Facts & Useful Info

This section is where we give you fun facts about whippets, helping you learn a little more about this wonderful breed of dog. We go over topics that will help you come a little closer with your whippet.

What Is A Bull Whippet?

what is a bull whippet?

If you’re in the market for a whippet, you’ll have most likely heard the words “bull whippet” being passed around. A bull whippet is a type of lurcher which is the cross between two dogs, a pitbull and a whippet. In this post we are going to answer “what is a bull whippet?”, to help …

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Do Whippets Need A Companion?

do whippets need a companion?

If you leave the house everyday for work, you may have felt bad leaving your whippet all alone without the one they adore. With the pandemic, the apple cart has been upset in terms of our work schedules. You may have been working from home, which made your whippet the happiest of all. You, at …

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Can Whippets Drink Milk?

can whippets drink milk?

Milk is something us humans enjoy on a regular basis, it goes in our tea, coffee and with our cereal. Cow’s milk is the most common type of milk humans drink, therefore it’s the most likely type of milk to be given to your whippet. So can whippets drink milk? Yes, but there are a …

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Can Whippets Eat Raw Meat?

can whippets eat raw meat?

Have you been considering the BARF diet, or maybe you’ve heard that raw meat is good for your dog? In this post we answer “can whippets eat raw meat?”, to give you a better understanding of what this does to your pup and if it’s worth the expensive price. The whippet is a dog named …

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Do Whippets Like The Beach?

do whippets like the beach?

Whippets love running on the ground. In fact, they are excellent runners when they are provided with a wide-open field. So, what about whippets swimming whilst at the beach? And do whippets like the beach? Most importantly, do they like to swim? Well, that’s a lot of questions, and they aren’t easy to answer in …

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Are Whippets Good Racing Dogs?

are whippets good racing dogs?

Whippets, which have been described as “the poor man’s greyhound”, are literally born to race. The name derives from the obsolete English verb “whippet”, which by definition means to “move briskly”. Whippets are sleep and aerodynamic, with a classic sighthound build – typically 25 – 40lbs of a lean, muscular frame with a deep chest, …

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Why Does My Whippet Lick Me?

why does my whippet lick me?

If you’re wondering “why does my whippet lick me”, then you’re in the right place. This post is going to go through everything you need to know about why your whippet is licking you and what to look out for. Whippets are known to be extremely friendly and agile dogs which go after rabbits as …

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Can Whippets Do Agility?

can whippets do agility?

In this article, we are going to answer “can whippets do agility?” to help you better understand your pet and other factors that you need to keep in mind about training your pet. Agility is a type of obstacle course where a dog handler directs the dog through a series of obstacles. Time and accuracy …

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Do Whippets Dig Holes?

do whippets dig holes?

Whippets are a sighthound breed that often worked in tandem with scent hounds. Their primary responsibility was to chase small game over short spans of time but with a high burst of speed. Whippets have become popular as pets in the US, UK and Europe. However, like all dogs, they sometimes engage in behaviour that …

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Can Whippets Climb Stairs?

can whippts climb stairs?

In this post, we are going to find out can whippets climb stairs? Helping you better understand whether your whippet is being a scaredy “cat”, or he’s genuinely unable to climb. Whippets, the small and slender breed, was originally created by crossing a greyhound and a terrier or a spaniel. This breed was mainly intended …

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