Do Whippets Need A Companion?

If you leave the house everyday for work, you may have felt bad leaving your whippet all alone without the one they adore.

With the pandemic, the apple cart has been upset in terms of our work schedules.

You may have been working from home, which made your whippet the happiest of all. You, at home with them everyday in your PJ’s! Heaven!

By now you may have gone back to work, feeling guilty for leaving your best bud home without you.

Are they lonely? I’m going to help you find the answer to, do whippets need a companion?

Are Whippets Social Dogs?

Whippets can be social dogs, although they are not naturally social butterflies.

Sensitive, both mentally and physically, a whippet can sometimes appear standoffish or shy around strangers, but quickly comes around when they make friends and become more familiar.

As far as their families, whippets love them and hate being separated from them.

do whippet need a companion?
Image: W&T.I

They like to follow you around like your shadow everywhere you go.

Whippets are also very in tune with their owners feelings and emotions and can sense an upset.

When it comes to socializing with other dogs, whippets do very well.

Ever the gentle dog, they have no trouble making friends with another dog they meet when walking or at the dog park.

Should I Get A Second Dog?

If you’re thinking of getting a second dog, a whippet or another breed, the decision, in the end, is yours.

If your dog is well adjusted and loves other dogs, then, by all means, give it a try. Two best buddies together sounds like a plan.

Your whippet may be anxious when you’re away and not a good “loner.”

Adding a second dog to the mix may be a win, win situation for everyone.

Here are a few good reasons for adding a second dog to your family.

One Older-One Younger

Having one dog older and one younger is a good combination.

If you are still in the training phase with your whippet, or if your whippet is older, getting a dissimilar age dog will help both dogs.

Being pack animals, dogs generally look to the older, senior member for direction.

The younger will follow the older one’s guidance. House breaking will be easier because dogs mostly “go” where other dogs have gone.

They will quickly pick up what their older brother or sister is doing and follow lead.

Separation Anxiety

Another dog will help with separation anxiety. For some whippets, when you leave the house, it causes mental turmoil for them which can escalate into acting out, chewing, accidents in the house, etc.

By bringing in another dog, they would provide company and companionship so they would not feel alone.


Adopting a whippet or other breed, would not only gain a companion for your lovable little fur baby, you would also be rescuing a homeless animal.

Almost 4 million dogs enter shelters every year and of those 4 million, 1.2 million are euthanized.


Two whippets or your whippet and another pup will not only keep each other company, but will keep each other exercised and entertained.

They will never be bored because sometimes bored equals trouble!

Twice As Much Love

You may be thinking that having two dogs will mean more work for you and your family.

In this case, the benefits far outweigh the work by keeping everyone in the household physically and mentally fit.

Everyone can get out for walks or runs and get their daily dose of exercise.

There also will be twice as much love in your home and that is a very good thing.

Having Two Won’t Be Much More Expensive

Having two dogs won’t cost you too much more than one.

Of course the food will most probably be doubled. but the dogs can share supplies such as brushes and toys; maybe even a bed.

They may both be sleeping in your bed so that’s no expense! Veterinarian bills can be high but they may give you a break since you have two.

Pet insurance is another option and a very good idea.

Premiums are relatively cheap and give you piece of mind in knowing you are not left paying an entire bill.

What If I Can’t Get A Second Dog?

If your whippet is just fine on their own and you really don’t want two dogs that’s fine.

No problem. On the other hand, you may think your whippet needs company, but have no more extra time and your finances are stretched to the limit. Perhaps a play date with dogs of your friends would fill the bill.

If your dog is feeling anxious when you leave the house and you are having problems, you may have to crate train them so that they will be safe and feel more secure when you are away.

do whippets need a companion?
Image: roy saunby

The crate will become their safe space and with their blanket or bed, some toys, food and water, they will be just fine.

Some dogs get so used to their crates they go in anytime when the door is left open.

You may also have a whippet that doesn’t need a companion and is perfectly fine when you are not home. They may sleep most of the day.

Will My Whippet Be Happy Alone?

Your whippet should do just fine alone. Chances are since they are such snoozers at home, they may sleep the day away until they hear your key in the door.

Sometimes they, like any other dog, can suffer from separation anxiety. Some signs of this are barking, whining, not eating, accidents, drooling, pacing, destructive behaviour and trying to escape.

There are a few things you can do if you suspect they are suffering from separation anxiety or to nip it in the bud before this might occur.

  1. Exercise before you leave the house for the day. They will use up some of the pent up energy they possess and you’ll tire them out. They may spend the day lounging.
  2. Toys that have treats in them are a great added attraction. This will keep your whippet busy and distracted so they won’t have time to think of you.
  3. Give them a special treat when you leave to distract them.
  4. Leave clothes that smell like you on the couch or in a place where they like to rest. They will be comforted by them and this will keep them calmer. The clothes will be the next best thing to you being there.
  5. Having your whippet crated during the day. This is something you will have to work at but once perfected they will always feel safe and you don’t have to worry about them getting into trouble.

What To Consider

When considering having two dogs, weigh the pros and cons.

Are you financially capable and do you have the time for two?

You may find yourself with extra time because two dogs will occupy and entertain each other and play together.

Things may go splendidly from the get go, but all dogs have distinct personalities and the two may have to adjust to one another.

This will take some patience on your part but before you know it they will be family.

If you just can’t swing two dogs, don’t beat yourself up. Your whippet may want you and you alone.

My Bonnie is the ‘Queen’ of the house. She loves other dogs but I don’t know how she’d do with an “other” dog living under our roof! No need to rock the boat.

Final Thoughts

Do whippets need a companion? This answer is a matter of personal preference for us all.

There are many benefits to having a companion and best bud for your dog and as a member of the family.

There are also benefits of having just one whippet with their gentle, loving personality.

Any way you slice it, with one or more whippets, yours will be one big, happy family.

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