Whippet Borzoi Mix: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, I will give you a complete guide regarding one of the most friendly, loyal, and playful dog breeds that exist among all, the Whippet Borzoi Mix!

Cats or Dogs? This question, in itself, is an endless debate. According to a survey, 51% of people prefer dogs as home pets over cats. Why? There are a bazillion reasons in general.

However, I’ll give you just one; their loyalty. A dog is indeed a man’s best friend and one of the most loyal creatures to man on the planet.

A dog doesn’t hesitate to shower affection, protection, and empathy towards its master. No matter what the breed is, one thing that you can be damn sure about before getting this creature for yourself is that it will be there by your side till its last breath.

But the much more confusing phase every dog owner passes through before becoming one is the breed selection, which, if you ask me, is unnecessary (I mean, how hard can it be to choose from a variety of ‘just’ 350 different breeds?).

What Is A Whippet Borzoi Mix?

A Whippet is a dog breed that originated in England. It is an ideal breed to keep around children and inside homes.

Whereas, Borzoi is a Russian dog breed mainly used for guarding and hunting purposes, using its keen sense of sight.

When combined, the two form a unique breed known as the ‘Whippet Borzoi mix.’

Since the Whippet Borzoi is a mixture of genes of two different species, it is a top pick due to its friendly nature (owing to the Whippet genes) and activeness, faithfulness, and playfulness (thanks to the Borzoi genes).

About The Whippet Borzoi Mix

If you haven’t ever heard of this phenomenal dog breed, just read the points below to know all the facts about the Whippet Borzoi mix, starting from its appearance and ending to lifespan.

Physical Appearance: A Whippet Borzoi mix is a super hairy and fluffy dog with thin but long and strong legs.

The long tail is also fully covered and looks like a bush of hair. Its face is similarly long as the Borzoi dog, just that Borzois don’t have that much hair on their face. It has small eyes with rose ears.

The Whippet Borzoi mix usually contrasts black, brown, or copper colours with the colour white.

Health Rate

The health rate of most mixed breed dogs is better than the gene-holding breeds. The reason is the number of genes invested in it.

Since every breed has its health decline points and diseases that affect it in particular, when its gene is combined with another gene, it always results in fewer diseases and health outcomes.

Since there are two dog breeds mixed in the Whippet Borzoi mix, there is a minor health decline for which you can get it vaccinated. In short, for better genes, you can apply the ‘the more the merrier’ rule.


Unlike giant breeds like the Titan, the Whippet Borzoi mix is a medium-sized dog with an approximate height of 1.5-2.5 feet. Not too big and not too small.

Just the ideal size for any kids-friendly, home dog. If you are a person who wants something in the height span of between a Brittany Spaniel and a German Shepherd, then here’s the top pick for you.


If you are a person who gets way too attached to your pets and gets into a fear of losing them after 6-7 years, then I suggest that you go for a dog with a longer lifespan.

Now that we are discussing a whole guide on Whippet Borzoi mix let me tell you that this breed has a lifespan of 15-20 years.

Long enough for a dog, isn’t it? If kept in a healthy state, the Whippet Borzoi mix can even excel this lifespan and make it up to a few more years of being active, playful, and friendly.

Pros and Cons Of A Whippet Borzoi Mix

Every dog breed has some advantages that make it stand out among the rest 350 types and some flaws that may be minor but at times are enough to take over the pros.

As for the Whippet Borzoi mix, the flaws aren’t that fatal if you’re considering keeping it as a house dog for companionship and pleasure.

However, at the end of the day, it is YOU who has to live with the dog, so you decide whether it is a ‘YES YES’ or a ‘NO NO’ by going through the pros and cons listed below:


  • The Whipped Borzoi mix is a highly kid-friendly dog.
  • It is one of the easiest to train dogs that has ever existed.
  • Its super playful nature makes it a keeper by families.
  • Pays response to its master as it is brilliant for an animal.
  • Its high energy levels make it a great pet dog.
  • Ideal for novice owners as they are easy to train and handle.
  • It can easily adjust in an apartment as well.


  • The amount of hair the Whippet Borzoi mix sheds is insane.
  • It gets along with strangers quickly, so it is a poor pick in security.
  • Barely barks and howls on the arrival of danger.
  • It always needs to be around its masters and can get very stressed if left alone.
  • It needs’ play time’ all the time, so definitely a wrong choice for busy people.
  • It’s tough to groom the Whippet Borzoi mix.
  • It needs to be taken outdoors for exercise.

Whippet Borzoi Mix FAQ’s

Since the Whippet Borzoi is a unique mix breed, many questions might be arising in your head related to its nature, price, and social behaviour.

The thing is that you cannot find answers to these questions anywhere on Google. But fret not, people!

The professional dog lover is here to answer your questions. So head down below and have a go-through to these FAQs:

Is The Whippet Borzoi Mix An Aggressive Dog?

The Whippet Borzoi is an extremely playful dog even with other breeds, but if not nurtured authoritatively or adequately by its master, it can turn aggressive towards the opposite breed at some point.

However, you should not take this matter seriously. You can assume it as a kid who ends up fighting after playing for too long.

Is The Whippet Borzoi Mix A Good Guard Dog?

First things first, the Whippet Borzoi is a house dog and most likely prefers to stay and sleep inside the house rather than outside.

Secondly, it has a brutally friendly nature which makes a terrible house guarding dog. You would not even want to try keeping it as a watchdog.

I mean, imagine your dog becoming friends and playing with the thieves in the middle of the night. What a nightmare!

How Should I Train A Whippet Borzoi Mix?

Training a Whippet Borzoi mix puppy is no rocket science at all. In fact, they are trouble-free to train. However, some of them might be a little tricky due to their short attention spans.

But mostly, Whippet Borzoi is a well-trained and obedient dog. For training, you can use the traditional food-luring technique in which you teach the puppy basic commands such as yes, no, sit, stand, jump, come, and no by giving them small treats of food as a reward.

What Are The Whippet Borzoi Mix Food Requirements?

The Whippet Borzoi mix is a breed with a wolf background, and such dogs require raw food diet as a compulsory part of their development.

Raw food diet includes all types of meat and grains that are boiled enough that makes them medium-rare to perfectly cooked.

Additional supplements to add to the raw food bowl are fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin. If you want to avoid direct supplementation, you can even pick good quality dog food with such nutrients.

What Types Of Exercise Does The Whippet Borzoi Mix Require?

A Whippet Borzoi mix has its energy levels at peak 24/7, so it is always ready for exercise. The best exercise for it is a hike or walk, instead of hardcore jumping, running, and hopping drills.

Plus, make sure that you measure the time of exercise when you’re taking it out in summers since it should not be exposed much to hot and humid weather. While in winters, feel free to exercise for hours outside.

Final Thoughts

My final verdict about whether a Whippet Borzoi mix is a keeper or not is that, why not? My view is that a friendly and low-maintenance dog such as the Whippet Borzoi is always better than a lazy one such as a Bulldog (no offense).

But if you are unsure that you can give it proper time and attention, please avoid this one and search for another breed since these are sensitive and get attached to their masters quickly.

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