Whippet Weimaraner Mix: A Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to the Whippet Weimaraner Mix. So if you want to learn about:

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  • Training and grooming requirements
  • Health and lifespan

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Quick Whippet Weimaraner Mix Facts

Size: Medium to large, standing 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) tall.
Coat: Soft, medium to light.
Energy: High.
Suitability for Children: Good, tends to be gentle and patient.
Life Span: 11-14 years.
Temperament: Calm yet energetic, requiring ample exercise and attention.
Training: Intelligent and energetic, but requires structured training.
Grooming: Minimal, low shedding.
Friendliness: Generally sociable, good with other dogs and children.

Origin of the Whippet Weimaraner Mix

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix, a cross between a Whippet and a Weimaraner, comes from England and Germany. Understanding their parent breeds can help us understand the mix.

Origin of the Whippet

The Whippet breed emerged in England in the late 1800s. Its lineage traces back to greyhounds, which is clear from their striking resemblance to smaller versions of these fast dogs.

Historically, Whippets were bred for hunting. They used their sharp sight to chase game at high speeds across open fields, particularly hares.

Interestingly, depictions of small greyhound-like dogs similar to Whippets can be found in ancient Egyptian art. This suggests a long-standing existence. But, the exact origins of Whippets are somewhat unclear. They look very similar to Italian Greyhounds, which suggests potential crossbreeding throughout history.

Despite their hunting roots, Whippets are not good at tracking scents. This limits their hunting skills to sight-based pursuits.

Origin of the Weimaraner

The Weimaraner breed originated from Germany’s Weimar region in the early 19th century. It was initially developed for hunting large game like bear and boar in dense forests.

Much of its early history is credited to Germany’s Grand Duke Karl August. The Weimaraner has gained significant recognition in the United States, even more than in its native Germany.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower had a Weimaraner named Heidi. Additionally, artist William Wegman often included Weimaraners in his artwork, which helped to popularise the breed.

Whippet Weimaraner Mix Appearance

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix has a strong, muscular build and a soft, medium to light coat. Their ears are half pricked or V-shaped, adding to their unique look. They have a long tail that enhances their striking appearance.


The Whippet Weimaraner Mix has a soft, light to medium coat in a range of colours. These can vary from milk chocolate brown to dark brown, and even a greyish-brown.

The breed’s long tail is another unique feature, contributing to its charming look.


The Whippet Weimaraner Mix usually measures between 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) tall at the shoulder.

These dogs typically weigh between 55 to 85 lbs (25 to 38 kg).

Typical Temperament Traits

Mixed breeds usually get their temperament traits from both parents. They can be loving with family, tolerant with children, and can even get on with other pets if they’re socialised early.

At first, they might be cautious of strangers, but they can become friendly once they feel at ease. Some might also show protective tendencies.

Mixed breeds are generally healthier and less likely to have certain genetic disorders. But, they can be prone to conditions like bloat.

Whippet Personality

Whippets are recognised for their calm nature. They do well in quieter homes and may become anxious with loud noises or sudden movements.

This breed is versatile, enjoying both active and relaxed lifestyles, as long as they get enough exercise. Whippets excel in activities like agility, flyball, lure coursing, and racing, showing their athletic skills.

Their loving and gentle nature makes them perfect therapy or psychiatric service dogs. Training and regular exercise are vital to manage their energy levels.

Their slim, athletic build reflects their active lifestyle and agility.

Weimaraner Personality

Weimaraners are lively dogs that need lots of exercise and regular attention from their family. They are friendly and make loving companions, but can become bored and anxious if left alone.

These dogs are natural learners, showing their high intelligence and ability to be trained. Their loud bark shows their watchdog instincts. Despite their large size, they are easy to groom due to their short coat.

But, they may see small animals as prey due to their hunting instincts, unless trained otherwise.

Whippet Weimaraner Mix Combined Temperament

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix is a fiercely protective and deeply devoted family dog. These dogs are incredibly fast, often outrunning fully grown greyhounds.

They are affectionate but also have a keen prey instinct and can be somewhat bossy, especially during playtime. Known for their stubbornness, these ‘velcro dogs’ crave attention and can become dominant towards other dogs of the same gender.

Their hunting instincts can be overwhelming, posing potential risks to small mammals. Training these intelligent, dominant dogs can be challenging.

Raising a Whippet Weimaraner Mix Puppy

Raising a Whippet Weimaraner Mix puppy needs a structured approach because of their smart but dominant nature. You must establish yourself as the pack leader. Daily routines should be broken down into specific activities for the puppy.

Early socialisation is vital for their mental health. This involves regular visits to parks, hikes, and doggy daycares. You also need to control their prey-driven tendencies from a young age to stop them chasing small mammals.

Bad behaviours should be redirected towards positive alternatives rather than punishment. Don’t forget to set realistic expectations for your puppy’s training journey.

Whippet Weimaraner Mix Socialization

Socialising a Whippet Weimaraner Mix is vital for their growth. This process aids them in becoming well-rounded, confident dogs, at ease in different environments and situations.

Socializing With Other Dogs

Introducing your Whippet Weimaraner Mix to other dogs is a key part of their socialisation process. Given the Whippet’s natural friendliness, they usually react well to these meetings. But, you should make sure these experiences are positive and well-organised.

Once your vet gives the green light, often after the first set of vaccinations, you can start this process. Using positive reinforcement, like treats, toys, and verbal praise, is a good way to promote calm and acceptable behaviour during these meetings.

Also, introducing your puppy to a wide range of people, including men, women, and children of different ages, will help them feel comfortable around humans.

Socializing With Children

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix is usually gentle and patient with children. Early socialisation helps promote positive interactions.

During playtime, it’s wise to supervise to guarantee safety for both the child and the dog.

The friendly nature of this breed makes it a good fit for families with children.

Training And Exercise

Training a Whippet Weimaraner Mix can be tough due to their smart and dominant nature. It’s key to establish yourself as the pack leader from the start for successful training. A structured daily routine with specific activities during puppyhood can help in this process.

This breed is driven by prey, so it’s vital to address this behaviour early to prevent chasing and killing small mammals.

To handle their high energy levels, the Whippet Weimaraner Mix needs plenty of exercise, including long walks and hikes. Regular visits to parks, hikes, and doggy daycares are suggested for proper socialisation and to stop the dog from becoming too energetic.

Remember, a tired dog is a healthy dog, and providing enough exercise can help curb destructive behaviour.

Space Requirements

A Whippet Weimaraner Mix needs a medium to large living space, ideally a house with a garden.

They also need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day for their health. But, people should remember that this breed sheds, which might not be suitable for those with allergies.

Whippet Weimaraner Mix Health And Care

Looking after a Whippet Weimaraner Mix’s health means knowing the possible health risks from both parent breeds. Regular vet visits and a balanced diet can keep their overall health in check. But, certain health conditions aren’t certain, as genetics can be unpredictable.

Grooming Requirements: Do Whippet Weimaraner Mixes Shed?

Whippet Weimaraner Mixes usually shed very little, which makes grooming easy. A decent vacuum cleaner can help control any loose fur on carpets. Regular baths can reduce shedding even more, but don’t overdo it to avoid dry skin.

This breed has high energy levels, so exercise is vital. Long walks and hikes are perfect.

Training these smart, dominant dogs can be tough, so it’s vital to establish yourself as the pack leader.

Whippet Health

Whippets are usually healthy but can have some health problems. Hip dysplasia, where the hip joint doesn’t fit together properly, can cause discomfort, pain, and in extreme cases, lameness.

Eye disorders can also occur in Whippets. Regular vet check-ups are needed for early detection and treatment of these conditions.

Sources: PetMD

Weimaraner Health

Weimaraners, known for their high activity levels, can easily get accidental injuries such as cuts and sprains. Their habit of chewing can also cause mouth and gum injuries.

A serious health issue for this breed is gastric torsion. This is when the stomach becomes overstretched and twists shut, needing immediate vet help.

Weimaraners should have regular health checks. These should include hip, thyroid, and eye assessments, along with DNA tests for hyperuricosuria (HUU), spinal dysraphism (SD), and hypomyelination (HYM).

Dental disease is another common problem, affecting 80% of Weimaraners by age two. This can lead to tooth loss and damage to vital organs.

Lastly, Weimaraners can get bacterial and viral infections like parvo, rabies, and distemper. So, vaccinations are a key part of their healthcare routine.

Sources: Animal Health Clinic

Whippet Weimaraner Mix Health

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix can suffer from health problems like joint and elbow dysplasia. A careful diet, packed with fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin supplements, can help ward off these conditions.

But, you should consult a vet for the correct dosage to prevent overfeeding and resulting health problems. This breed might have a slightly shorter lifespan than a purebred Weimaraner because of these health issues.

Other common illnesses include distichiasis and vWD.

Life Expectancy

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix typically lives for about 11 to 14 years.

Regular health check-ups are advised to ensure the long life and well-being of this unique mix breed.

Rescuing A Whippet Weimaraner Mix

Rescuing a Whippet Weimaraner Mix can be a rewarding experience. This mix is often described as bright, keen, and clever. They are known for their intelligence, athleticism, and strong family bonds.

Their affectionate nature and impressive musculature make them a unique addition to any household. They are often called “velcro” dogs due to their strong attachment to their owners. This can make the rescue process even more heartwarming.

But, this mix also shows keen scent and sight prey instincts, inherited from both parent breeds. They are sometimes mistakenly referred to as a Whippet German Shepherd Mix or a Whippet Aussie Shepherd Mix, but these variations are less common.

Regardless of the name, rescuing a Whippet Weimaraner Mix can bring a lovingly sweet and stubbornly intelligent companion into your life.

Where to Find A Whippet Weimaraner Mix Puppy

Finding a Whippet Weimaraner Mix puppy might be tricky because the breed isn’t well-known. But, with patience and research, you can find a trustworthy breeder who specialises in this unique mix.

You must make sure the breeder is responsible and puts the health and well-being of their dogs first.

Adoption is also a good choice, as many mixed breed dogs end up in shelters.

No matter which way you choose, bear in mind that this smart, sporty breed needs a dedicated owner ready to meet their needs.

Whippet Weimaraner Mix Breeders

Finding trustworthy Whippet Weimaraner Mix breeders can be challenging due to the breed’s unique English and German origins. You need to find breeders who focus on the health and temperament of their dogs.

Specific breeders for this mix might not be easy to find, but you can get general advice. Begin by contacting local Whippet and Weimaraner clubs or online groups. They often have links to reliable breeders. Also, going to dog shows or breed-specific events can give you a chance to meet breeders and see their dogs face-to-face.

A good breeder will be open about the health history of the parent breeds. They’ll want to make sure their puppies go to caring homes. Always adopt from a breeder who follows ethical breeding practices. This ensures the well-being of your future pet.

Adopting a Mix Breed Dog. Cost and Challenges

Adopting a mixed breed dog like the Whippet Weimaraner can be rewarding but also challenging. The adoption cost can change a lot based on several factors. These include the dog’s age, its health, and the location and reputation of the adoption centre.

Puppies often cost more because they’re popular and need extra vaccinations. Older dogs might be cheaper but could have hidden health problems that need ongoing care.

Adopting a mixed breed dog comes with its own challenges. Mixed breeds can inherit any mix of traits from their parent breeds. This makes their behaviour and health needs a bit unpredictable. For a Whippet Weimaraner, potential owners should be ready for a dog that needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation. They should also plan for regular health checks to watch for any inherited conditions.

Despite these challenges, the happiness and companionship that a Whippet Weimaraner can bring to a home make the adoption process worth it.


We answer the most common questions about the Whippet Weimaraner Mix below.

What are the different names for a Whippet cross Weimaraner?

A Whippet cross Weimaraner is known by many names. These include Whippet Weimaraner Mix, Whippet Weimaraner Cross, Whippet x Weimaraner, Whippetaraner, Whippet Weim Mix, and Whippet Weimaraner Hybrid.

Does the Whippet Weimaraner Mix Breed Bark a Lot?

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix isn’t known for barking a lot. But, their high energy levels and intelligence can lead to them making noise if they’re bored or not stimulated enough.

Is the Whippet Weimaraner Mix Breed Intelligent?

The Whippet Weimaraner Mix is famous for its exceptional intelligence. This athletic breed often wins athletic prizes due to its cleverness and agility.

Their intelligence also shows in their social behaviour, as they are known to be deeply devoted to their families.

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