Facts & Useful Info

This section is where we give you fun facts about whippets, helping you learn a little more about this wonderful breed of dog. We go over topics that will help you come a little closer with your whippet.

Is A Whippet A Greyhound?

is a whippet a greyhound?

Whippets and Greyhounds are an incredibly similar breed and often get confused with each other. The amount of times a fellow dog walker has asked about my Greyhound is unreal, even though I own a whippet. Whippets and greyhounds are commonly mistaken for one another, as they look very similar in appearance. These two dogs …

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Why Are Whippets So Fast?

why are whippets so fast?

If you’re the proud owner of a whippet or even have seen them run at full speed, then you’ll know that whippets are incredibly fast. With the ability to run at up to speeds of 35mph, these dogs are one of the fastest on the planet. But why are whippets so fast? In this post …

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What Is A Bedlington Whippet?

what is a bedlington whippet?

If you’re looking into whippets then you’ve probably come across the words Bedlington whippet. In this post, we are going to look at what is a Bedlington whippet? To ensure you know exactly what a Bedlington whippet is and where they originate. The Bedlington whippet is really a type of lurcher, it is a Bedlington …

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Are Whippets Good Family Pets?

are whippets good family pets?

Whippets are largely considered great family pets; they have a loving nature and make great companions. However, that’s not true for all families, as some families are different from others. Whilst no two dogs of any breed are exactly the same, no two families are exactly the same either, you need to take into account …

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Is A Whippet A Lurcher?

is a whippet a lurcher?

Whippets are beautiful dogs; they can run, jump and have an incredibly loving nature. Whippets and lurcher often get mixed up, if you own a whippet, then you may not be a stranger to people asking how old is your lurcher, or what’s your lurcher’s name? Whippets often get labelled as a lurcher for their …

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