Why Does My Whippet Lick Me?

If you’re wondering “why does my whippet lick me”, then you’re in the right place. This post is going to go through everything you need to know about why your whippet is licking you and what to look out for.

Whippets are known to be extremely friendly and agile dogs which go after rabbits as well as other small game.

The stylish appearance and friendly personality of the pooch make them fantastic apartment pets or great companions for those in smaller homes.

They require lots of exercise for burning off their excess energy and also do not like to be left home alone for a considerable period of time.

However, being quite affectionate dogs they love to lick their owners, other dogs, their favourite toys, their fur, and so on.

In case you’re thinking of “why does my whippet lick me?” then I would like to inform you that there are various reasons for doing that.

Your pooch might be having mouth problems or he might also be suffering from boredom or stress.

In the following paragraphs, I’ve mentioned some significant reasons why your whippet might be licking you and also some essential guidelines on how to stop them from doing so.

Why Your Whippet Could Be Licking So Much

Something Is Itchy

It might be the fact that your whippet is suffering from allergies, flea bites, or any other skin problem.

Whippets have the propensity of licking an itchy skin to get rid of that scratchy sensation which might be caused by these conditions.


In case your whippet is licking an empty bowl or smacking his lips, he might be trying to say that he’s feeling hungry.

He might be also licking with excitement when he knows that a scrumptious meal is ready for him.


A thirsty whippet might likewise lick for combating a dry mouth, tongue, or throat.

why does my whippet lick me
Image: Andy J Lewis

Licking will help to stimulate his salivary glands effectively.

Mouth Problems

On some occasions, your whippet might be feeling something strange thing in his mouth such as a gum injury or a chipped tooth which might tempt him to lick the spot.

Pooches suffering from dental diseases or gingivitis might likewise lick in response to the pain.

Boredom or Stress

Some whippets might lick because they become anxious or bored which can be because of a change in their routine or separation anxiety.

At times they might tend to lick in case there are any new pets in the household.


Just like chewing, licking might be a way for a whippet to check out his surroundings.

It is particularly true for young whippets who like to explore everything just like human infants.

What Does Your Whippet Licking You Mean?

In case the question arises in your mind regarding “why does my whippets lick me” I have provided some meaningful answers to this query in the following section.

Trying To Get Affection

One of the main reasons why your whippet might be licking you is simply to showcase his affection. It’s you who’s looking after him, and therefore, you’re essentially his world!

While he’s licking you, endorphins are released into his blood which helps to make him feel comfortable.

His mother might also have licked him while he was a puppy, and therefore, it’s his natural instinct to lick objects for showing his love.

Trying To Get Your Attention

A whippet, just like other pooches, is an intelligent animal and he might be using his tongue for getting your attention.

In case you notice that your pooch licks you whenever he’s feeling hungry or would like to play, it might be because you taught him unintentionally that licking is a proper way to get attention.

Trying To Guage Your Mood

If your whippet tends to lick your perspiring hands and feet, it might mean a different thing altogether.

It is a fact that humans emit pheromones in their perspiration which the whippets and other canines can decode for better understanding the mood of their owners.

In this case, signals are sent to the vomeronasal organ of the whippet which will help him to figure you out.

How To Get Your Whippet To Stop Licking So Much

Let us hope that you’ve already got your answer to the question “why does my whippets lick me” from the above-mentioned information.

Now, I like to inform you regarding some surefire methods to prevent your whippet from licking excessively.

Change Your Toiliteries

Although it might sound to be crazy, it is a fact that your whippet might lick you since you taste good.

In case you are using body lotion such as cocoa butter, it might imply that you smell like a fantastic treat.

Other types of sweet-smelling hand creams and perfumes can also invite your whippet to lick you.

whippet licking
Image: W&T.I

Make it a point to replace any sweet-smelling toiletries of yours with scents of grapefruit, orange, or lemon which might not be enticing to your pet.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

It’s a fact that your hand might pick up lots of scents, especially after eating or perspiring.

All these might taste quite good to your canine while he’s licking your hands.

Make sure to use soap while washing your hands. You might likewise employ some fresh lemon juice given that whippets do not prefer the taste of citrus.

Try To Distract Him

If your whippet licks you, try to move away while directing his attention to something else.

Provide him with a toy to fetch or walk around your room.

Ignore Him

Your whippet might be licking you simply to grab your attention. Try to ignore him until he stops.

In case he does not stop licking you after approximately 10 seconds, just try to move away from him without looking at him or saying anything.

What To Consider

  1. Don’t allow your whippet to lick your face while he greets you.
  2. Never allow him to lick your skin since your skin might be tender.
  3. Make sure that your whippet doesn’t lick your hands since parasites and other harmful germs might be transmitted to your hands from his saliva which might cause you an upset stomach and other conditions.
  4. Provide him with a toy or some treats so that he becomes distracted and does not lick you anymore.

Final Thoughts

In case you have tried all the options mentioned above and your whippet is still licking constantly, a bigger issue can’t be ruled out.

He might be suffering from allergies, gastric reflux, severe anxiety, or other conditions.

You should take your whippet to a vet for getting him tested to verify whether any health problem is contributing to his licking habit. It’s always better to be safe in advance.

Hopefully you understand more about your whippets licking and what you can do to prevent or accept this.

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