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How To Keep Your Whippet Happy

how to tell if your whippet is happy

A new dog comes with many responsibilities, and every breed will have its own personal needs that have to be fulfilled to keep them happy. For an inexperienced Whippet owner, it will take time and dedication to ensure their dog becomes comfortable with their new home. Knowing how to keep your whippet happy is an …

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Why Do Whippets Yawn?

why do whippets yawn?

Unlike humans who only yawn when they are tired or bored, dogs may have completely different ways of expressing their feelings. When whippets yawn, it could also be an indication that they are stressed or anxious. Sure, this can be seasonal as feeling anxious is inevitable at the end of the day; however, if it’s …

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Whippet Eating Poop: What To Do

whippet eating poop

Many owners find that even though owning a dog is a wonderful experience, it can come with certain challenges. This could be your dog chewing or digging, barking, howling, or destroying furniture. Sometimes, owners may be faced with the quite common problem of their dog eating poop. It could be their own poop that your …

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Can A Whippet Live With A Rabbit?

can a whippet live with a rabbit

Bringing a new domesticated animal into your home requires a lot of planning and consideration. For example, if it will get along well with the existing pets, you have enough capital and supply needed to care for it, other family members’ opinions, and more. Individuals with pets that can be prey, such as rabbits, usually …

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