Are Whippets Expensive Dogs?

If you’re considering bringing a whippet into your family home, but are concerned about the cost, then you’re not alone.

Currently in the middle of a pandemic, money is tight for most, and buying a new dog can be quite a big expense if you’re not prepared.

In this post we are going to answer, “Are whippets expensive dogs?”, to help you understand what the cost implications of owning a whippet really are, and to help you decide whether you can afford to own a whippet.

Whippets are amazing dogs, they’re loving, loyal and have a need for speed, but when it comes to cost they can vary quite a lot.

The cost of a whippet typically depends on the breeder in which you decide to buy from, are they a reputable breeder who takes care of their dogs?

Or is the breeder a friend of a friend who likely breeds purely for money and doesn’t give the puppies the care they need?

These are the types of questions you’ll need to consider when looking to buy a whippet. So, let’s find out the true cost of owning a whippet…

How Much Do Whippets Cost?

First, we need to find out how much these dogs typically cost, keep in mind this is an average and largely depends on a lot of other factors.

The average cost of an adult whippet here in the UK is £300 – £500, but this largely depends on the breeder. Whereas the average price of a whippet puppy is a little more expensive, at around £500 – £700.

So yes, these dogs can be quite expensive, especially if money is quite tight. However, there is another option, these beautiful dogs often get abandoned from their owners and placed into a rescue centre where they wait for a new owner to come along and give them a better life.

are whippets expensive dogs?
Image: W&T.I

Rescue whippets are often full of love and come at a much cheaper price of around £50 – £200, making these dogs much more affordable and giving you the opportunity to literally save a dog’s life.

So although whippets can be quite expensive, they can also be cheap if you look in the right place and want to help a whippet in need.

Some Whippets Cost More Than Others

If you’re a regular reader of WhippetCentral, then you’ll know that some whippets are used as working dogs, which can bump the price up considerably.

A whippet that is an excellent working dog can go for up to £5000, as they are the top of the food chain when it comes to hunting small prey.

Not only that, but these dogs are often in peak physical condition and are incredibly healthy, so naturally their price goes up quite considerably.

Whippets are also well-known racing dogs, along with their cousin the Greyhound.

If you’re looking for a racing whippet then be prepared for a jaw-dropping premium as a racing whippet can go for anywhere between £2000 and £15,000.

You’ll also pay extra for whippets that have come from a reputable breeder who has given them their vaccinations, and flukes of nature such as different colour eyes, unusual colours will also cost you more.

What To Consider Before Buying A Whippet

Before you rush out to buy one of these amazing dogs, there are a couple of things you’ll want to to consider;


As mentioned, it’s important to thoroughly look into the breeder before buying a dog as not all breeders treat their dogs equally.

Some breeders are in it purely for the money, which means they cheap out on food and other expenses for their puppies which can often lead to health complications when they get older, which you end up paying the bill for.

It’s important that you buy your whippet from a reputable breeder who looks after their puppies and feeds them on a healthy nutritious diet, this not only gives you peace of mind but means you’ll have a puppy that’s fit and healthy.


Asking yourself if you can truly afford to care and look after your whippet for the next 12 – 15 years is very important.

It’s a good idea to invest in pet insurance for your whippet, these dogs are prone to cuts, nicks and scrapes which could end up costing you a fortune in the long run without pet insurance.

You’ll also need to take into account other expenses for your whippet, such as toys, crates, food and more.


Do you have enough space to house a whippet? Maybe you live in an apartment that is quite small and are questioning whether or not you have enough room for a dog.

That being said, these are quite small animals which don’t take up much room and are more than happy living in apartments or smaller houses given that they get enough exercise each day.

If you live in a larger house with a garden then this is ideal for a whippet, they love to play and enjoy wide-open spaces so they can run at full speed. 

Other pets

If you own any pets which could be seen as prey, such as rabbits, rats or gerbils, then a whippet may not be the best choice of dog.

These dogs have quite a strong prey drive which means your smaller pets may not be safe, I certainly wouldn’t trust my whippets around these types of pets.

However, if you have another dog, then a whippet is a grey idea.

Whippets are incredibly social dogs that enjoy the company of others, they love to play and make new friends, so can be a great addition to the family if you own other pups. 

What You’ll Need To Buy For Your Whippet

As I’ve mentioned above, you’ll need to be sure you can actually afford a whippet before making a commitment to buying one.

There are some essentials that you’ll need to buy for your whippet to ensure he lives a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of what you’ll need for your whippet:


Whippets love to play, whether that be with their owner, other dogs or with some fun toys.

These dogs need to be stimulated to keep them entertained, so ensuring you can afford some good quality dog toys that will keep your whippet entertained for hours on end is essential. 


This one goes without saying, but your whippet needs to be fed on a high-quality diet to ensure he stays big and strong.

These dogs love running and can burn quite a lot of calories when doing so, ensuring their diet is rich in proteins and quality fats will ensure they don’t go malnourished and end up ill.

Check out our best dog food for whippets post for some great recommendations on dog food.


Another essential for your whippet is a dog bowl for their food and water, you may not think it, but these can be quite expensive if you’re not expecting it.

It’s important to be well equipped with everything your whippet needs before bringing him home, as this way he’ll be settled and more comfortable when he arrives. 


Whippets are slim dogs that feel the cold more than others, they have short fur which doesn’t offer much protection in the winter months.

This means that you’ll need to provide your furry friend with a warm, comfortable dog coat that offers him protection from the cold.

are whippets expensive
Image: Michael Mangold

These aren’t that expensive, and thankfully they are usually a one time purchase providing you opt for a high-quality coat.

But a coat needs to be factored into expenses for your pup and they are an essential bit of kit for any whippet.


If you’re anything like me, then you love to reward your pup with treats when he’s being exceptionally well behaved.

Treats aren’t that expensive but they should be factored into your expenses.

They can be used as a great tool to start off the training process of your whippet when he’s still a pup, they are a great reward system that gets your whippet on the right tracks, so are essential for any whippet owner. 

Final Thoughts

So, are whippets expensive dogs? Well, they certainly can be if you’re looking for a working or racing whippet.

However, if you’re not looking for this, then I would say they are relatively cheap and reasonably priced.

I urge you to check out your local rescue centre and see if they have any whippets that need adopting, they are much cheaper options for those that are on a budget and you’re doing a fantastic deed by saving a whippets life.

These dogs get abandoned regularly which is so sad to see, and they are the most loving dogs that deserve an owner like you.

The value for money with a whippet is second to none, and you’ll have a companion for life that is loyal, loving and loves nothing more than to be by your side.

Be sure to factor in some of the essential purchases I’ve mentioned above to ensure you don’t get caught off guard when buying a whippet, if you’re well equipped with these tools then the maintenance of your whippet is very cheap.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post and learned a thing or two about the price of whippets, thanks for sticking around until the end and I hope you find an adorable whippet that you love as much as they love you. 

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