Whippet Rescues North Wales: Directory Guide 2023

This page is a complete directory guide of whippet rescues in North Wales, with links and contact information. So if you want to know:

  • Where to find Whippet rescues or adoption centres in North Wales in 2023
  • What Whippet adoption methods you should try first
  • The links and emails and phone numbers so you can start right now

Then this directory guide is designed to meet your needs. Let’s commence your journey.

North Wales Whippet Adoption Quick Info

  • Typical UK Whippet Adoption Cost: £50-400.
  • Whippet Adoption Methods available in North Wales:
    • Whippet-specific rescue organisations
    • Facebook groups
    • Local shelters
    • National organisations
    • Classified ad sites
  • Areas covered: Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd, and Wrexham.

Whippet-specific Rescue Organisations

Whippet rescue adoption North Wales

Whippet-focused rescue groups are a great place to start if you’re looking to adopt this breed. They mainly concentrate on Whippets, which boosts your chances of finding a purebred or Whippet mix. Their deep understanding of the breed helps to match potential adopters with the right companion.

As you browse our directory, bear in mind these groups are dedicated to the wellbeing of Whippets. This makes them a top choice for adoption.

Just Whippets Rescue

Greyhound Rescue Wales

JR Whippet Rescue

Whippet Rescue UK

  • Description: A UK-based rescue organisation that showcases dogs ready for adoption on their Facebook page, and can be contacted via mobile or landline.
  • Website: http://www.whippetrescueuk.org/

Whippet Rescue

Local Facebook Pages and Groups

Joining local Facebook groups can help you adopt or rescue a Whippet in North Wales. These online communities often share information about Whippets needing homes first.

To improve your chances, think about setting up notifications for new posts. This way, you’ll be one of the first to respond, boosting your chances of successful adoption.

Remember, being patient and actively participating can make your search more successful.

Skylor’s Animal Rescue North Wales

The Whippet Club Of Wales

Whippet Rescue UK

Mixed Breed North Wales Rescue Shelters

North Wales houses many mixed breed rescue shelters. These local and national organisations focus on animal welfare. They cater to a wide range of animals, not just Whippets. So, you might need to search a bit to find a Whippet.

To make your search easier, think about contacting them by phone or email. Ask if they have any Whippets available. This active approach can make your search quicker. It can help you find your ideal Whippet from the wide variety these shelters offer.

North Clwyd Animal Rescue

  • Description: A rescue centre in North Wales that cares for homeless animals and finds new homes for animals whose owners can no longer keep them.
  • Website: https://ncar.org.uk/
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +441745 560546

Almost Home Dog Rescue

Freshfields Wales

Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary

Greyhound Rescue Wales

Shropshire & Borders

Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre

Many Tears Rescue

Dogs Trust Whippet Rescue

Dogs Blog – Whippet Cross

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue

Classified Ad Listings For Whippets in North Wales

Classified ad listings provide a handy platform for potential Whippet adopters in North Wales. These websites feature a range of listings, including those for Whippet rescues and adoptions.

Users can simply search these sites for specific breeds, like Whippets. This lets you see available Whippets in your area, their details, and contact information for the current owners or shelters.

These platforms act as a link, connecting those wanting to rehome a Whippet with those ready to offer a loving home.

Freeads Whippet Dogs and Puppies in Wales



Pets4Homes Whippet Adoption

About Whippet Adoption and Rescue in North Wales

Whippet adoption and rescue in North Wales often mean the same thing. They refer to bringing a Whippet from a shelter or rescue group into your home. Whippets may end up in these shelters due to various reasons like abandonment, neglect, or owners not being able to look after them.

The adoption process puts the Whippet’s welfare in the hands of the new owner. Some shelters in North Wales might still monitor the dog’s well-being after adoption, particularly in cases of severe neglect.

How Whippet Rescue Works

Whippet rescue operations mainly aim to save Whippets that have sadly ended up in shelters. This is often because their owners couldn’t handle their unique needs and high energy levels. These rescue groups are crucial in removing Whippets from these situations and helping them find suitable homes.

The first step usually involves an online search for shelters or rescue centres with Whippets ready for adoption. Potential adopters then need to fill out an adoption application form and get in touch with the organisation to arrange a visit.

Requirements for Whippet Adoption

Adopting a Whippet needs careful thought and planning. First, potential owners must assess their ability to meet the breed’s needs, especially its exercise requirements. Whippets are lively and need regular physical activity to stay healthy.

Second, these agile dogs need enough space to move freely. A small flat may not be the best place for a Whippet.

Finally, you should know that Whippets from rescues often form strong bonds with their new families. As a result, they could suffer from separation anxiety if often left alone. So, a lifestyle that suits their need for companionship is helpful.

Why Rescue a Whippet?

  • Rescuing a Whippet can offer a loving home to a dog that may have been neglected or abandoned.
  • Whippets in rescue centres are often already trained, reducing the time and energy needed for behavioural training.
  • Adopting a Whippet is typically more cost-effective than buying one from a breeder.
  • Choosing to rescue supports the fight against inhumane practices such as overbreeding and puppy mills.
  • Rescued Whippets can form deep, meaningful connections with their new owners, enhancing the joy of pet ownership.

Tips for Successful Whippet Rescue North Wales

  • Study: Gain knowledge about Whippets and their specific requirements prior to adoption.
  • Interact: Spend quality time with the Whippet at the rescue centre to ensure a good match.
  • Equip: Ensure your home is ready with necessary supplies like food, toys, and a cosy sleeping spot.
  • Empathy: Be aware that some Whippets may have faced distressing situations, leading to behavioural challenges. Empathy and patience are essential in fostering trust.
  • Education: If behavioural problems continue, think about enrolling your Whippet in training sessions.
  • Engage with Communities: Participate in Whippet-centric online groups and forums for updates and advice.