Whippet Size: A Full Guide

whippet size

When it comes to the size of whippets, it’s a topic of discussion that is very frequently asked. Wait, whippets are small dogs, aren’t they? They’re only 30lbs! No way could they be considered medium or large. Well, not always. Whippet size does vary from dog to dog and the dog’s parents play a big …

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Blind Whippet: What To Do

blind whippet

Being a whippet owner is a great responsibility, but being a blind whippet owner is something special. It’s a challenge that when confronted with, can seem daunting and first, but one that you and your furry love ball can work through together. In this post, we take a look at blind whippets and what to …

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Are Whippets Better In Pairs?

are whippets better in pairs

When it comes to owning a whippet, or any dog for that matter, the question of whether you should get one or more than one will inevitably come up. There are various reasons why people like to own more than one dog. It’s nice having multiple dogs around all the time, and you get twice …

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