Are Whippets Affectionate Dogs?

The whippet is one of those dog breeds that are relatively easy to identify. The dogs have a slender, elegant body and are widely renowned for their speed and agility. If you are considering buying a whippet, you likely want to know are whippet affectionate dogs?

Many first-time and recurrent dog owners prefer to understand a breed’s temperament before bringing it home. This rule applies mainly to potential dog owners who have minors or other pets in their households.

Much like other dog breeds, the whippet’s temperament is hugely determined by its breeding history. By reading this article, you will learn whether whippets are affectionate dogs and how you can identify and reciprocate this love.

So, are whippets affectionate dogs? Let’s find out…

How Do Whippets Show Their Affection?

According to a publication by the American Whippet Club, this dog breed has a natural affection towards humans.

This characteristic makes the whippet one of the most joyful house pets you can ever have. Whippets are the type of dog that loves approaching and licking strangers when you’re out for a walk.

Whippets are generally very trusting and loving when meeting new friends and visitors. The dog’s high intelligence plays a critical role in its affectionate behaviour.

Although the whippet’s affectionate behaviour is frequently apparent, especially to veteran dog owners, closer bonding with your dog can help you understand how they display fondness.

Whippets love to spend time with their owners and family. Whippets are affection to a level where they can easily suffer separation anxiety when you go away for several days for a vacation or work assignment.

So are whippets affectionate dogs, and how do they show this emotion? Here are four ways in which whippets show their love.

Wagging Their Tails

Wagging of tails is a common technique of expressing emotion among dogs, including whippets. This dog breed typically has a long whip-like tail that is naturally at a low position. However, when the dog is delighted and happy, the tail is always in continuous motion.

When whippets are around their loved ones, their tails swing in circular motions. These motions may be akin to a rotating helicopter blade, and the rotation speed may vary on how excited or affectionate your whippet is at the time.

Smiling Or Grinning

Whippets are highly intelligent, meaning they can express emotions such as affection in a variety of ways. One way is by smiling when they meet individuals or pets that they love or like. So how do whippets smile?

In general, the whippet will have an exposed open mouth and have a slow breathing rate when they feel happy or fond of someone or something. Additionally, the dog’s eyes will appear soft towards you and maintain eye contact while occasionally blinking.

A whippet that cares for you likes to gaze directly and deeply into your eyes. This action acts as a bonding gesture where the dog shows its attachment and love for its owner.

Jumping Up And Down When You Appear

A whippet that loves you will always be excited when you come home. Whippets are very loving and agile animals, meaning they become high-spirited when you arrive home from work. The dog will want to get closer to your face by jumping in an attempt to greet and lick you.

Leaning On You

A whippet that leans on you while you’re seated or standing is very fond of you. The dog is more likely to lean on you while interacting with it, such as during a friendly scratching session.

During this time, the whippet will often look into your eyes while leaning in to get closer to you. Additionally, the dog will rest on you while relaxing its body. This gesture shows that it loves and trusts you.

Whippets Are Naturally Very Affectionate

The whippet’s genetic makeup and history help to answer the question; are whippets affectionate dogs?

This dog breed descends from the greyhound breed, and it has inherited many of the greyhound’s positive attributes, including high athleticism, intelligence, and affection.

Like the greyhound, the whippet has a superb temperament and is widely known for being friendly and loving to owners and their loved ones.

According to history, the whippets were bred to serve as companions and game hunting dogs. As time progressed, they were adapted to act as racing and family dogs due to their loyalty and composed demeanour. Nowadays, the whippet is widely loved for its stylish appearance and devoted companionship.

The whippet’s calm and quiet behaviour makes it an excellent family pet as it is very loving to children. In particular, females are very fond of youngsters and are always excited to spend time and play with them.

Finally, it essential to note that the owner’s mood often dictates a whippet’s affection levels. If you are joyful and loving towards the dog, it will reciprocate with the same emotion that you show it.

Are All Whippets Affectionate?

The short answer is yes. All whippets are affectionate, especially to owners, guests, and friends. These dogs enjoy staying indoors with their family and don’t love being left alone in the outdoors. Whippets prefer to always have company around them and rarely want to be secluded.

However, it would help if you recalled that your whippet’s temperament is affected by various factors. Whippet puppies are always curious and loving to all people and are overjoyed when you pick them up and play with them.

Whippets can have an independent temperament, and it may be hard for you to clearly understand their emotions. An independent temperament means that the whippet can act independently and manipulatively.

Therefore, the dog requires consistency and encouragement during early development and training to avoid such traits.

are whippets affectionate dogs?
Image: John Mork

Over the years, this breed has developed a naturally friendly personality, which they can learn once you train and socialise them accordingly. It is very critical that you introduce your whippet to people and other pets at an early age.

If possible, you should get an opportunity to observe one or both of the puppy’s parents. This way, you can easily identify the dog’s heritable characteristics (including temperament). Afterwards, you can select a puppy with desirable traits such as a loving temperament, which is often inherited through blood relation.

Getting the right puppy is only half of the process. You need to expose it to various people, experiences, and sights to ensure it develops into a loving, affectionate dog. An excellent way of ensuring your whippet develops into a fond pet is enrolling it in a dog kindergarten.

Afterwards, consider having several guests over and socialize with the whippet. You can also take your dog to busy parks where he/she can interact with other individuals and pets.

Such steps will help ensure your whippet grows up to become a gentle, amiable, and affectionate companion.

Does My Whippet Love Me?

Whippets and other dogs express their affection differently from humans. Although you may bond well with your furry friend, it is often hard for your whippet to express itself in a way you can easily understand.

However, if you are keen and try to identify the following three signs, you can know how your whippet feels about you.

Your Whippet Loves To Herd Or Follow You Everywhere

Whippets are very loving and loyal dogs. When you own one, it adores you, and it will always attempt to spend most of its time with you and your family.

This herd mentality comes naturally as whippets and some other dogs often display affection to individuals they consider part of their pack.

Since the whippet has some herding dog genes, you can identify its emotion and affection by observing its behaviour. If it loves sticking by you even in public, it adores and loves you.

Your Whippet Like To Share It’s Toys With You

For those wondering, are whippets affectionate dogs? You will likely be surprised when your whippet starts sharing its toys with you during playtime. Intelligent dogs such as whippets tend to be possessive with their things, for instance, dog toys and dog bowls.

When your whippet starts bringing its favourite toys near you, it’s a clear message it cares for you and wishes to spend time together. When this occurrence happens, don’t be shy to show love to your whippet.

Your Whippet Cuddles With You When You’re Sad

Whippets are very in tune with what happens around them because they belong to the sights and sounds breeds. These dogs can analyze their owners’ emotions and react when they sense something isn’t right.

If your whippet comes to cuddle with you when you feel sad or low, it cares for you. The dog will attempt to get close and may even rest its head on you in an attempt to comfort you.

When you bond with your dog through snuggling, it releases oxytocin, making you and your dog feel loved.

Final Thoughts

Whippets are highly affectionate dogs, which are excellent for families with/without children. These dogs are highly interactive with neighbours and home guests and are well mannered when trained accordingly. Whippets are adoring and silent pets that rarely bark loudly and are perfect for companionship.

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