8 Best Dog Coats For Whippets

8 best dog coats for whippets

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Fashion shows for pets are becoming a new norm around the globe.

What would have seemed bizarre some decades ago is now a common trend.

The outfits are not just meant for beauty pageants but also for your pet protection from adverse weather conditions.

Walking around with your whippet in the winter is never a pleasant affair as they despise the cold.

Therefore, it’s vital to get it one of the fantastic dog coats available in the market.

Let’s take a look at the 8 best dog coats for whippets to keep your pup warm, dry and stylish…

Why Your Whippet Needs a Dog Coat

Whippets have a thin coat as compared to other dog breeds.

This feature, coupled with a skinny layer of fat, makes them susceptible to cold weather conditions.

You’ll find your pet shivering vehemently during the cold season.

It’s for this reason whippets like staying up on sofas and warm places in your house. 

Scrapes and tears on the coat are also prevalent when your dog is left strolling in the woods or problematic areas.

It’s essential to check your whippet’s skin after a day out as these injuries may lead to severe and even grave consequences if gone unnoticed.

Prevention is better than cure, and acquiring a good dog coat will save you all these troubles and hustles.

It’s paramount that the coat you choose for your pet be well-fitting, warm, comfortable, and stylish.

We’ve reviewed some dog coats that we believe would be suited for your whippets to ensure you make the best choice when buying one.

8 Best Dog Coats For Whippets

Pethiy Waterproof Dog Coat30.7 x 25.9 x 8.2 cm42 cm150 gramsRed£14.36
Greyt Sweaters Rain Macs29.8 x 25.8 x 3 cm19 Inch240 gramsFerozi£36.50
Morezi Dog Raincoat30.5 x 24.7 x 4.1 cm56 cm170 gramsYellow£17.99
Greyt Sweaters Quilted Jacket30.8 x 28.2 x 10.2 cm19 inch361 gramsPurple£36.50
Ancol Med Whippet Coat31.2 x 28.4 x 6.6 cm43cm199.58 gramsBlack£16.48
Sun Trader Pet Dog Hooded Raincoat10.16 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm 79 gramsYellow£9.69
Maskota Dog Raincoats26 x 20.8 x 3 cm20 inch320 gramsYellow£20.89
Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket  33.02 x 27.7 x 6.6 cm76 cm280 gramsBlue£22.99

Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket

Weighing at a mere 150 grams, the Pethiy Waterproof Dog Coat is an excellent addition to your whippet’s wardrobe.

Its contoured shape is a perfect match for the greyhound breed since it will seamlessly fit onto your whippet.

It supports both machine and hand washing. Additionally, it is made from a lightweight but high quality, durable and robust fabric.

The fleece lining fitted with reflective piping ensures the dog is kept warm during chilly conditions.

It also features a high neck flap that can be folded down and adjustable front and body straps that can be fastened with great ease and speed.


  • Easy to clean and store away.
  • Lightweight.
  • High-quality fabric.


  • Absence of reflective back stripes.
Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket, Dog Winter Coat with Warm Fleece Lining, Outdoor Dog Apparel with Adjustable Bands for Medium, Large Dog Red XS
  • Great quality waterproof and windproof dog coat with special contoured shape, suitable for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets.
  • Strong durable outer fabric with quick fastening adjustable body and front straps.
  • Features a warm fleece lining, reflective piping, fold down high neck wither flap and lead slot.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE, EASY TO STORE -- You can treat it as a common coat, just throw it into washing machine when it's dirty, just store it like any other clothes.
  • GOOD QUALITY - You will like it.

Greyt Sweaters Rain Macs

The Greyt sweater is a light raincoat that’s ideal for warmer months.

The Rain Macs’ perfect design enables your whippet to move around freely despite it covering the whole body. 

A miniature waterproof zip is mounted on the collar of the coat for easy attachment.

It also comes with a detailed reflective white piping that enhances the shape and colour giving it a stylish look.

This jacket is further enhanced by the quality finishing and the wide variety of colours to choose from.

This waterproof coat is seamlessly lined with a soft mesh making it comfy for your whippet.

Both gentle hand and machine wash are recommended. With this coat, rest assured your dog will turn heads as you stroll around the streets.


  • Lead attachment on the collar helps you manage your dog during walks.
  • Stylish with a variety of colours available.


  • Not ideal for cold seasons such as winter

Morezi Dog Raincoat

The Morezi Dog Raincoat is ideal for medium-sized Whippets. Made with the greyhound breed in mind, it has a distinctive contour shape.

You don’t have to worry about your dog getting wet as it is water-resistant, keeping your dog dry and safe from all water and cold-related jitters.

The mesh lining donning the coat makes it breathable.

Your adorable whippet will enjoy warmth when it’s cold and a cool sensation when it’s hot.

This feature places the Morezi among the front runners of the best dog coats for Whippets.

Is the water too cold to wash your dog’s coat, or are you in a hurry to leave?

The Morezi Dog Raincoat comes in handy in such situations.

It is very easy to clean; just wipe it with a wet cloth, and your raincoat is sparkling clean for your dog to wear.

You also can use a washing machine; however, remember to be gentle.

Lastly, this yellow colour coat not only makes your dog stylish but also visible.


  • Thermal interaction makes the coat breathable and comfortable under all weather conditions
  • Easy to clean.


  • Prone to tear.
Morezi Greyhound Raincoat with Reflective Trim, Waterproof, Adjustable Vest - Stylish Premium Dog Raincoats for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets - Yellow - M
  • 1: Whippet Raincoat - Great quality waterproof dog raincoat with special contoured shape, suitable for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets.
  • 2: Greyhound Waterproof Coat - Completely water resistant and will keep your dog safe and dry in all weather conditions.
  • 3. Breathable - We need something that really makes the dogs feel comfortable! Because of the excellent thermal interaction of mesh lining, our dog raincoat will warmer(when cold) or cooler(when hot) than the other dog poncho raincoat.
  • 4: Harness Hole & Adjustable Band - Contains a small opening on the upper back of the rain jacket for harness users.
  • 5: Easy to Clean: It can use wrung-out wet cloth to wipe the surface of raincoat. It's machine washable. Please use gentle machine wash with cold water and hang dry. Wear this fashion raincoat, your dog will become more attractive.

Greyt Sweaters Quilted Jacket

Give your dog a look that never goes out of style. This classy quilted jacket is lined with high-quality faux sheepskin- with such ultra-softness, good luck trying to get this jacket off your pet.

The collar is adjustable, worn either turned up or folded down. A Velcro belt is used to fasten, ensuring it fits perfectly.

It is suited for rainy conditions due to its water-resistant aspect keeping your dog warm and cosy.

Washing this jacket is not a big ordeal as you can use a machine.

However, please do not use a hand brush as it will result in wear and tear of the cloth fabric, leading to a faster depreciation of the jacket.


  • Padded for warmth
  • Water repellent


  • Slightly expensive

Ancol Med Whippet Coat

Are you looking for a coat for your medium-sized high octane Whippet? Look no further; Ancol Med has got you covered.

The traditionally designed nylon coat has a lining of mock sheepskin.

A wolf is a sheepskin is a joke Ancol Med took too seriously.

It is tailored for protection from cold weather when the whippet is exercising, racing, or just slumbering away.

The 100% polyester coat features adjustable belly tape straps that have hooks and loops. This feature enables your pet to move freely.

The blanket-designed coat neck section can be extended while the entire surface of the coat is water-resistant.

The skin coat is black, making it heat conservative. The hygiene and cleanliness of your pet should be adhered to, and the coat should be gently washed either by hand or machine using cold water.


  • Extendable neck section.
  • Waterproof.


  • Unsuitable for hot conditions.
Ancol Muddy Paws Greyhound Whippet Coat, Medium(43cm), Black
  • The coat affixes with adjustable Hook and loop tape straps around the belly, ensuring that the coat fits snugly while allowing freedom of movement.
  • This coat has a 43cm length and a 42-54cm girth.
  • This coat is 100% polyester and can be hand or gently machine washed in cool water

Sun Trader Pet Dog Hooded Raincoat

The name of the coat gives you a prelude of what it is all about.

The best feature of the Sun Trader raincoat is that it comes with a hood protecting your dog’s head during a deluge.

The coat is also the lightest among all the featured products weighing just 79 grams. Additionally, it can fit even extra-large dogs.

The waterproof hooded raincoat is comfortable to wear and remove, too; hence you can easily change it depending on the prevalent weather.

The presence of a belly strap that’s easily adjustable ensures that the coat fits securely and comfortably.

The skin coat is yellow, and in addition to having reflective back stripes, make sure you can easily spot your pet in the dark or fog when visibility is usually constrained.


  • The hood protects your whippet’s head from snow and rain.
  • Reflective back stripes enhance visibility in low light conditions.
  • Cheap.


  • Not warm as it is not lined or padded.

No products found.

Maskota Dog Raincoats

Maskota boasts of being the only seller on Amazon with full-size Whippet raincoats ranging from size 12-30.

The offered wide range of lengths gives you an easy wholesome variety of coats to fit your dog.

With such a colossal accolade bestowed on them, they have to offer high-quality products, and they don’t disappoint with their size 20 coat.

The 320-gram coat is made to withstand the wettest of scenarios. The skin coat not only covers the body of your whippet but also a significant portion of their legs.

The loop and hole straps are made from high-quality Velcro to keep the raincoat in place.

Furthermore, a hole flap secures a leashed access opening of the raincoat, ensuring no water seeps through.

The coat is coloured vibrant yellow to aid in visibility in low light conditions and over long distances.


  • Suitable for puppies as well as adult dogs
  • It covers the dog’s legs.


  • Considerably heavy
MASKOTA Dog Raincoats Waterproof Lightweight & High Visibility Full Range Sizes for Large Medium Small All Breeds Poncho Hoodies
  • Size 20, good for medium dogs with chest girth 23 - 25”, back length 17 - 22”, neck girth 16 - 17”.
  • 17 - 22”, neck girth 16 - 17”:
  • High visibility for safe walk in rainy day.
  • Covered leash access and comfort ergonomic design.
  • Please do NOT use weight to decide size. You need to measure your dog size before order. Recommend to select one size larger.

Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket

This jacket is another excellent and quality product from the greyhound experts Pethiy.

This dog jacket is designed explicitly for extra-large and huge Whippets – ideal for dogs measuring up to 76cm in back length.

A dominant future of Pethiy coats is that they are both waterproof and windproof. The contour shape is a bonus for any whippet owner.

The fabric has a fleece lining, and high neck fold-down wither flap as well as reflective piping.

At 280 grams, the robust outer fabric has adjustable body straps ensuring the coat will fit perfectly onto your whippet.

The straps are durable and can be quickly fastened from the front; the body or both simultaneously.


  • Warm and comfortable.
  • Durable and robust body straps.


  • Unsuitable for small and medium-sized whippets.
Pethiy Waterproof Dog Jacket, Dog Winter Coat with Warm Fleece Lining, Outdoor Dog Apparel with Adjustable Bands for Medium, Large Dog Blue XXXL
  • Great quality waterproof and windproof dog coat with special contoured shape, suitable for Greyhounds, Lurchers and Whippets.
  • Strong durable outer fabric with quick fastening adjustable body and front straps.
  • Features a warm fleece lining, reflective piping, fold down high neck wither flap and lead slot.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE, EASY TO STORE -- You can treat it as a common coat, just throw it into washing machine when it's dirty, just store it like any other clothes.
  • GOOD QUALITY - You will like it.


What Are The Benefits Of A Dog Coat?

Warmth – provide much-needed warmth and comfort during cold and wet seasons. 
Waterproof – your dog remains dry even when wallowing in wet conditions. 
Stylish – the coats come in various colours and designs, giving your pet a classy look.
Bonding – as you put on the coat on the dog, you’re able to caress and stroke your pet. This boosts trust, as well as a strong relationship between the two of you.

Should I Buy A Waterproof Dog Coat?

Yes. Whippets are very prone to cold due to their thin coat.

Keeping it dry saves you the agony of seeing your pet shivering vigorously and the expensive costs to the vet.

Will My Whippet Like Wearing A Coat?

Definitely yes! Whippets like being comfy, warm, and dry. A perfectly fitting coat will get a smile on your dog’s face.

A tight skin coat may make the dog unable to manoeuvre around as well as feed effectively, so it’s vital to get your measurements correctly.

How Can I Measure The Coat Correctly?

The Neck Girth – measure the neck circumference as you would do for a dog collar.
Please don’t make it too tight that you may end up suffocating your whippet.
The Chest – measure the Chest of your whippet where it’s thickest. Get accurate measurements and adjust to about 1 inch.
Length – for more efficient measurements, ensure your dog is in an appropriate posture while standing.
Measure the dog from the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail covering the backbone’s entirety. 

What Else Should I Consider When Buying A Coat For My Whippet?

The environment you reside in has a large bearing on the type of coat to acquire.

A chilly and snowy climate necessitates a more massive and padded jacket, while a hotter place will require a lighter jacket to avoid overheating your pet.

The dog’s build. This ideology has to do with the length and size of the whippet.

It’s essential to get a coat that fits your pet well and leaves some allowance for an increase in body size.

For puppies as they grow faster, you can get a size more prominent, but only if the straps can adjust appropriately without the whippet looking like a clown in the coat. 

Final Thoughts

Just as you fringe during winter and run looking for warm clothing, so does your dog.

As a responsible owner, it’s paramount you get the best dog coat for your whippet.

Next time you’re out shopping for a dog coat, the featured items should be on the top of your list.

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