Can Whippets Climb Stairs?

In this post, we are going to find out can whippets climb stairs? Helping you better understand whether your whippet is being a scaredy “cat”, or he’s genuinely unable to climb.

Whippets, the small and slender breed, was originally created by crossing a greyhound and a terrier or a spaniel.

This breed was mainly intended for racing, hunting and other competition sports where the slender frame of the Whippet comes in useful for manoeuvring through small obstacles and enables them to jump as high as 20 meters of the ground.

These dogs are purebred and are friendly, obedient and make a great house pet.

They also require plenty of exercise in order to burn their high energy levels.

Owning a whippet can be very different from owning a German shepherd or a Labrador.

This age-old breed of dog can be very affectionate at times and incredibly social. It all depends on how you take care of your dog and treat them, as is the case with every breed of dog out there.

Whippet puppies are unable to climb stairs until they are about 4 months old when they can easily jump from stairs and climb them in no time.

Built to be athletic, whippets have a lot of energy and can be your perfect active companion.

Should I Let My Whippet Climb Stairs?

Most dog experts would advise you to not start training your whippet puppy for climbing stairs until their feet have grown a bit.

This usually happens in month 4 when the puppies gain full control over their limbs.

can whippets climb stairs?
Image: Frank

A lot of factors depend on whether it is safe for you to let your whippet climb stairs or not.

  • First comes the type of stairs you have in the house. If you have a spiral staircase, it is best to wait until the puppy turns 6 months old.
  • If you have a wooden or carpeted staircase, you can introduce the pup to it when they are around 4 months old.
  • Carpeted stairs have more grip on them and there is less chance of your puppy slipping and hurting itself.
  • Marble and mosaic stairs should be avoided until your dog is at least a year old. Staircases like these get very slippery for dogs and often result in them slipping down.

Can whippets climb stairs? Yes they can, just give them a little time especially when they are young pups.

How To Train A Whippet On Stairs

So your pup is finally ready and grown enough to be able to be introduced to a stair.

Your dog might start to get up the stairs by itself once they are curious enough about this new place.

However, in most cases, they would slip and have a hard time getting up or going down due to the slope.

These simple tips below will ensure your dog is climbing and going downstairs in no time.

  • ;For starters, leash your dog and walk it up the stairs with you, slowly, one step at a time. Once you are at the top, treat your dog. Then carry him down the stairs. Repeat the process again with a treat up at the top.
  • Next, place a treat on the first step and watch your dog climb onto it to get it. You can repeat the process for each step with treats until your dog has reached the very top on its own.
  • Next, start from the top of the staircase. Place a treat at the bottom step and make sure your dog is leashed. Slowly walk him down onto each step with treats placed at each step so that he/she stops to eat.
  • Repeat the above process a couple of times until you do not have to guide your dog with the leash anymore. You will find that your whippet is climbing and going down the stairs like a pro in no time.

At What Age Do Whippets Start Climbing Stairs?

You will want your whippet to be comfortable in navigating stairs with ease, especially if she will be using them to go outdoors.

The exact age or time period at which they will be able to go up and down the stairs, depends upon her height, size and the total number of steps she needs to climb.

When you first bring in your whippet pup, she may be able to handle a step or two.

However, the best position for dogs to be able to climb stairs is when their lower paws are on the ground and their front paws are on the step.

can whippets climb stairs?
Image: Ron Fisher

Your pup may be able to manage this only after they are a few months old. Whippet pups usually grow to a considerable size even when they are 3 to 4 months old.

However, it is best to retrain your pup from manoeuvring stairs until they are 6 months old.

This will ensure that the frame of your pup is long enough to be able to handle moving from one step to the other.

Thus they can, whippets climb stairs with ease, once they are old enough.

How Stairs Can Affect Your Whippet Puppies’ Hips And Joints

Stairs can be a hazard for your whippet, especially when they are small. There is the risk of them falling from the stair and hurting their joints.

Also, research has shown that frequent climbing of stairs can actually be detrimental for your dog.

Scaling stairs wears out their hip joints and can also be a cause of premature arthritis in them.

You can try mediating the problem a bit by covering your steps in carpet which will allow them to climb more easily with friction.

Can old whippet dogs climb stairs? if you have an old whippet, it is best that you keep her in a place where she would not need to climb stairs for any purpose.

Final Thoughts

Stairs may not be all that great for your whippet pup. It is best that you do not introduce the stairs to them until they are at least 6 months old.

You can also buy a dog gate to cover off any staircases you have in your house so that they cannot get near the steps.

Ensure your pup is getting plenty of exercise outdoors as this will help them develop their limbs and hip joints faster.

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