Is A Whippet A Good Apartment Dog?

Finding a dog that’s a good option for living in an apartment can be hard, as some dogs are simply too big, and many small dogs are too yappy and high energy for apartments.

But is a whippet a good apartment dog?

Absolutely, whippets make fantastic apartment dogs, and when you’re landlord takes a look at your gorgeous pooch I’m sure they’ll be persuaded to let him/her stay.

The whippet has many characteristics and traits that make it a good option for living in an apartment, which we are going to look at in this post.

If you’re thinking about a whippet for your apartment then this post is for you, as well answer when do whippets calm down and much more, so stick around for that.

They are calm dogs that love to relax on the couch with their owner, they’re also low maintenance and don’t shed much fur.

This helps keep your apartment squeaky clean, as you won’t have a sofa full of fur from your whippet sleeping.

Is a whippet a good apartment dog?

Let’s find out…

How Much Exercise Does A Whippet Need?

Many people believe that because whippets love to run and they have a slim, muscly build that they need tons and tons of exercise.

That’s actually not the case, whippets don’t require much more exercise than dogs of a similar size, although they do need the opportunity to run every day, they don’t require hours of daily exercise.

That’s not to say your whippet’s don’t love to be outdoors and be walked with their owners, but you actually only need to give your whippet around 60 minutes of exercise each day.

If you have a younger whippet, then you should take him or her out more frequently, as they only have a small bladder and will need to use the bathroom once every three hours or so.

Whereas older whippets have a bigger bladder and don’t need to be let out as frequently.

So how much exercise does a whippet need? Roughly 60 minutes per day, but more if you choose.

Can Whippets Be Left Alone?

Mature whippets can be left alone in a house or apartment for up to eight hours per day, although this is not recommended.

Leaving your whippet at home for long periods can lead to extreme behaviour changes and separation anxiety, which can mean they pee around your home and become very needy.

This is amplified for puppies, with them needing constant love and affection up until they are out of their puppy phase.

If you live a busy lifestyle where you’re out of the house for many hours each day then a whippet may not be the best dog for you, they prefer to be with their owner and love human contact.

Puppies will also need to be walked more frequently due to their smaller bladder, as you won’t want an apartment full of wee each time you get home.

If you have a partner or sibling that can take care of your whippet whilst your out or even a friendly trusted neighbour that could take your whippet out once or twice whilst your out this can work.

When do whippets calm down?

Usually at around two years alone a whippet starts to settle, and is much less relaxed and chilled out.

Can Whippets Live With Other Pets?

Whippets are an incredibly social breed; they love to be around humans as well as other pets.

Whippets get along great with other dogs, they’re great for getting other breeds of dogs in shape too as they love to run and case play all day long.

That being said, if you’re a cat or rabbit owner then a whippet may not the best choice.

This is because whippets have a very strong instinct, and they’ll chase small prey such as rabbits, rats and more.

My whippet get’s along fine with almost any animal, even cats as she is older and more mature.

However, when she was younger she would chase cats and it would be very hard to get her back on the lead.

Whippets and cats can get along, but they need to be introduced slowly and in a controlled environment, they should never be left alone together as a disaster could happen.

I firmly believe that if you’re a cat or rabbit owner you shouldn’t choose a whippet as a pet, or if you do, rescuing an older mature whippet may be best as these are usually calmer and won’t attack prey animals.

Living with a whippet is fun for all the family, they get along great with kids and are ideal for tiring them out as well as other pets.

What Makes A Whippet A Good Apartment Dog?

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics that make whippets a good apartment dog:

Quiet and calm energy

Believe it or not, whippets are actually very calm and quiet dogs.

I’ve only heard my whippet bark a handful of times and she’s not 11 years old.

Whippets are known for their on/off temperament, they are either very playful or hyperactive, usually on a morning when they’ve just woken up, or they’re extremely chilled out to the point where they won’t budge off the couch!

This makes them great apartment dogs, as they won’t wake up the neighbours from endless barking.

Love to relax

As mentioned whippets are chilled, quiet dogs that love to relax and chill out.

This makes them good for living in an apartment as they won’t be constantly agitated and start to chew carpets, curtains or sofas.

Providing your whippet gets the necessary exercise each day, and isn’t left alone for long hours you’ll have a relaxed whippet that loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch with you.

Crate for personal space

Whippets love their own space, so giving them their own crate where they can relax is a great way to give your whippet some personal space.

Are Whippets Good With Kids?

Whippets are great with kids, they love to play and always love attention and affection, something kids give in abundance.

If you’ve got kids in your apartment and are worried about having a dog in there too, whippets are a great choice as they are small, lightweight and get along just fine with other pets and kids.

You’ll generally have no issues living with a whippet if you have kids, they are incredibly affectionate dogs and understand that a child is more fragile than an adult, so are extra gentle.

Having a whippet to entertain the kids is a great idea, as you’ll tire the kids and whippet out ready for a good night sleep.

Do Whippets Shed Their Coat?

Unlike most dogs, whippets don’t shed their coat much at all.

Whippets have soft, smooth fur that is generally very short.

It’s perfect for living in an apartment as you won’t get fur all over the couch and won’t be non-stop cleaning.

Whippets are also a great option for those with allergies, as their coat doesn’t shed much it means those with allergies shouldn’t be affected as much, if at all.

Living in an apartment can sometimes be tricky to keep clean, but a whippet doesn’t need much maintaining at all, give him a bath once in a while and you’ll be good to go.

I personally take my whippet to a local dog groomers which brushes her coat, clips her nails and has her smelling like a can of febreeze when she comes out, she’s like a walking air freshener when she’s back at home!

Final Thoughts

So is a whippet a good apartment dog? Absolutely.

Whippets don’t take much maintenance at all, be sure to check their ears for infections and give them a bath once in a while and your good to go.

Living in an apartment can be hard to keep squeaky clean at the best of time, but don’t worry; whippets are super low maintenance and have a coat that barely sheds.

Whippets get along just fine with kids and other pets; they are also incredibly social and love to spend time cuddled up on the couch with their owner.

Why are whippets good apartment dogs?

Well, they have calm energy, which means they rarely bark, ideal for living in an apartment, as you’ll stay on your neighbour’s good side.

Not only this, but they love to relax and chill, some dogs are restless in small spaces and can become agitated easily, thankfully a whippet is very calm.

A whippet is a great option for those living in an apartment, they are small dogs that don’t need much maintenance.

Living with a whippet is great, they’re the best of both as they are relaxed at home yet love to run free when they are outside.

Providing you give them their 60 minutes of exercise and a chance to run every day they are perfect for living in apartments.

When do whippets calm down?

At around 2 years old you’ll start to notice a change in your whippet as they’ll become much calmer and relaxed, making them enjoy apartment life much more.

Hopefully you have learned a thing or two in this post, and now know if a whippet is going to be right for you and your apartment.

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