Do Whippets Get Depressed?

Your pets are very different from us humans yet have certain similarities when it comes to health.

So, do whippets get depressed? Yes, depression is a health condition which is present in dogs, just like it is present in humans.

The only difference is that you can rationalise and get treatment for it, while whippets must learn to deal with their depression as they don’t have the luxury of a doctor.

They need love, involvement, and help from you to get over depression.

Do Whippets Actually Get Depressed?

Your whippet is no different than you when it comes to depression, and yes, whippets get depressed.

When you notice any symptoms of dog depression, you ought to consult a veterinarian to understand it and help your pet whippet get a diagnosis and further treatment.

do whippets get depressed?
Image: Dave Gershkoff

If your pet whippet has other medical issues, then it may show some symptoms that could be identical to depression.

To relieve you of the confusion, your vet can help.

Your vet can clarify, rule out other issues, and treat your whippet further.

Signs Of A Depressed Whippet

Your pet whippet will have his or her bad, lazy and dull days.

You and your family may think it’s just a bad day, but it could be much more.

But such signs cannot be ignored and are an indication of a deeper issue.

Here are some of the main signs to look out for in your whippet:

  • Change in appetite – Your whippet may eat significantly less or stop eating. Some of them may even overeat as food comforts them. Extreme lack of weight in a brief time can be due to clinical depression.
  • Sleeping pattern – Your whippet may sleep more than usual. It may not want to leave its bed at all on some days.
  • Lack of interest – Your whippet shows no interest in walks or other activities.
  • Hiding/Avoiding – Your whippet hides or avoids people and other dogs.
  • Too much licking – Your whippet licks paws excessively for a soothing sensation.

Here are more symptoms to look out for;

  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Being very clingy
  • Whining
  • Personality change
  • Being cranky or quiet most of the time.
  • Either very nervous or aggressive.

The symptoms of depression can arise in your pet whippet due to certain medical illness.

It is best to take a visit to your vet to understand the causes and conclude the reasons why your whippet may be depressed.

But, depression need not be a cause of a medical condition alone.

It is essential to understand that your pet whippet is also an emotional living being.

It is demonstrated from bad and good behaviour, affection, clingy or a Velcro dog, and other personality traits.

So, when your pet whippet experiences an abrupt variation/change, it can upset them, and they tend to lose their balance of living.

Any loss of a closed one or another sibling dog or his/her friend or neighbouring dog moving away can result in their drifting.

The same is true with their connection to humans, such as a grown-up daughter/son moving out or a human loss and so on.

These traits are somewhat similar to what the majority of humans undergo too.

The other causes could be any attack or injury or weather change that can set your pet whippet to blues.

This is particularly true for an active dog.

Overall, the cause and symptoms of depression vary from one whippet to another.

The coping abilities are likewise related. It’s no different from humans.

How To Treat A Depressed Whippet

When your dog shows the above signs of depression, the first thing to do is to visit your vet.

When your whippet is unresponsive, dull, lacking interest in activities and play, it’s time to see seek help.

The veterinarian can rule out other conditions and the cause of depression in your pet whippet.

Some blood work will be done by your vet to ensure the signs are not due to a medical issue.

Your vet may ask you to administer an antidepressant for the long or short term depending on the situation.

do whippets get depressed?
Image: roy saunby

These are safe, and some whippets respond amazingly to this treatment.

Your vet may prescribe some lifestyle changes and dietary implementations too. This is done to enhance your whippet’s energy and mood.

At this time, the most important thing that your pet whippet will need is your affection and lots of love.

With your patience, your whippet will be able to cope with depression on its own.

They shall gain an emotional boost and giving them a reason to bounce back from this condition.

What To Consider

  • Make time for your pet whippet. Play with him and encourage him to do any activity with you.
  • Take time for a walk, often outdoors. Invest some time together to make your pup feel loved and wanted.
  • Purchase a puzzle toy or any other engaging toys for your whippet to play with.
  • Take your whippet to a park. Let other dogs mingle with your whippet.
  • Take a ride with your whippet. If your pet whippet is used to its comfort zones such as a kennel or its favourite car, then use it.
  • If you feel that the depression is due to losing a companion pet, try getting another family pet to cheer your whippet up. If that is not possible, take your whippet to your neighbour’s dog and let it mingle and socialise with them.
  • If you are a busy worker and your whippet is all alone at home during your work times, doggy daycare is better. Hire a dog sitter for your whippet to take a walkout and have some care.
  • Sit along with your pet whippet and watch TV to be interactive with it.

Final Thoughts

So, can whippets get depressed? Whippets do get depressed and can be treated for depression.

Their depression symptoms need to be recognised at the earliest. Visit your vet to understand the underlying cause of depression.

Work with antidepressants recommended by the vet. You need to primarily give time and space to your whippet to overcome its depression.

Give time to your whippet to get back to its self. Your companionship and patience will bring your whippet back to normal.

You are essential for your whippet, and your whippet is important to you.

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