What Is A Bull Whippet?

If you’re in the market for a whippet, you’ll have most likely heard the words “bull whippet” being passed around.

A bull whippet is a type of lurcher which is the cross between two dogs, a pitbull and a whippet.

In this post we are going to answer “what is a bull whippet?”, to help you get a better understanding of this breed and if they’re the right dog for you.

The bull whippet is a lot different to your standard whippet or Bedlington whippet, they have the heart of a lion from one side of their genetics, and speed and athleticism on the other.

This makes the bull whippet an incredibly powerful dog which many use for hunting and coursing.

What Is In The Bull Mix?

The bull side of a bull whippet is from a pitbull, which is a type of dog that’s usually used to categorise different mixed breed and purebred dogs.

There are a number of pitbull breeds, The American Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Bulldog.

what is a bull whippet
Image: BlackLurcher

Pitbulls are incredibly intelligent dogs that often get a bad name in the press, but we all know it’s about how you bring these dogs up from puppies.

Pitbulls are loveable, loyal and friendly dogs that get along great with families and other dogs, don’t let the media fool you about these dogs, they make excellent pets and have incredibly strong hearts.

Pitbulls are super loyal to their owner, so if they’re trained to hunt, they’ll hunt, and if they’re trained to fight they’ll fight.

Pitbulls as a whole are healthy dogs that hold a lot of muscle on their body, they don’t require much grooming and are often incredibly athletic. 

What Exactly Is A Bull Whippet?

When you pair a pitbull with a whippet you end up with a bull whippet, an incredibly powerful dog that has strength, speed and intelligence.

These dogs are excellent all-rounders and are perfect for those looking for a family pet.

Whippets are known to be relatively calm dogs that love nothing more than to chill and relax with their owner, whilst Pitbulls are known to be an energetic breed that are very lively.

Bull whippets will be keen to explore the outdoors and need plenty of exercise, they will chase prey animals so be sure to keep them on a leash when walking in woodlands and areas that they could bolt after prey. 

How Long Do Bull Whippets Live?

You’ll be glad to know that because bull whippets are a mix between a pitbull and a whippet, they have genetics from both.

This gives them a strong advantage when it comes to longevity, as they are less prone to vulnerabilities and diseases and can often fight illness very well.

Bull whippets have around the same life expectancy as other whippet mixes, around 12 – 15 years.

However, they can live much longer than this if they’re given plenty of exercise and a healthy balanced diet. 

What Does A Bull Whippet Look Like?

You will be able to spot a bull whippet out of a crowd quite easily, as they have the slim aesthetic body of the whippet but the large head of a pitbull.

Whippets are known to have very small, slim heads, but not the bull whippet.

These dogs inherit the head of the pitbull, making them easy to spot and very distinctive.

Just like Pitbulls, they also carry a lot of muscle on their body, most bull whippets are incredibly muscular and are able to run at lightning-fast speeds.

Not only that but because of their large leg muscles they can jump over 6 foot too, these dogs are all-round athletes. 

What Is A Bull Whippets Temperament Like?

As we’ve mentioned above, the bull whippet is a cross between a whippet and a pitbull, which sounds like a strange match, but it works well.

So what is a bull whippets temperament like?

Well, whippets are known to be couch potatoes that love nothing more than to relax, whilst Pitbulls are notorious for being full of energy that bounce around from pillar to post.

bull whippet temperament
Image: BlackLurcher

The bull whippet typically takes its energy balance from the pitbull, meaning they’re typically more energetic than a purebred whippet.

When it comes to affection, however, they’re exactly the same as whippets, they love to be close to their owner and will follow you everywhere you go.

They can also experience separation anxiety if they’re left alone for too long, so don’t leave your bull whippet at home whilst you’re away for 8 house or more, or you may have a sad whippet to come home to.

The bull whippet is a little more boisterous than a purebred whippet with a little more confidence too, they have very similar characteristics and traits as a whole but can be a little more to handle which is why I wouldn’t recommend a bull whippet as a first dog. 

Are Bull Whippets Good Working Dogs?

One of the main reasons why hunters love bull whippets is because they’re exceptional working dogs.

Bull whippets are the ultimate athlete, they have speed, stamina and incredible heart to chase down prey like their life depends on it.

These dogs do not give up, they will stop at nothing to get what they want and having the pitbull genetics, they have more aggression than a purebred whippet.

Combine this with the lightning-fast speeds of a whippet, giving the bull whippet the ability to run at speeds of up to 35mph and you’ve got a machine of a dog that is unstoppable when it comes to hunting.

That being said, they can be a lot to handle and mean they’re often much harder to train than a purebred whippet.

Bull whippets are bulky dogs that carry a lot of weight, so they’re not quite as nimble and agile as say a Bedlington whippet, however, they have a lot of power in their head thanks to those pitbull genetics. 

Are Bull Whippets Good Family Pets?

At this point, you may be wondering if bull whippets make good family pets? And I can confidently say that the answer to this is a resounding yes.

Bull whippets are loyal, loving and incredible dogs, they would do anything for their family.

These dogs have even been known to protect their owners from intruders, which is completely unheard of for whippets.

This is because those pitbull genetics give the bull whippet confidence, power and that oomph that you simply won’t find in a purebred or any other mix of whippet.

But as I’ve mentioned above, it’s all about how you bring dogs up from being puppies, and not about what breed they are.

Bull whippets get along great with kids and other dogs, they’re actually a great tool for keeping other dogs fit as they love to play and will run rings around most dogs, especially unfit ones.

I wouldn’t recommend a bull whippet for those that live in small homes or apartments, as these dogs can be quite hyper and you may find a broken ornament or two if he’s been left alone for too long.

As a whole, bull whippets make exceptional family pets, providing they’re in the right setting with a loving family. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a clear answer to your question “what is a bull whippet?”.

A bull whippet is a cross between a pitbull and a whippet, making for an incredibly powerful dog that is a real athlete.

Bull whippets are packed full of muscle and have the capability to run at speeds of up to 35mph, making them exceptional working dogs.

These dogs are incredibly loving dogs that fit well in families with other dogs, they’re gentle with children and are perfect for family life.

Pitbulls tend to get a bad wrap in the media, but once you meet a bull whippet I’m sure you’ll fall in love with these beautiful dogs, they have all the grace and elegance of the whippet but with a larger head and more energy. 

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