Do Whippets Like To Sit Down?

Bonnie and I are on the couch and we are assuming the position. That would be me sitting with my legs curled up and Bonnie laying as close to me as she can possibly get. She never sits on the couch, she lounges!

Whippets are happiest when they are either running like the wind and racing with abandon or sprawled out resting and dozing snuggled in a blanket.

When do whippets sit? Do whippets like to sit down? No, whippets aren’t too fond of sitting but, I’m going to tell you why whippets are couch potatoes rather than sitters and how you can get them to sit.

Why Whippets Don’t Like To Sit

Your whippet loves you and wants to be as close to you as they can possibly get. Did you ever notice though, that if you sit on the couch, they are laying.

If you sit on the floor, they’re right next to you…..laying. You sit and take a rest in the grass and guess what your sweet potato is doing? They are laying down right beside you.

Why don’t whippets like to sit? Whippets are not being stubborn or disobedient by not sitting. They can sit and can be trained to do it.

A whippet likes to be on the move when they’re out and about. They are movers and shakers, runners and racers and don’t have time to be sitting around.

Now, laying around, that’s another story. Now you’re talking. They are so active and have so much high energy that when they come in from exercising, they are ready for some snooze time and especially if you are in the vicinity.

Seriously, though, whippets have very long legs and sitting for a long period of time can be uncomfortable for them. Take a good long look when you do see your whippet sitting, perhaps when eating. Do they even look relaxed and comfy? Not really. They even at times look a bit awkward.

Another reason that sitting is not a whippet kind of thing is because they can be a little fussy and pernickety about what they are sitting on. Have them sit on a cushy blanket, soft rug, or a plump pillow.

Now this, they may get into. Ask them to sit on wet grass, cold concrete or pointy rough stones and you may just see how fast your whippet can run! Whippets are a dog that has little fat and gets cold easily. Sitting on a cold surface is not good for them and they don’t like it.

Will My Whippet Ever Sit?

Sitting is usually a position that comes naturally to dogs. Your whippet will definitely sit, but it may take a little work. Training your pup to sit is good for several reasons.

If they get a little too wound up and they have been trained to follow the command “sit,” they will naturally fall into that position when you say “sit.”

If you don’t want them greeting guests by jumping on them, telling them to “sit” is a way to get them under control and displays a well-mannered dog.

Beginning training as a puppy is ideal. There are two reasons for starting young. One is that they will pick it up more quickly. The second is that as a pup, their legs are not as long, therefore, sitting won’t be as uncomfortable.

There also is no reason not to train an older whippet how to sit. With a little extra time and patience, they can learn too.

Listed below are some step by step tips for training your pup to sit. Remember to keep sessions short, be patient and calm and give praise. Also, you are the pack leader and you are the one in charge.

  • While kneeling in front of your whippet, hold a treat between your pointer and thumb so your whippet can see it.
  • Hold the treat so your whippet can smell it, right in front of their nose.
  • With a technique called leading, you will then take the treat, moving it away from you and forward to reach the back of your pup’s head. When the treat is above his head, use the command “sit.”
  • While your dog’s nose is following the treat backwards, his cute little bottom should drop to the floor in a sitting position. You may have to repeat the command “sit,” but this is usually all it takes.
  • Once your pup’s butt hits the floor, give them plenty of praise with tons of enthusiasm. Then you may reward with the treat.
  • Repeat this several times until your whippet has the idea.
  • If your whippet has any trouble understanding, you can apply gentle pressure to their hips. This should not be necessary because whippets are very intelligent and like to please you, plus they like treats!
  • Once they understand what sit entails, you don’t have to lead with a treat. When you say “sit” they will understand what you are asking of them and they will sit.
  • Slowly increase the time between commands and rewards, so they will sit for a greater length of time. Training to sit should take around three sessions, but needs practice and consistency.

Initially, begin training in a quiet area without distractions, but gradually work up to noisier areas with some action. Trained properly, your whippet should drop into a sit position whenever you command it. This is good for their safety and makes for a well-behaved obedient dog.

Sighthounds Are Notorious For Not Sitting Down

Sighthounds or gazehounds are breeds of dogs that have been used for hunting because of their ability to ferret out prey with their excellent vison or “sight” and with their super fast speed.

do whippets like to sit down?
Image: Michael Mangold

The whippet is a sighthound and is in good company with others like the tallest dog, the Irish wolfhound, the Greyhound, the Afghan hound and the Scottish deerhound to name a few.

These dogs are highly intelligent and are not being disobedient by not sitting for long periods of time.

They have super long legs and each of these dog’s hindquarters has very little body fat making for minimal if any padding which causes sitting for long periods of time to be very uncomfortable.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that all of the sighthounds are extremely obedient dogs, but out of all of them the most obedient is your Whippet. You probably knew that already.

They can be trained to sit and it isn’t difficult. Using the command “sit,” is essential for having a well-mannered pup and also to stop them and get them to sit for their own safety.

Final Thoughts

Do whippets like to sit? The answer is no to that question, but many people can do things, but may not like to do them. No one likes to take out the garbage, but they can do it.

Bonnie is not a fan of sitting but she knows how to do it and she has every confidence that with some training your whippet will sit too.

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