Are Whippet Puppies Hard Work?

So, you’ve decided to get a puppy and you’ve chosen an adorable whippet! How wonderful! I think Bonnie, my amazing, intelligent and cute as a button whippet, may just have clapped her paws together!

Getting a puppy is a big responsibility and does involve time and work. Whippets are very smart, love to please and are very affectionate. They sometimes can be a bit stubborn and also at times, sensitive.

They don’t like to have their feelings hurt. Are whippet puppies hard work? Yes, they can be, but so can any other breed of dog you may choose. You have to realize that they, along with any puppy, will need training, love and time, plus much patience on your part.

Look no further, because by reading the tips below, you aim to gain some knowledge about how to raise your whippet puppy to adulthood with some work, but a lot of fun!

Are You Ready For A Whippet Puppy?

Before you get your sweet little whippet pup, just remember that while work is involved, puppyhood is not a very long time period in a dog’s life. That being said, there are a few things to consider to be ready for a whippet puppy.

How Is Your Budget?

If you’ve heard the Beatle’s song, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” this is quite true. You will receive much unconditional love from your whippet and it won’t seem to cost you a dime.

The money you may spend, however, will not end when you pay your breeder for your adorable pup.

And yes; they are worth every penny you spend on them, but is it in your budget for food, puppy and dog supplies, veterinary care (this can be the big-ticket item in an emergency, $$$$), or even training? Love you give and receive, go a long way but unfortunately, you can’t live by love alone.

Do You Have The Time?

How much time do you have to give? Sure, your puppy will need more care while young, but training is always an ongoing process with rules that need to be enforced at all times for an obedient, well-mannered whippet.

Time is also needed for grooming, exercise and play, which are all necessary things your puppy will need through adulthood.

Are You Willing To Wake Up Early?

If you are an early riser, then this will not be an issue. Puppies need frequent bathroom breaks and sometimes cry at night, missing their mother. Adult dogs sometimes get up early as a routine.

If you are not one to get out of bed early, you may find an accident, if you roll out of bed long after sunrise! Sometimes puppies and adults need bathroom time during the night as well.

Will Your Pup Be Alone During The Day?

If you work outside your home, arrangements will need to be made for a puppy, unless you are lucky enough to work for a dog-loving employer where every day is “take your dog to workday.” Your whippet may have to be crated or you may have to hire a dog sitter, which equals some more $$.

Do You Travel?

If you travel for work frequently or vacation often, getting a whippet puppy or any pup may not be in their or your best interest. You would either have to put your pup in a kennel ($$$) or have someone stay with them ($$$).

This may cause behavioural issues without being able to bond properly or with no time for training.

How To Prepare For A Whippet Puppy

To be the responsible parent of a whippet puppy, there are things you must consider and do before welcoming them home. “Be prepared,” is the boy scouts famous motto and that about sums it up.

Your whippet doesn’t need much indoor space and can even be an apartment dog, but they do need room to run outdoors in a fenced yard or perhaps a nearby park with a fenced-in area.

Keeping your whippet outdoors is absolutely out of the question. A whippet is an indoor dog and gets cold very easily with their very short coat and does not tolerate cold or hot weather very well.

Some supplies needed before the big day are listed below.

It’s best to keep your whippet puppy either in a crate or purchase a baby gate so they will be a little more contained until they are housebroken and also to keep them away from danger or breakables.

Also, hide any dangling cords and remove any expensive or dear to you nick-knacks that you wouldn’t want to be broken. When a puppy learns what’s off-limits you can return them to their rightful place of honour. Remove anything that can be a danger to a puppy.

What To Expect From Your Whippet Puppy

Once you’ve gotten all of the supplies for your little whippet and their very own area is prepared, then it’s time for the big day.

Now, you may feel prepared and you are for the most part, but sometimes puppies can be a handful. Keep your patience and humour and remember that puppyhood is short-lived.

This is going to be the first time your little puppy is away from their mother and littermates.

are whippet puppies hard work?
Image: Luca Gibson

They may feel lonely, timid or scared or they may just see so many different sights, sounds and smells, their curiosity may get the better of them and they’ll go haywire exploring. Each whippet puppy is as individual as a human.

You may need to give them some extra loving and nurturing and you should. Please do pet and cuddle them so they are used to being handled and this is a great time for bonding as well.

Familiarize them with their area, but don’t overwhelm and overstimulate. You may find they will chew with those razor-sharp teeth, so have toys just for that purpose. Accidents will happen, especially if they are scared or excited.

Puppies have small bladders and along with some wet spots, you may find some poop here and there until they’re properly housebroken. That’s why a smaller, contained area is your best bet.

They may miss their mother, so wrapping a hot water bottle in a soft blanket and placing it in their bed will mimic their mother and comfort them.

The best advice I can give is to develop a routine for you and your pup and stick with it. Bathroom breaks, mealtimes and bedtime should be consistent as well as walking and playtime. Don’t over-exercise them as small puppies, this isn’t good for their still-growing bones.

They tire easily, from all of that bouncing around and excitement and need their proper rest.

You will be surprised at what a routine will do. As they grow bigger, they will anticipate meal and snack time and walks, plus if you stay up later than normal, you will probably notice them watching you and looking like, “isn’t it bedtime?”

Start Training Your Whippet Puppy Early

As soon as your puppy is brought home, housebreaking should begin. Take your pup out every twenty to thirty minutes. Accidents will happen, but just tell them, “no,” and quickly usher them outdoors to finish.

Clean up any of the evidence so they can’t smell it and go there again. They will quickly get the idea and the time in which you take them out will lengthen as they grow.

Training your puppy can also begin immediately. Of course, everything is brand new to them, but don’t be afraid to reprimand them to things that are off-limits. On the other hand, give them lots of praise with excitement when they do something wonderful.

By the tone of your voice, they will know when they’ve done bad or good and will surely like the way your voice sounds when it’s good.

You can also begin using commands but don’t expect perfection. You may begin getting them used to wearing a collar by gradually putting it on and leaving it on longer every time.

Once they’ve become acclimated to a collar, try a leash by just letting them drag it around at first to get the feel of it.

Try walking with the leash but never get into a tug of war if they pull and chew at it. Simply drop the leash until they’ve calmed down. Also, keep their walking time to five minutes at a time until they’re older.

Once your whippet puppy is comfortable with you and their surroundings, it’s not too early to take them to a type of puppy kindergarten that is training kept low key just for puppies.

As a young puppy, they will be easily distracted, but this can help your puppy to learn new things, while also helping them build their social skills with other puppies and people too.

When your puppy is older, consider a beginners obedience training class, especially if you are unsure of training.

Other Considerations

Are whippet puppies hard work? They can be!

Even though there are so many new things to learn for both you and your whippet puppy, out of the mess, confusion and work of your pup’s first days, remember to enjoy them and give them love and have fun.

Keep your patience and the days will get easier as they go by. Your pup will grow quickly into an adult with a fabulous personality of their own.

Final Thoughts

Keep calm and stick to a routine in working through your whippet’s first days and weeks with you. If you have any questions or problems as you go about raising your whippet puppy, your veterinarian or friends who’ve been through this are there to help along the way.

Yes, whippet puppies, as well as many puppy breeds, are hard work at first, but that work is well worth it as they grow into a friend and companion for life.

Whippet puppies aren’t perfect, but neither are you, so embrace this time with patience and love and together you can both learn and bond for a lifetime.

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