Whippet Shar Pei Mix: A Full Guide

A crossbreed between a whippet and a Shar Pei is among the most exciting and unique dogs to own. Whippets are highly agile, muscular, playful, and gentle canines with an unrivaled speed and fantastic personality.

On the other hand, Shar Pei dogs are independent, calm, and loyal pooches you can easily spot with their signature wrinkly bodies and hippopotamus-like muzzles.

Mixing these two dogs produces the most adorable, loving, reserved, tranquil, alert, and independent puppies.

Whether you’re looking for a complete guide about the whippet Shar-Pei mix, or simply eager to know more about this unique mixed breed, you’re just at the correct place.

This post provides all the essential information about this interesting crossbreed, including its needs, traits, and temperaments, to help you decide if it’s the best canine for your home. And learn the most appropriate way to take care of one.

What Is A Whippet Shar Pei Mix?

The whippet Shar-Pei cross is also referred to as a Shar Peippet. It’s a hybrid dog resulting from interbreeding a purebred whippet and the Chinese Shar-Pei.

This dog has all the adorable features and wonderful personalities of its parents, and it can make anyone having a rough day smile.

Shar Peipetts are generally reserved in nature and require early socialisation to be active and all-round dogs.

They usually have a mixture of traits and personalities inherited from their parents and require careful training to be obedient and well-behaved dogs.

They’re categorised among the quietest hybrid dogs and are mostly aloof around strangers and other pets. However, there’s little to read about the whippet Shar-Pei mixes since it’s a relatively recent breed.

Below is brief information about their origin and history to help you understand more about their crosses:

The Whippets History

Whippets are racers and hunters by blood. Their origin traces back to England during the late 1800s, produced by breeding greyhounds and terriers. They still strongly look like miniature greyhounds even today.

These dogs were the hunters’ most reliable companions during the early days, quickly running after small games like rabbits.

Some owners also earned a living and social status by racing their whippets in various racing competitions.

These competitions made this dog breed nicknamed ‘the poor man’s racehorse’ and ‘snap dogs.’ Whippets still compete in many canine competitions today, for example, rally, flyball, agility, obedience, and lure coursing.

They’re also considered the best ‘all-purpose’ dogs today, excelling in both the show and as family companions. They’re muscular, lean, and fast, with loving, gentle, and friendly personalities.

They thrive on company, love, and plenty of exercise and get destructive when left alone or unexercised.

The Shar Peis History

Although the Shar-Pei dogs are one of the most devoted and loving family dogs today, they were initially produced to heard, guard, hunt, and fight.

Hard to believe, right? Especially if you’ve seen them in their loose, bristly, wrinkled coats and short bodies.

This unique and ancient dog originated in China’s southern provinces. They have a striking look and are full of admirable personalities. They can be aggressive and stubborn, but these are traits you quickly curb with proper obedience training.

They were developed to have loose prickly coats to help them fend off wild boars during hunting. They can twist in their skins to face their opponent’s direction during fighting or bite back their assailants.

This type of coat was convenient for many purposes.

Nowadays, these dogs hardly fight, hunt, or herd. They’re fun and exciting family buddies and adapt very quickly in new homes. Novice owners can find it hard dealing with these dogs due to their stubborn and aggressive tendencies.

However, with proper training and socialisation at an early age, your whippet Shar-Pei mix will be a protective watchdog and a friendly, loyal companion.

Whippet Shar-Pei Mix Appearance And Size

Your Shar Peippet will be a medium-sized dog with mixed features from the whippet and the Shar-Pei parent. It can have the Shar-Pei’s little triangle ears, coarse, sandpapery coat, and curly tails.

Or it may also have the whippet’s slender body and sweet posture, narrow face, and large round dark eyes. Its coat can be short and sleek like a whippet or coarse and long like a Shar-Pei.

Its body can be wrinkly when it’s young, but these wrinkles will eventually grow out as it grows. This dog will be slightly taller and slender than the Shar-Pei but relatively thicker than the whippet.

It can weigh between 30-55 pounds standing at a height of around 18-22 inches.

Whippet Shar Pei Mix Temperament

The Shar Peippet is an independent, reserved, and quiet dog with a friendly, loving, and gentle personality. This hybrid dog’s temperament is usually considered to be cat-like. They love cuddling and spending most of their time with humans than other pets.

While they can be aloof with strangers, they’re highly affectionate with their owners and family members.

It’s an independent dog that will need a firm and consistent master who can show it how to behave appropriately.

Your Whippet Shar Pei mix can deliberately choose to ignore your commands and follow his lead. Its strong will and alertness make it an ideal dog for experienced owners, not novices.

This dog doesn’t require a lot of daily exercise to be happy. It enjoys relaxing and cuddling with its owners more than playing outdoors. It will only require up to 45 minutes of daily practice to stay fit and stimulated.

It’s also going to be highly predacious since its parents are both hunting dogs. Therefore, you’ll need a well-fenced home and a leash to quickly get hold of your dog when it starts chasing after prey.

If you train your Shar Peippet well and socialise it early, it will be the most lovely and fun companion for the longest time possible.

Whippet Shar Pei Health

Usually, dogs are susceptible to various genetic health issues common in their strains/breeds. However, most reputable breeders generally eliminate the risks of these problems by only breeding the most suitable and healthy dogs.

A Whippet Shar Pei mix can be exposed to eye problems, joint dysplasia, patellar luxation, von Willebrand’s disease, deafness, and more other ailments common in its parents’ dog breed.

Therefore, it’s best to buy your pup from a trustworthy breeder concerned about the dog’s wellbeing, not just the filling their pockets.

It’s best if you also ask the breeder to give you the pup’s health clearances to ensure it was produced from healthy parents who lived in a clean and well-sanitised environment.

Timely healthy and regular vet checks will also go a long way in ensuring your furry buddy remains healthy and lives longer.

Life Expectancy Of A Whippet Shar Pei Mix

If properly cared for, a Shar Peippet can live for around 8-15 years.

Caring For A Whippet Shar Pei Mix

A whippet shar-pei mix isn’t a tough dog to care for and maintain. Like all other dogs, your Whippet Shar Pei mix will need proper training, early socialisation, food, sleep, and sufficient exercise to be healthy and comfortable.

It’s a minimal shedder with a short, coarse coat you can easily maintain with weekly brushing and a few baths every two months.

This dog doesn’t require much exercise a day; forty-five minutes of mental stimulation and practice will be sufficient.

A whippet Spar Pei mix can be stubborn and independent. It’s also brilliant and doesn’t like to follow commands. Therefore, it needs to be trained and socialised with other people, kids, and pets as early as possible.

A balanced diet and correct food amount are also crucial for your dog’s general wellbeing. Too much food isn’t healthy for your dog. It will cause it to be obese and vulnerable to more health issues.

It’s wise to seek vet advice if you don’t know the right food amount for your furry friend or when you’re planning to change its food, and you’re not sure which food is best for it.

Pro And Cons Of A Whippet Shar Pei Mix

Whippet Spar Crosses are charming dogs packed with admirable personalities, but they come with their disadvantages too.

Below are the strengths and drawbacks of having a Whippet Shar Pei mix.


  • It’s an affectionate, cute, and calm little pooch
  • It’s brilliant; hence it’ll learn quickly
  • It’s light on its feet and graceful
  • Easy to groom and maintain.


  • It can be stubborn and overly protective.
  • Its independent nature makes it a hard dog to train.
  • It may have a high prey drive

Final Thoughts

Whippet spar Pei mixes are unique and charming dogs that can comfortably adapt to apartment living. They’re also an ideal choice for laid-back individuals because they’re quiet and have low exercise needs.

But, it’s best to keep in mind that daily exercise will be essential to keep it fit and stimulated, even if it’s just for 20-30 minutes.

As a stubborn dog, you need to be an assertive and confident leader if you want your whippet Spar Pei mix to behave appropriately.

Proper feeding, timely healthcare, enough sleep, exercise, socialisation, and grooming are also other essential needs for your whippet Spar Pei mix.

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