Is Your Whippet Panting Too Much?

The whippet is a small dog of medium size. At present, a whippet actually resembles a smaller Greyhound, and they often get confused for one another.

Their friendly personality, unique nature, as well as stylish appearance, helps to make them a favourite family companion.

They don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time during the day and also need lots of workouts for burning off their high energy.

In this article, we will shine some light on one particular worry for whippet owners, which is why they seem to pant so much.

Is your whippet panting too much? Let’s find out…

What Exactly Is Panting?

When dogs like whippets become quite hot or perform plenty of vigorous exercises, they need to cool off by means of panting.

Dogs usually take 10 to 30 breaths every minute which will depend on their size.

is your whippet panting too much?
Image: W&T.I

Therefore, panting is quite normal for whippets and is something they do daily.

Next, we will look at the main reasons why whippets tend to pant so much.

Why Do Whippets Pant So Much?

As mentioned earlier, when whippets pant it is usually suggested that they’re excessively hot and want to cool down.

However, there can be other significant reasons why your pet might be panting.

We’ve mentioned the most common reasons in the following paragraphs.

Trying To Cool Themselves Down

As compared to human beings, whippets won’t be able to perspire through their epidermis for cooling down, mainly because of their fur which is quite thick.

While it’s possible for them to sweat somewhat by means of their paw pads, this won’t help them to cool down fast enough.

Panting helps them to exchange warm air from the lungs with external air which is cool.

This helps to accelerate the evaporation of the water from their tongue, upper respiratory tract, and also within their mouth.

While the water evaporates, it aids in regulating the temperature of their body thus helping them to cool down effectively.

Feeling Anxious Or Tense

Whippets might likewise pant once they become anxious or stressed.

This kind of “behavioural panting” is usually observed with several of the following symptoms along with it which include repetitive yawning, whining, pacing, shaking, hiding, or licking lips.

This kind of panting can be observed in case your whippet is afraid of fireworks, visiting the vet, or while they’re travelling by car.


Heatstroke might happen in whippets during the summer months particularly when they’re left in hot vehicles.

In case your pet is suffering from heatstroke, they’re going to pant quite heavily and might find it difficult to breathe normally.

In case you observe this behaviour, it’ll be advisable to shift them to a cooler spot immediately and cool them down as fast as possible.

Other symptoms might consist of excessive thirst, glazed eyes, high body temperature, fast heartbeat, and bright red gums or tongue.

You should always make it a point to carry water along with you so that your pet will be able to drink whenever he’s feeling hot.

Allergic Reaction

It might be the fact that you’ve started providing your whippet with a new medicine only recently, and this can lead to an allergic reaction in the long run.

In case your pet is experiencing an allergy, he might be panting excessively and he might also feel lethargy or even vomit.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory issues like pneumonia can also result in panting in a whippet. Pneumonia is actually the swelling of the lower respiratory tract or the lungs and it’s usually caused by infection.

Amongst the other symptoms, difficulty in breathing, fever, coughing, and lethargy could also contribute.

Cushing’s Disease

This kind of ailment can be caused by the whippet’s adrenal glands which release an excessive amount of cortisol.

Other symptoms might also be present like weight gain, enhanced thirst, a potbelly, as well as thinning hair and skin.


It’s a fact that a whippet can be quite good at hiding pain so that we’re not able to discover it and they suffer from the agony afterwards.

In case your whippet is panting because of pain, they will usually display it at unusual times like at night while they ought to be resting.


If your whippet is suffering from obesity, they might pant since they will struggle to obtain fresh and oxygenated blood into their bodies.

In case you think that your pet is overweight, make sure to consult with your vet without any delay since it can result in more serious problems like heart failure and arthritis.

This might also shorten their longevity.

Cardiac Problems

Cardiac problems might likewise cause your whippet to pant excessively.

Canines having heart problems might pant consistently since they may struggle to catch their breath.

Apart from this, they may cough and also display tiredness and weakness.

Is Panting A Lot Normal?

It is quite normal for whippets to pant particularly when they are excited, energetic, or hot.

is your whippet panting too much?
Image: Jukka-Pekka Saarenkari

However, heavy panting is quite different and might indicate that your pet is overheated or suffering from a persistent health problem.

How To Tell If Your Whippet Is Panting Too Much

Is your whippet panting too much? Bear in mind that panting is quite normal for any whippet particularly after workouts or when it’s excited.

However, it’ll be advisable to consult with your vet in case:

• The panting starts all of a sudden

• You might think that your pet is in pain

• The panting is intense and constant

• The tongue or the gums of your whippet appear blue, white, or purple.

What To Do If Your Whippet Is Panting Too Much

If your whippet is panting excessively, make it a point to move them to a shady area away from the sun.

Otherwise, you may want to submerge him in cold water or apply a cold towel to the chest, head, and neck.

After starting to cool your whippet down, don’t hesitate to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

So, is your whippet panting too much? Hopefully you no have a clearer idea and can take action if needed.

Being the responsible owner of your pet, it’s your duty to look after the health of your whippet in the best possible manner.

In case he’s suffering from issues like excessive panting, follow the guidelines as mentioned above and make sure to provide him with water and shade whenever possible.

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