When Will My Whippet Puppy Stop Teething?

When will my whippet puppy stop teething? Which precautions should I take to make teething easy for my tiny friend? So, you have a whippet pup.

You have limited knowledge about whippet teething, and you do not know when it will start and how to make it smooth for both of you.

I can understand your concern. I know how it feels when you do not know how to give comfort to your non-human friend.

In this article, I will try to make it a bit easier for you. Your whippet pup will cross this phase without much difficulty.

Let’s start with some basics.

Puppies do not take long to get their baby teeth. They will start getting teeth at an early age within two weeks of their lives.

Your furry friend will start exploring the world with their baby teeth. When they go through the teething phase, gums will be painful and sore.

These are the primary signs of a puppy’s teething. When it comes to the duration of the teething, it might take a few months to a year depending on the breed.

Because you own a whippet, in this post you will find out when your puppy starts teething and when the period will be over.

In addition to the above, we will share some other useful facts to enable you to understand your puppy more and offer the required help when your little friend needs it most.

What Is Puppy Teething?

Just like our babies, puppies are born without teeth. You might not have checked the mouth of your puppy to count teeth.

Even if you check, you might find a few since they get their milk teeth within the first couple of weeks. However, these teeth will not stay for a long.

When a puppy is around four to five months old, the baby teeth will start to fall out to create the space for permanent teeth.

We go through this phase as humans too. However, we lose our baby teeth at a later stage of our childhood.

Also, we take longer to get permanent teeth coming through. Puppies get all their permanent teeth between five months to one year depending on the breed, as mentioned above.

when will my whippet puppy stop teething?
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Puppies go through the same pain and discomfort as humans when it comes to teeth. But they behave a bit differently.

They start to bite more to get relief from teething pain. When it comes to teething, puppies get teething twice in their lifetime.

Within a few weeks of their birth, they get baby teeth, and after a few months, they get adult teeth. You might be thinking about how to know that your puppy is going through the teething phase.

Here are a few signs that might be an indication that your puppy is having a teething experience.

  • Inflamed and red gums
  • Drooling
  • Increased biting
  • Offensive breathing
  • Bleeding gums
  • Decreased appetitive
  • Missing teeth
  • Low mood

If your puppy is showing a few of these symptoms, then you should take extra care to reduce the pain and discomfort to make teething easy for your pup.

Some puppies might even experience a mild fever. If the fever does not go down, and the bleeding is noticeable, you can also consider visiting the vet.

When Does My Whippet Pup Start Teething?

When it comes to whippet teething, you will not experience any major difference in the timing.

Your whippet puppy will get its baby teeth within three weeks of age. Your puppy will start getting the adult teeth around four to five months of age.

Before getting their adult teeth, they will lose all their baby teeth. Whenever you notice that your puppy is teething, you should try your best to give your friend the required comfort he needs to get him through this painful experience.

You should never allow your puppy to chew old shoes, furniture or other objects.

You should not leave whippet puppy loose in a room when he has the opportunity to be destructive.

During the teething period, they will try to chew all the available things that include your furniture, carpet, old shoes, and lamp cord.

Instead of allowing them to explore all these, you should buy some chew toys.

Also, you can consider giving your pup ice cubes, frozen cotton cheese, and raw carrots to help soothe the pain.

When Will My Whippet Pup Stop Teething?

Once the teething starts, your puppy will not take long to get all the adult or permanent teeth.

The teething period might be a bit difficult for you and your puppy, but once it’s done its finished with and done forever.

If you have some new furniture and carpets, then I would suggest you not to allow your puppy in that room.

You wouldn’t like to invest in expensive furniture all over again! Would you?

Even if you try, you can’t stop your puppy from chewing anything he can get a hold of. They are compelled to have something to chew to tolerate the teething pain.

As stated earlier, the period will not last for a long. Once your puppy starts teething, get some toys, and make sure that your puppy has enough to remain busy.

When enough toys are available, your whippet will not try to explore other available things, such as shoes, carpets and other belongings.

All the adult teeth will come in at around five to six months of age. Once all the permanent teeth will come up, your puppy will not have to experience that discomfort and pain again in their life.

Teething is an essential phase of your whippet puppy’s life. However, you will have to consistently maintain oral hygiene and dental care to avoid any major dental issues in the later phase.

Do you want to know how to take care of your whippet’s oral health? If so, you can have a look at the following.

How To Keep My Whippets Teeth Healthy

You will have to take care of a few things to make sure that your puppy can have good oral health for his lifetime.

We will start with brushing.

Consider Daily Brushing

Many of us ignore daily brushing, however, daily brushing is a must to limit medical visits.

The plaque will take four to five days to turn to tartar. So, you can avoid such a possibility with regular brushing.

I prefer chicken flavoured toothpaste since my whippet puppy loves the flavour and cooperates during the brushing.

You can simply rub your puppy’s teeth for about twenty seconds to prevent many oral issues.

Get Some Chewing Toys

You will have to buy age-appropriate toys to make your pup’s teeth strong.

In addition to soft toys, you can buy some hard toys or nylon dental bones. When your puppy will chew these toys, all the plaque will be removed without any extra effort.

Water Additives Are Worth Considering

You can add some water additives to the water bowl of your puppy to remove the plaque and maintain the freshness of the breath.

These are like mouthwashes and can be used daily to maximize the benefits.

Use Real Bones

You can give some real bones to your dog to maintain oral health. By nature, dogs love real bones. So, you will find it much easier to implement.

These are a few simple steps that can enable your whippet to have good oral hygiene and enjoy their food always without any pain and discomfort.

If you believe the reports, around eighty percent and even more dogs experience oral issues before the age of 4.

You can protect your pet from all the possible mouth diseases by following these simple preventive measures.

Does Teething Make My Whippet Bite More?

Teething causes pain and discomfort. We humans experience pain while teething and puppies are no exception.

However, we follow many preventive measures to make teething smooth and less painful. Puppies can’t do much to deal with their teething pain.

They keep chewing to get some relief. They might even swallow the tooth and start bleeding.

They can chew or bite furniture, carpets, and even humans (in very rare cases). You can say that they try to chew or bite everything that is within their reach.

If you find that your puppy is biting more during teething, you should not be worried too much. All you can do is to provide enough toys to keep your little friend busy.

Also, the craving might be suppressed during this phase. The mood will be low as they will be constantly dealing with the discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Your puppy is your best companion, right? You would not like to see your friend in pain. Would you?

So, make sure that you are doing all that you can to make the teething period easy for your whippet puppy.

Know when the teething is due and then buy some toys so that your puppy can chew whenever required to get some relief.

Once the teething period is over, follow all the above-mentioned dental care tips to maintain the oral health of your pet.

While buying toys, make sure that you are combining both soft and hard toys.

Hard toys can be effective to remove the plaque naturally. You can also buy some bones for chewing. It will serve the same purpose.

You should not leave your puppy unattended especially when your puppy is teething.

Give your little companion love the care he deserves!

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