most essential attributes you should consider when choosing a dog bed.

What to Look for In A Dog Bed for Your Whippet


Comfort is paramount when it comes to a dog bed. Without it, the pet will not get enough rest, and we all know what sleep and comfortability mean to a whippet.

Choose a bed made with a warm, cosy, and dense memory foam that will provide enough cushion to support your pet.

Most dogs also need the extra support that orthopaedic beds can provide, most especially older with arthritis or those recovering from an injury.

For authenticity, look for dog beds with NASA-certified orthopaedic memory foam.


You want a bed that is durable and will last a long time.

Therefore, get one made with firm and resilient materials such as oxford fibre and polyfiberfill memory forms.

Whippets have the habit of clawing things, so you want a bed that can withstand that.


The quality of the bed matters a big deal. If you want a bed that is long-lasting and offers a great deal of comfortability for your pet, you have to choose one made with high-quality materials.

On that note, avoid dog beds made with cedar chip filling at all costs.

Rather, go for those with memory foam filling that is made from cotton or polyester.


Before ordering for a bed for your whippet, ensure that you know the measurements of your pet when they are in a sleeping position.

Then, add a few inches to allow room for movements and adjustments of the dog.

Getting a bed that is too small will pose comfortability problems for the pet and they may even dislike the bed.

In any case, it would be better to get an oversized bed, but its best to get a bed that is just the correct size.

Ensure that the bed also fits the spot you have set aside for it in your house or office.

Easy-clean features

Dogs can be messy at times. After some time, the bed will get stuffy and smelly.

Ensure that the bed you get can be washed easily. Beds with a removable cover that is machine washable are the best.

A waterproof cover is a great accessory to keeping the bed clean and pushing it to last long.


Since it is going to be part of your house interior, choose a design that best compliments your décor.

Most dog beds come with a beautiful assortment of colours, plush fabrics and creative designs to enhance the look of your home.

7 Best Dog Beds for Whippets

 Product NameProduct DimensionsItem WeightSizeColorBatteries Required?
 iMedic Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed68.5 × 20.4 × 2.3 cm2.58 KilogramsMediumBlack and whiteNo
 JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed  96.52 × 71.12 × 20.32 cm3.45 KilogramsLarge No
 AllPetSolutions Charlie Range Beds  77 × 57 ×20 cm1.7 KilogramsLargeGrey and whiteNo
 ZODAE Dog Bed54.4 ×23.6 ×23.6 cm2.12 KilogramsMediumGreyNo
 AmazonBasics Cuddler Pet Bed74.93 × 57.91 × 19.05 cm2.4 KilogramsLargeFloral PrintNo
 PET MAGASIN Memory Foam Bolster Dog94.5 × 74.5 × 26 cm6.99 KilogramsMedium to LargeGreyNo
 MONIKI Modern Ultra Soft Warm Bed26.6 ×21.4 × 16.6 cm570 gMediumRedNo

iMedic Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

This orthopaedic memory foam is deluxe and premium, just like your whippet deserves.

It is made from 100% Viscoelastic dense memory foam that will provide enough rest and comfort for your dog.

The dense memory foam base is made to last, and you won’t have to replace your dog bed any time soon.

Also, it will not sag or slump as time goes by as it is elastic in nature.

Even though the padding is firm, it is also soft enough to ensure your whippet gets as much rest as it needs.

The design is top-notch and pleasant to the eye. It is minimal yet functional and bound to complement the look and feel of your home.

Additionally, you do not have to fret about excess slobber or the dog pouring things on its bed- the cover is waterproof and machine washable.

Therefore, you could be cleaning it periodically and your dog will enjoy a clean bed! The bed is available in medium size (10-27 kg dogs) and large size (27-42 kg dogs).


  • It is made with durable materials
  • It is orthopaedic which ensures extra comfort and support for your pet
  • It made with high-density memory foam which provides extra comfort for your pet
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is a bit costly
iMedic Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed - Orthopaedic Dog Bed - Deluxe Finish - Waterproof Dog Bed Medium - Dog Mattress - Washable Dog Bed - Puppy Bed - Dog Beds For Medium Size Dogs 10-27kgs - 84x64cm
  • Orthopaedic Memory Foam: We are memory foam specialists for humans with our extensive seat and lumbar support range. We have used our expertise to create a premium, deluxe product that our dogs deserve. Made from 100% Viscoelastic dense memory foam it will support both a healthy or ageing dog perfectly.
  • Smart, Classy Design: Made to last, made to please. The dense memory foam base offers the perfect amount of padding. Enough to support but soft enough to allow your dog to get the perfect rest to their joints. We also appreciate that with a large dog bed in the house it must look attractive, which is why our minimal yet functional design is so ideal. They also make the perfect dog crate bed or dog Birthday gift.
  • Waterproof and Washable: As well as having a cover tough enough to deal with the everyday use from a biting, scratching pup, the cover is completely machine washable and waterproof. Do not worry if there is an accident, or fret about excess slobber! Waterproof dog mattress luxury dog bed.
  • Long Lasting: The foam will also not sag or slump over time. Allow the foam time to expand on arrival, ideally by a radiator or in the warmest room in the house. A dog bed is for life, not just for Christmas.
  • Sizes: Available in a medium dog bed size for 10-27kgs dogs, or large size for 27-42kgs dogs.

JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed

Our furry, athletic friends take their sleep time seriously and may sleep for 12-15 hours in a day.

It is essential to ensure that they enjoy every bit of their bedtime by getting them a warm, comfortable, fuzzy bed such as this one.

It is made with high-quality material that offers maximum comfortability and is long-lasting.

The memory foam is made using flame retardant material to prevent the bed from catching fire.

The bolster is filled with a generous amount of PP cotton which is relaxing, breathable and resilient.

The water-proof coating is made of rubber which also prevents slipping, and is perfect for senior dogs who may make occasional ‘accidents’.

Washing it is easy- all you have to do is remove the cover and put it in a washing machine.

With all these features, this bed has top-notch design, better than most dog beds in the market.

To top it all off, it comes with a squeaker toy as a gift for your good boy.


  • It is made of high-quality PP cotton for maximum comfortability
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has anti-slip features
  • It is waterproof


  • Only comes in one size
JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa with Removable Washable Cover and Squeaker Toys as Gift
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: ①Solid Memory Foam base for perfectly to your pet's body for maximum comfort ②Memory Foam using flame retardant material③The Bottom Material of the dog bed comes with built-in nonslip rubber backing and waterproof coating④Inner waterproof cover perfect for senior dog with occasional accident ⑤The fabric offers unmatched warmth and comfort;⑥The bolster is filled by PP cotton generously which is relax breathable and good resilience
  • EASY To CLEAN and MAINTAIN:①Removable cover is machine washable;②Easy to find & clean &remove hair;③Liner waterproof protector
  • GIFT:Squeaker toy as gift(Bone shape)
  • BETTER DESIGN:①High-density memory foam can provide the ultimate sleep experience with superior overall comfort and to last;②The bottom is lined with to prevent the bed from ever sliding around;③Soft & Full comfy contto-padded Bolsters (couch arms) surround a whole circle can protect your pet's neck, relieve the neck caused by fatigue;④The hidden zipper design at this orthopedic dog bed;⑤Waterproof internal liner to protect memory foam from liquids, bacteria, allergens, mold and dust nites
  • SIZE: Measuring from outside of bolster 91 x 68 x 20cm. Sleeping area inside bolster: 73.5 x 51cm. The memory foam base 85 x 60 x 7.5cm. Ideal for Medium to Large size dogs and also great for multiple smaller dogs. Can easily hold up to 100lbs.

AllPetSolutions Charlie Range Beds

The attractive, trendy, chunky, knit design will catch your attention at first sight. Its design is not the only good thing about this dog-bed though.

It is warm and cosy, perfect for your whippet pup who loves to curl in his sleep.

It has high-quality fabrics and plush faux lambskin lining to make it extra cosy for your furry baby.

It is extremely easy to clean as it is machine washable at 30⁰.

The bed has a non-slip bottom to keep it steady, especially when your pup gets jumpy and playful. This Charlie bed is available in three different sizes.


  • It has an amazing design
  • It has non-slip features
  • It is made with high-quality, comfortable materials
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is not the most durable dog-bed
AllPetSolutions Charlie Range Beds - Chunky Knit Design Soft Warm Grey Dog Bed (L)
  • Trendy chunky knit design to match and fit in with your stylish interior.
  • Non Slip Bottom - This dog bed has a non-slip bottom which makes it suitable for most types of flooring.
  • Great Support - If your pup loves to have a snug sleep this bed has great support to let them curl up all night.
  • Ultra-soft cream faux lambskin interior that will give your dog the cosiest sleep
  • Machine Washable - Can be used and cleaned over and over again, just put it in the machine at 30°C.


This dog bed can comfortably hold a whippet of up to 60 pounds and 30 inches in length.

It is made with ultra-comfortable memory foam and top of the line materials that are soft and warm.

The design is top tier- it has a grey luxurious quilted cover and an egg crate orthopaedic form that will complete your home décor.

The orthopaedic foam offers a restful resting experience, especially for aged dogs with joint problems.

It is extremely easy to clean as the cover is removable and machine washable.

You are advised to wash it on a gentle cycle and dry it in low temperature. The ZODAE dog bed is made to last.


  • It is extra-comfortable
  • It has an orthopedic foam
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is durable


  • It is costly
Gutekatz Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Beds with Removable Washable Cover, Memory Foam Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Nonslip Bottom Pet Beds for Sleep
  • [ MEDIUM SIZE ] Dimensions 32" x 22" x 10", interior dimensions of bed space 26" x 16" - Ideal for medium to large dogs / puppies or other pets, Holds up to 60+ lbs and fits for pets up to 30" in length
  • [ HIGH QUALITY ] Made with top-of-the-line premium materials, soft and warm, ultra comfortable, durable
  • [ WELL DESIGNED ] Well designed luxurious quilted cover and egg crate orthopedic foam help improve your home decor. Built-in rubber bottom prevents from sliding on wooden or tiled floors
  • [ ULTRA COMFORT ] Grooved solid orthopaedic foam gives pets super comfortable sleeping / rest experiece, while cotton padded rim cushion provides head and neck support, to help your pets relax. Perfect for dogs of any age, especially older dogs with joint, bone or arthritic problems
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】 Dog Bed with Removable cover is machine washable and air dry on Natural Conditions. Simply put the cover to washer on gentle / delicate cycle. Air dry or low temperature dry. Please do NOT dry in high temperature

AmazonBasics Cuddler Pet Bed

If you want to give your whippet a warm, comfortable place to sleep, this is the perfect bed.

The Cuddler Pet Bed has raised sides that offer added structure and a pillow-like rest for the head.

It also makes the dog feel secure. It has a low downward-sloping forward design that makes it easy for the dog to get in and out, especially if it is old with tired limbs.

It is made with a soft sleeping surface and durable oxford base for extra comfort and long-lasting strength.

It comes in different sizes and styles, so you can choose what best goes with your home or office décor. It has total value for your money!


  • It is comfortable
  • Its design allows for easy movement of elderly whippets
  • It comes in different sizes


  • It is not orthopedic

MONIKI Modern Ultra Soft Warm Bed

The MONIKI Modern dog-bed is the epitome of comfortability for your beautiful whippet!

The waterproof material of the bed, oxford fibre, not only protects the bed but also the pet from moisture.

The bottom is dust-proof to protect your floor from dust that may arise from your pet’s clutter.

The inside is made of soft and cosy PP cotton which provides warmth for the whippet.

The bed is made to last long as it is well-sewn with sides that are firm and stuffed perfectly.

For a dog that is playful and jumpy, the bed is steady as it has a non-slip bottom.

Although the cover is not removable, the surface is easy to scrub and clean. The product comes in red and different sizes. For its very affordable price, this bed offers maximum value for your money.


  • Very affordable
  • Very comfortable as it made with PP cotton
  • It is water-proof and dust-proof
  • It has non-slip features


  • Cover is not removable.


Does My Whippet Need A Dog Bed?

Yes, it does. Even though it can sleep on your bed, it needs to have a resting place of its own where it can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
For a dog that loves sleep and comfort, a dog bed is essential.

What Is An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

This is a dog bed that is designed to offer extra support to your dog, especially if it old, ailing, or recovering from an injury.
Every facet of the design such as the material, size, and shape is made to offer extra support.

Should I Buy A Waterproof Dog Bed?

Unless you do not mind your whippet’s accidents getting absorbed into the dense foam, It is advisable to get a waterproof bed.
It will keep the bed in good condition for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Your whippet deserves a comfortable, fuzzy bed to keep it warm and relaxed when taking naps.

We hope this article has been instrumentals in helping you choose the best dog bed for your whippet.

If you need extra information or wish to purchase one of the beds above, click on the links provided.

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