What Is A Blue Whippet?

Have you been looking at pictures and videos of the unique and mesmerizing blue Whippet all over social media? Have you been searching all over to get the answer for getting a blue whippet of your own? Well, trust me; I understand your whippet fever completely. 

Of all whippet breeds, the rare blue Whippet has everyone’s attention. If you’re looking to understand everything about the blue Whippet before getting your own, I’ve got your back. 

In this article, I’ve addressed all the facts and concerns you might need to know before getting a blue whippet. From what is a blue whippet to how much they cost, I’ve covered every detail ahead. So, read on to find out!

What Does Blue Whippet Mean?

So, what is a blue whippet?  The blue Whippet is a variant of the whippet breed, and its origin traces back to the late 18th century.

Nicknamed to be the “Poor Man’s Greyhound,” whippets can be characterised as medium-sized hounds with a streamlined body covered with a short and dense coat. 

While the Whippet comes in various colours like grey, brindle, black, and fawn, the blue colour remains a rare colour amongst this breed. The blue colour is not true blue. However, it teeters more towards a gunmetal blue look. 

Origin of the Blue Whippet

So, how did the magnificent blue Whippet come into being? While some incorrectly refer to them as miniature greyhounds, this beautiful breed’s origin is a cross-breeding situation between Greyhounds and small terriers. 

Whippets are a reasonably new breed that can easily be recognised as the swift motioned small dog named the rabbit hunter. Initially, Whippets were associated with men of the working class to hunt rabbits and rats quickly. 

blue whippet
Image: Eldriva

This feature made whippet races famous where their speed would be put to the test by chasing down prey across the streets and down vast expanses. Rag cloths were waved in front to test just how fast the Whippet can run. 

While the Whippet was essentially categorised as a dog for the working class, its mature and stylish look made it a popular breed amongst the upper class.

Its versatile nature and exquisite look are precisely why people prefer to get one for their family. 

Quick Overview of the Blue Whippet

Blue whippets are renowned for being the perfect all-purpose dog. Their agility, paired with their actively versatile nature, is what makes them the star of the show.

While their independent temperament might make them hard to train, they learn quickly to be as obedient as they can be. 

From my observation of this lovely pup, they get along splendidly with people (even cats); however, early socialisation is something you might need to look into. This helps the blue Whippet adapt to other people and other dogs early on and takes away the fear of interaction with strangers. 

But if you’re a cat owner, I’d say beware. The blue Whippet has an inherently strong prey drive so being friendly with the family cat is something that will require some time and a lot of patience on your end.

The same applies to letting them off the leash into the wild; they will try to run after any creature in sight.  

While this pup is gentle and has no demands at home, it can be a bit naughty at times. So, at times your puppy may act up playfully, but it’s all in good humour.

If you’re someone who’s lighthearted like me and enjoys a playful pup, whippets might be your calling. They’ll snuggle up right next to you to keep you warm on a lonely night. 

How To Identify A Blue Whippet

Now that we’ve covered what is a blue whippet, the next thing you need to know is how to recognise the blue Whippet.

As the name suggests, the blue Whippet has its characteristic short and dense coat in gunmetal blue. The sheen is impeccable, and the coat covers the body all over.

On average, a male whippet is around 19 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder, while the female whippets measure up to be about 18 to 21 inches.

Their weight varies as well with their genders, the female pups being smaller. Male whippets can weigh approximately 34 pounds, while females can weigh just about 29 pounds. 

The Personality of a Blue Whippet

Blue whippets are generally gentle and quiet in their demeanour, but their intense run and case are undoubtedly crucial. While a leash or a fenced area remains a necessity for this hyper pup, they surprisingly don’t bark much. 

Their alert nature makes them a suitable watchdog, but if you’re looking for a guard dog, whippets are not the best option.

They might even assist the burglar! But in all seriousness, this obedient breed will indeed be your best friend in the times you need them the most. 

But how will my blue Whippet behave around me? Generally, their temperament is greatly affected by their training, social skills, and genetic makeup. You will often find them curious and inquisitive little pups who will willingly approach new people and pets around them. 

When you’re trying to figure out your Whippet’s psyche at first glance, try opting for the pup that seems not too shy and tucked away or not too loud and energetic.

The balance between these two extremes is essential for the Whippet experience to be seamless.

If their siblings or parents accompany the Whippet, that’s a bonus! Their overall mannerisms give you a good idea of what your Whippet will behave like in the years to come. 

As I mentioned before, your blue Whippet will need early socialisation to develop a good relationship with foreign animals and people. A well-rounded whippet needs to adapt to all sorts of sounds and species from an early age. This is where your training skills and attention are required the most. 

While the blue Whippet presents itself to be the mature pup it is, chances are they’ll be dependent on you in their early years.

I explain the rest of the whippet pet experience ahead, so read on to get an even better understanding of this wonderful breed. 

Are Blue Whippets Rare?

While this gorgeous puppy may be your new obsession, the question of how rare the blue Whippet is must’ve been on your mind. Well, put, the chances of finding this unique coloured pup are significantly lower than what one might expect. 

Blue whippets are incredibly rare, for that matter. The waiting list for getting one might have you on edge for months on end.

The secret behind the luxurious gunmetal blue hue of the Whippet’s coat lies in its dilute gene makeup. In case of this gene being absent, the Whippet will most lightly have a black coat. 

Blue whippets are so rare that even by breeding two blue whippets, there’s a chance that you might not end up with a blue whippet.

So, if you’re planning to get one, make sure you do thorough research on your local breeders and find a healthy blue whippet with a complete background check to ensure the pup’s health and safety. 

How Much Do Blue Whippets Cost?

Blue whippets are a rare breed, and while some breeders can manage to breed a blue whippet, the chances are that the prices will be shooting up the sky.

The cost of getting a blue whippet can range anywhere from $2000 to $2500. Yup, and that’s on the cheaper end. 

While you should look into adoption centres and pet shelters first, if you’re set on getting a blue whippet only, I recommend that you do thorough research on the breeder’s history and reputation. 

For a healthy blue whippet, try refraining from getting from a puppy mill, a backyard breeder, or even a pet store. The chances are that their health isn’t the best.

Instead, look for reputable breeders that guarantee a thorough check on the dog’s genetic health and manages them with a good temperament. 

Blue Whippet Puppies

Blue whippet puppies are just like regular whippet puppies although they are blue in colour.

This makes them a lot rarer and more expensive than regular whippet puppies. The average blue whippet puppy will cost you anywhere from £1000 – £2500 here in the UK.

Blue whippet puppies are created by breading two adult blue whippets together.

You’ll find that the only difference between blue whippet puppies and regular whippet puppies is their colour, the temperament and characteristics will be exactly the same.

If you’re lucky, you may even find yourself a blue whippet puppy that has blue eyes, these are beautiful looking dogs that will take your breath away.

That being said, they are very rare too.

Other Considerations

Well, now that you’re reasonably well acquainted with what is a blue whippet, there are certain other aspects that you need to consider when getting yourself one.

Here are some other considerations that you might need to go over before sealing the deal. 

Whippets and Their Environment 

Whippets are generally comfortable with contained environments. Suppose you’re living in an apartment with access to some fenced playing area.

While they have relatively low energy levels, they may become destructive and too active for their good if they’re not allowed to exert themselves daily. 

Socialising your Whippet is incredibly important. If you don’t cater to their early socialisation skills, they’ll most probably end up being afraid and stressed due to environmental changes.

This will result in them acting up around strangers. If well socialised, the Whippet can be the politest dog to exit. 

That being said, if you’re looking for a watchdog, whippets aren’t the best choice. A well-behaved whippet would treat the burglar like a loved one and may even try to snuggle up!

Exercising Your Whippet 

Your Whippet will require daily exertion for around 40 to 50 minutes collectively. It would help if you kept in mind when taking your pup out for a stroll, it would be to either keep them in a fenced area or have them on their leash.

Otherwise, they’ll defiantly run off as far as they can and be challenging to control. 

blue whippet
Image: Simon Watt

Whippets inherently have a strong prey drive, so they might try to chase other animals for miles on end. Even if your area has electronic underground fencing facilities, they won’t affect the Whippet in the least. They’ll just run over the shock as if nothing hit them. 

That’s why it’s necessary to keep your Whippet in places that are physically restricted through some fencing or boundary walls.

This way, your beloved pup can get its daily intake of exercise without running away. 

Grooming Your Whippet

Blue whippets are known for their smooth and silky appearance luscious blue coat. While this coat of theirs is short and dense, they don’t exactly shed a lot.

This makes their grooming routine relatively simple. Just brush their coat once a week and take away the loose hair. 

However, be careful and use soft-bristled tools on their skin and coat. The Whippet’s skin is fragile, making it vulnerable to nicks, and scrapes on their skin.

Try to handle them with the utmost care when cleaning them or grooming them. 

Your Friendly Indoor Whippet 

Whippets are not outdoor dogs, and they enjoy living inside their house and enjoying the company of their loved ones.

They tend to suffer from separation anxiety, and in those cases, they might resort to destructive mannerisms. Therefore your love and attention are the utmost need for your beloved Whippet. 

Spend time with your Whippet and watch them cuddle up next to you on a warm cosy evening. They tend to get cold quickly, which is why they don’t do so well, staying outdoors for prolonged periods.

As a protective measure, it’s always best to get a sweater or coat for your Whippet for when it’s cold outside or raining. 

Whippets With Pets and Children 

Whippets generally perform well with a household than other dogs. However, in the case of a family with cats and other animals, you might encounter some hostile behaviour on their end.

In this situation, you must train your Whippet on socialisation skills early on. 

On the other hand, whippets are a fantastic friend for kids. They interact gently and politely and will love to play with them. However, it’s always essential to correctly train your Whippet before letting it interact with young children. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, blue whippets make up to be the kindest and politest family dogs.

They’re going to be here for you no matter what and their minimal energy lifestyle is perfect for someone who’s just looking for some company.

I hope that you found all the info necessary on what a blue whippet is and what you need to consider before getting one through this article. 

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