6 Best Pyjamas For Whippets

best pyjamas for whippets

Whippets love nothing more than relaxing at home after a long walk with their owner. And what makes them feel right at home is a comfortable pyjama that they can slip into and relax by the fire whilst receiving a tummy rub. This post looks at the best pyjamas for whippets to help your pet feel as snug as a bug.

Whippet Coonhound Mix: Full Guide

whippet coonhound mix

A whippet coonhound mix is a crossbreed dog produced by breeding a purebred whippet and coonhound. While there’s only one type of whippet breed, the coonhound dog breed comes in many strains and breeds, each with distinctive traits and appearance. With the many coonhound breeds available today, getting the right whippet coonhound mix for your …

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6 Best Sofa Toppers For Whippets

best sofa toppers for whippets

Whippets are well-known couch potatoes. They love nothing more than lounging on their sofa with their owner stealing snacks. However, we as pet owners don’t want our sofas to get dirty or ripped. That’s why it’s important to use a sofa topper to protect your sofa from your sneaky whippet.

6 Best Dog Jumpers For Whippets

best dog jumpers for whippets

A cosy dog jumper for your whippet is crucial to keeping your pet warm in the winter months. Whippets have thin skin and a short coat which means they don’t have much protection from the outdoors. A comfortable jumper is the answer!

6 Best Martingale Collars For Whippets

best martingale collars for whippets

Martingale collars not only look super cool and stylish on your whippet, but they also help with controlling your pet whilst on a leash. They’re great multi-purpose collars that are perfect for whippets.