Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix: A Full Guide

This article is a complete guide about the Whippet Miniature Pinscher mix, so stay tuned till the end and get answers to the most intriguing questions related to this dog breed.

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However, that’s not the topic of our discussion today. I have a very special mix-breed dog in store for you today, which is becoming quite popular in Britain.

What is a Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix?

A Whippet Miniature Pinscher mix is a mixed-breed dog with a Whippet mom and a miniature Pinscher dad or vice-versa.

The Whippet is originated from England, while the miniature Pinscher is originated from Germany.

This mixed dog breed inherits several traits from both sides, be it the playfulness and high energy levels of the Whippet or the attitude and aggressiveness of the miniature Pinscher.

If you are looking for something between a Golden Retriever and an American Terrier that is just smaller than a Labrador, then you should consider a Whippet Miniature Pinscher mix.

About Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix

The Whippet Miniature Pinscher mix is a unique hybrid breed that is not commonly found.

Most people don’t even know that such a breed even exists. If you’re also new to this breed, let us provide you a brief intro about it.

Physical Appearance

The Whippet Miniature Pinscher mix is a smart-looking, muscular breed with a soft and thin to medium coat.

The pups have rose ears, while adult males and females have blunt-tipped ears. Black, brown, and a combo of both are the most common colours.

They have round, dark eyes and strong legs. To end, they have a short tail with a very thin layer of hair on it.


The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix is not as short as the Miniature Pinscher and neither as tall as the Whippet.

The average height of this dog breed is somewhere between 12-20 inches, which is the height level of a normal Pinscher. This medium-height dog breed weights 11-15 lb.

Health Rate

The Whippet dog can develop disease, while the Miniature Pinscher has comparatively fewer diseases. The mix-breed has some minor diseases that you can avoid by taking the pup to the vet regularly.

These minor genetic diseases include; joint dysplasia, epilepsy, heart diseases, and cataracts. These diseases are inherited equally, but both of the parent breeds.


Every dog breed has a specific lifespan, but if the dog is kept in a proper condition by paying regular visits to the vet, vaccinations, and supplementation, it can live for a couple of years or more.

The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix can live up to 11-15 years minimum if kept in a healthy form.

Pros and Cons of Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix

If you are considering purchasing this hybrid breed, you must do proper research regarding the advantages and disadvantages it has over the other type of breeds.

To help you with that, I have compiled all of the pros and cons of this angry bird.


  • They are super attentive, so you can keep them for guarding the house as well.
  • They love to socialise, so feel free to introduce them to other breeds.
  • They are super loyal pets and will defend you instantly if they sense danger around you.
  • They have a great sense of sight and can be used for finding your lost socks.
  • They are intelligent dogs and can be fun to play with.
  • They love to show affection towards their master.
  • They don’t have any dog odor.
  • They are very affordable to maintain and groom.


  • They are rebellious dogs and can be hard to handle.
  • Training them is the main issue many owners face.
  • They NEED to be taken outdoors for socialising and exercise, or else they can get cranky.
  • They are not an ideal breed for neophyte owners.
  • For people suffering from Agoraphobia, this is definitely the worst breed (try adopting a cat).
  • They have a strong chase and kill instinct towards cats if you don’t have them together since the beginning (puppyhood).

FAQs Related to Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix

I am pretty sure that you still have some un-satisfaction related to the breed and have not yet come to a conclusion.

Don’t get confused because below I have mentioned in detail answers to some of the most asked questions related to a Whippet Miniature Pinscher mix’s personality, grooming, diet, and the many general queries:

Is The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix A Dangerous Dog?

The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix has a friendly and playful attitude towards its master. However, it does not respect strangers and won’t hesitate to chase or injure anyone it feels like a threat.

However, it becomes fond to a person who feeds it or takes it in the outdoors.

It is an extremely social breed and enjoys exercising and ‘fetch’ sessions, so if you want to befriend it, try spending more time with it and feed it treats.

Is The Whippet Miniature Mix An Indoor Dog?

Whippets are indoor dogs, while miniature Pinschers prefer staying outdoors. The outcome breed of the two loves to stay outdoors and can easily sleep outside the house.

It is better to build a dog house for it because it is usually used as a watchdog to protect the house. Its chasing and killing instincts are what attract people towards it.

Is The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix Hard To Train?

It is most probably one of the most difficult to train, even as a pup. The reason is its nature and attitude that makes it troublesome.

It can sometimes act like a stubborn kid by disobeying you or barking back, but if you train it well, you can surely get command over it.

Is The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix Hard To Groom?

It is not as hard to groom as other hairy dog breeds like the Collie or German Shepherd. The reason is that it sheds comparatively less hair.

It also depends upon the hair growth and coat of the puppy. For grooming, you should invest in a reliable shampoo and hairbrush. That’s it! A tip for you is to get yourself a vacuum because it loves to cuddle on sofas.

How Many Times A Day Should I Feed A Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix?

The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix has a strong muscular body that needs to be fed well, but not excessively.

Its diet should include boiled and well-cooked protein with additional supplements of fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, colostrum, and amino acids.

These supplements are liable to hip and elbow dysplasia and, therefore, are ideal for muscle gain and growth of the dog.

What Type Of Exercise Does A Whippet Min Pin Mix Need?

Dogs with high energy levels require more exercise time. Since the Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix has high energy levels, it is best to take it outside for long walks and hiking to tire it out.

Playing with toys is not its type of stuff since it likes to chew and destroy all sorts of toys offered to it.

A pro tip is to take it out for super long walks so that it gets tired and quits beating stuff in your house.

Is A Whippet Min Pin Mix Messy?

If you leave a spik-and-span house under the supervision of a Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix, you’ll likely come back to an absolute disaster.

Why? Because it loves to chew, bite and destroy everything that comes in its way. So, if you’re obsessed with cleanliness and organisation, think thrice before buying it.

That is, if this dog is untrained and you leave it to its own devices. A trained Whippet Min Pin mix will be no problem at home, so be sure to invest some time into house training.

Final Thoughts

The Whippet Miniature Pinscher Mix is an attention-seeking breed that requires maximum attention, love, and care from its master.

They can get jealous of other pets easily and can even try to harm them if left alone together, so if you’re up for some pet drama at your place, go ahead and buy this dog.

Just kidding! It is just like a stubborn little kid who needs to be handled carefully, and it’ll prove to be a gem.

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