Whippet Sheltie Mix: A Full Guide

Mixing the lively, intelligent, and playful Sheltie with the gentle, agile, and amicable whippet produces one of the most dynamic and charming dogs ever.

This dog will probably not thrive with a docile owner/family as it needs plenty of daily exercises and mental stimulation.

Both whippets and shelties are sturdy, affectionate, small-sized, and friendly dogs that are always willing to please their owners.

They’re sensitive and don’t enjoy spending long hours alone. Their mixes tend to inherit all these traits and more other exciting skills and personalities you’ll greatly admire.

If you’re planning to add a whippet sheltie mix to your family, it’s wise to understand its needs and temperament to care for it properly and enjoy its company optimally. Learn more about the whippet sheltie mix in this post.

What Is A Whippet Sheltie Mix?

A whippet sheltie mix is a crossbreed dog produced by interbreeding a purebred whippet and Shetland Sheepdog. Whippets are famous for being the most agile canines in the dog’s family.

They’re also very gentle and calm pups in the sighthound family.

On the other hand, shelties, also called the Shetland Sheepdogs, are alert and protective dogs.

Both whippets and shelties are loving, friendly, energetic, and loyal canines. However, while these dogs share some similarities, they differ in one way or another.

Therefore, predicting the behaviours and appearance of their mixes can be somewhat challenging.

As a mixed breed, it’s easy to wonder how your pup will look or behave. To know more about the whippet sheltie mix, you’ll have to look into its parents’ origin and history.

Below is a brief account about the whippet and Sheltie to help you know more about their crossbreed.

The Whippets Origins

Whippets, also known as the ‘poor man’s racehorses’ or ‘snap dogs,’ are among the most versatile dogs in the canine family.

Their dawn was in the late 18th century in England, where they were produced to hunt and race.

They were bred from greyhounds and terriers, and they still strongly resemble a miniature greyhound today. Unlike the older days, whippets are rarely used as hunting dogs today.

Most people keep whippets as couch potatoes. However, they also compete in lure coursing, obedience, flyball, agility, and rallies.

Generally, whippets are caring, outgoing, even-tempered, gentle pooches with playful energy and lean, muscular bodies.

The Shelties Origins

The shelties, also known as the Shetland Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, or dwarf scotch shepherd, originated from Shetland island, between Norway and Scotland.

The Shetland sheepdogs and ponies were created by crossing the border collies with miniature dogs.

The primary reason for creating these dogs was to help with the herding and protection of sheep. During the 19th century, shelties found their way into Scotland and England.

People then started to breed them with other dog breeds that extremely tainted their primary reason for producing them.

Nowadays, most Shetland Sheepdogs in the US are descendants of dogs imported from England during the two world wars. They rarely exist in Shetland and are mainly used as family and apartment canines.

Their sturdy build and charming personality make them excellent dogs for homes with small pets and children. They make fantastic and fun companions through proper training, early socialisation, and enough daily exercise.

Whippet Sheltie Mix Temperament

Your whippet sheltie mix will be a friendly, loyal, gentle, loving dog with extremely high energy and a sturdy build.

He’ll need plenty of daily exercises to keep his high energy level down and mental stimulation to stay happy and composed.

As a mixture of a herding and hunting dog, the whippet sheltie mix has a high prey drive and will quickly chase after moving things, particularly petite animals that look like prey.

Therefore, you may want to ensure you train or help your pup control its predaciousness if you have small pets at home.

Sheltie whippet mixes inherit all the sweet personalities of their parents, including the whippet’s calm nature and agility.

However, your pooch’s traits may vary with several factors like age, training, and socialisation age.

With proper training and early socialisation, sheltie whippet crosses are the most loving, playful, bright, affectionate, and exciting furry companions.

They’re vibrant little fellas that will brighten up the day of everyone who meets them. Besides always being happy, fun, and energetic, whippet sheltie crosses are hardworking and versatile canines that enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.

Whippet Sheltie Mix Appearance And Size

A sheltie whippet mix isn’t a giant dog. Both its parents are considered the miniature versions of their descendants. Whippets usually look like small greyhounds, while shelties resemble miniature collies.

Therefore, your whippet sheltie mix will be a small-sized canine weighing around 15-30 lbs, with a height of approximately 15-22 inches. They’re perfect companions for individuals looking for lively, fun, and versatile dogs with small bodies.

The exact look of your whippet sheltie mix puppy can be hard to tell since it’s a mixed breed. It usually varies with the unique appearance of its parents and the parent with the most dominant genes.

It may take up the Sheltie’s blunt wedge-like face, erect ears, dark almond-shaped eyes, fluffy coat, and thick neck.

Or the whippet’s deer-like limbs, tapered face, arching back, swan-shaped neck, short sleek coat, large round eyes, little rose-like ears, a broad chest, and tucked-in waist.

Alternatively, it can show a mixture of features from both parents.

Its coat colours will also depend on its parents’ skin appearance. Whippets usually have white, black, fawn, blue, tan, red, cream, and brindle coats, while shelties come in black, blue merle, and sable skins with different amounts of tan or/and white markings.

The Life Expectancy Of A Whippet Sheltie Mix

With proper care, your whippet sheltie mix can live for roughly 11-15 years, filling your life with nothing but joy and remarkable moments.

Whippet Sheltie Mixes Health

Shelties and whippets are generally healthy dogs, but like most other breeds, they’re vulnerable to specific health issues that can also affect their crosses.

Shelties and whippets are susceptible to joint dysplasia, Collie Eye disease, von Willebrand’s disease, deafness, and more. It’s always advisable to get puppies from reputable breeders to avoid buying dogs predisposed to many hereditary health issues.

You should also check if the breeder has the proper certifications indicating that the pup you’re buying is tested for and cleared of various health conditions like eye problems, thyroid, and hips ailments.

Caring For A Whippet Sheltie Mix

Your whippet sheltie mix needs proper care and maintenance to coexist with you comfortably and live a long, happy life.

Some of the crucial requirements for your dog are proper grooming, feeding, training, socialisation, exercise, and mental stimulation.

While whippets are low shedders, shelties are extremely high shedders. Therefore, you can expect your sheltie whippet mix to shed more.

Hence, it would be wise to invest in a good vacuum cleaner if you need your floors to be free from your pup’s hair.

Weekly brushing and monthly baths will be necessary if you need your dog’s skin to remain clean and detangled.

As an energetic, playful dog, your sheltie whippet cross will need plenty of daily exercises and mental stimulation to stay calm and contented.

Enough exercise will also keep it from developing separation anxiety or becoming destructive.

Early socialisation and training are also paramount dog’s needs. It would be best to train your dog to be obedient and relate with people and pets as early as possible to be an all-around canine.

However, the training can be somewhat challenging since it’s an intelligent dog.

It’s best to break the training into short, fun, and engaging sessions to get the full attention of your pup. With consistency, proper approach, and positive reinforcements, your dog will quickly learn all the tricks and cues you teach it.

Your pup will also need a proper diet and the right food amount. The diet and food quantity you give your dog can vary with age and activity level.

If you’re unsure of the best foodstuff and food amount for your little furry buddy, it’s wise to seek a vet’s advice.

Either way, it’s best to ensure you don’t overfeed or underfeed your pooch. Overfeeding will cause your dog to be obese and become vulnerable to many health problems, while underfeeding will cause it to be weak and malnourished.

The Pros And Cons Of A Whippet Sheltie Mix

Designer/hybrid/mixed dogs are the most charming and adorable dogs today. Crossing dogs produce highly adaptable and unique dogs based on owner requirements.

However, these dogs also come with their merits and demerits you should know. Some of the strengths and drawbacks of a whippet sheltie mix are:


  • It has convenient and portable size.
  • It has a light gait and lovely elegant skin.
  • It’s an outstanding fun companion with a delightful personality.
  • It’s easy to groom.
  • it excels as a working and family dog.
  • It relates well with people and other pets.
  • It’s intelligent, attentive, and learns quickly.


  • Sheds heavily.
  • It has high exercise needs.
  • It’s highly predacious.
  • Requires frequent brushing due to its relatively long coat.

Is A Whippet Sheltie Mix Right For You?

This mixed dog is suitable for active owners/families since it requires vigorous exercise and mental stimulation to burn off its excess energy.

It has a sweet and versatile personality and an adorable coat that you can greatly admire. However, it needs proper training, early socialisation, and appropriate care to be comfortable, obedient, healthy, and live longer.

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