Can Whippets Eat Raw Meat?

Have you been considering the BARF diet, or maybe you’ve heard that raw meat is good for your dog?

In this post we answer “can whippets eat raw meat?”, to give you a better understanding of what this does to your pup and if it’s worth the expensive price.

The whippet is a dog named for its ability to reach land speeds of over thirty-five miles per hour.

The whippet may be known as the “cheetah of the dog world.” But what should you feed these quick and highly athletic dogs?

Some people choose a dry diet, whilst others may consider the BARF diet. Although it sounds gross, it’s an acronym for Bones and Raw Food.

This diet is part of the raw food diet trend in dog nutrition.

In this post we are going to find out whether or not it’s safe for your whippet to eat raw meat, helping you decide if BARF is a road you might want to go down.

So, can whippets eat raw meat? Let’s find out…

Is Raw Meat Dangerous for Whippets?

First of all, there is considerable debate on whether feeding your Whippet a raw diet is the best for their health, and there is debate among dog nutritionists whether a raw diet is healthy.

However, if you feel that your dog would be better suited to eating a diet that more closely mimics that of the wolf, then yes, raw meat can be safe for Whippets under prepared and sanitary conditions.

can whippets eat raw meat?
Image: Echothewhippet

Dogs have a tougher stomach than humans and their ability to digest is heartier than many things that would be harmful to humans.

Is Raw Meat Healthy for Your Whippet?

Yes, raw meat can be healthy for your whippet, and it also provides a lot of protein to keep them big and strong.

There are many health benefits that BARF diets can offer dogs, especially those with sensitive stomachs or allergies that your dog might not be able to meet nutritionally in commercially-based diets.

You can avoid getting sick when preparing meat by washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

Also, be sure to thoroughly wash any utensils used to chop or cut the meat. This will ensure that your dog doesn’t contract any harmful bacteria and helps keep his food clean.

Be sure to use separate utensils for anything put into the food that is not meat to avoid cross-contamination

What are the Health Benefits of Raw Meat/BARF Diets?

First of all, home-made diets allow you to meet your dog’s nutritional needs on an individual basis.

The high protein in BARF diets allows dogs to take in more water content.

This can be of high importance for dogs with kidney disease or owners looking to help their dog lose weight (more protein makes a dog feel full for longer).

BARF diets also tend to make a stool more compact and bulkier meaning the dog will need to go outside to use the restroom less.

Here are some other benefits of the BARF diet for your whippet;

  • Cleaner teeth
  • Fresh breath
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased mobility
  • More energy and stamina
  • Shiny, healthy skin and coat
  • Weight loss

Is it Safe for Whippets to Eat Raw Meat?

If you take certain precautions when making a homemade diet or buying a premade raw diet for your dog, then raw meat can be a viable option for your whippet.

However, it should be noted that raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, especially chicken which can contain salmonella.

It is best to not feed your dog raw beef because of the risk of e-coli which can kill, even though these bacteria are also naturally found in a dog’s stool.

The best course of action is to be sure to pick up your dog’s faeces if he or she eats a raw diet to avoid tracking in any bacteria which could cause harm to your pup.

You may also wipe your dog’s paws and rear end and avoid letting him or her lick you or be on the furniture.

Another point to consider is to be careful what bones you feed your dog.

The best bones are cooked and hallow marrow bones that are beef. Antlers and hooves can be too hard and may cause teeth to crack.

Chicken bones can splinter in the dog’s stomach and should never be given to your dog.

It is best to give your dog raw bones, beef and lamb are best, and it is okay to give raw turkey necks too.

Things to Consider


This is perhaps one of the most important considerations you can have when looking into feeding your dog raw meat.

If you plan on making the meals yourself, do you have time to follow recipes and guidelines to make sure are giving your dog a well-balanced meal?

There are commercially-made raw foods available, but again, it may take a little more meal prep than feeding your dog a commercially made dog food.

Nutritional Balance

If you chose to make your own food or cook for your dog, you need to be very careful to get the caloric count and dietary needs for your dog correct.

Commercially-made dog foods have dog nutritionists which have studied the needs of dogs for many years, and if a dog is lacking in a nutrient he or she can become very ill.

can whippets eat raw meat?
Image: Echothewhippet

It is best to follow the advice of a veterinarian or dog nutritionist when it comes to the BARF diet.

It might be best to follow a more widely available raw diet service (there are many that can be delivered to your door already prepared).


You should be aware that feeding your dog not only raw protein but ingredients such as fresh berries, green beans, and broccoli will cost more than commercially available dry and wet food.

You should be prepared to spend more monthly on dog food bills and opt to get the best possible cuts of meat to use if you are preparing the food yourself.

If you opt to use a delivery service, this will also have additional costs.

A Bit More to Clean Up

What do I mean by this last statement?

Simply that when feeding your dog a raw diet, it does not mean your dog will have more stool, actually, most who feed raw food claim the opposite, but rather you may want to clean your yard more often.

This is because many bacteria that pass through a dog’s digestive system are more harmful to humans and can come out through their faeces.

It is best to get rid of your dog’s solid waste as quickly as possible.

To help avoid tracking this bacteria into the home, wipe your dog’s paws off before he comes back in the house.

It may be best to avoid letting your dog lick you around the mouth as well.

If your dog has the habit of burying bones and digging them up, dispose of these after a couple of days as they can develop bacteria from saliva and attract unwanted attention from ants and roaches.

Hopefully you now have an answer to your question of “can whippets eat raw meat?”, and have learned a thing or two about the BARF diet too.

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