Are Whippets Good Pets?

When contemplating adding a pet to your family, you need to ask yourself what kind of family do you have; laid back, high energy, stay at home, travel a lot? The pet you choose should be in tune with your lifestyle for the match to be successful.

You may be considering a whippet, and have become a little familiar with the breed, but need to know more before making your decision. Are whippets good pets? Yes, whippets make excellent pets and wonderful comrades. They are affectionate, tender-hearted and good with children.

In the reading below, I will give you some information on why whippets make great pets and this will help you with your decision about welcoming a whippet into your family.

What Makes A Good Pet?

Any animal can make a good pet, but when considering any pet, the number one thing you need to think about is your own lifestyle and that of your family. Any pet is a responsibility that needs care and love.

How much time do you have? Are there children and are they going to share chores? Is your family active or mostly sedentary? Is everyone away during the day? Do you travel frequently? These are many of the questions you need to ask yourself before considering a pet and choosing the right one.

You will be responsible for your pet’s life. If you or your family really wants a pet, but you’re hardly ever home, consider a fish, turtle or snake. These animals are less demanding on time, but they still do need some care.

Hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs are great for youngsters wanting a pet and it can teach them responsibility and compassion. All of these pets still do need care, feeding and clean cages.

Birds are another choice, but do need quite a bit of care and can be on the fragile side.

This brings me to cats and dogs., which are at the top of the pet popularity list. They interact, are soft, fluffy and comforting. They are feel-good animals. That being said, these are the pets that take the most time and need quite a bit of care, more so than the others.

Cats are a little more self-sufficient because you don’t have to take them out, as they use a litterbox. They can be left alone for long-ish periods of time and most people don’t walk their cat.

Both dogs and cats are very time consuming, as of course, they need to be fed and cleaned up after, played with and groomed. There is quite a bit of fur involved with dogs and cats as well. If there are any allergy sufferers in your household, either of these may not be an ideal pet.

The answer to “what makes a good pet?” can be answered with another question. What pet is a good fit for your lifestyle and family?

Why Whippets Are Excellent Pets

I can certainly tell you that whippets are the best pets, but listed below are reasons that they just might be an excellent addition for your family.

Very Smart and Easy To Train

Whippets are a sighthound that hunts, when trained well, independently, by locating their prey with their excellent vision and chasing them down with their “faster than the speed of light” quickness. They are also fairly easy to train with their smarts and aim to please attitude.

Wonderful Family Dogs

Whippets love and are devoted to their family. With their gentleness, they are exceptionally good with children and seniors alike. Whippets get along very well with other dogs and can often give another family dog a run for their money in the exercise department, whipping them into shape.

Cuddly and Affectionate

If you’re not into cats but like some of their nature, the one that rubs up against you on the couch, then the whippet just could be your dog. Indoors they like nothing more than to be a couch potato right by your side.

House or Apartment

The whippet, not being a very large dog, is comfortable in an apartment as well as a house. As long as they have sufficient exercise, an apartment will be plenty big enough. Your neighbours will never be annoyed by barking either, as whippets hardly, if ever, bark.

Not High Maintenance

Whippets have a very short fur coat and require little grooming. Brushing to eliminate loose hair and an occasional bath is usually all that is needed. Whippets generally are a clean dog with no doggie odour.


Whippets are very well-mannered dogs and are friendly and sociable with guests, people and dogs they may meet while out and about.

They Love Exercise

Whippets do need exercise with walking and running in a fenced-in yard or ballfield. They also love playing games. This will keep you and your family in good shape including any other family dogs while ensuring good health for everyone.

Whippets are also very good on a leash when trained properly. Since they are not a weighty dog, any pulling on the leash will never be an issue.

They Love To Relax

Indoors, whippets can sometimes get a little rambunctious, more so as puppies during playtime, but they really know how to relax. If everyone else is lounging around, then they’ll be lounging too.

In Tune With Your Mood

Whippets are a sensitive breed. They seem to sense when you’ve had a bad day and they’re right there to snuggle, cuddle and comfort you. Because they are just so darn cute and affectionate, you’ll feel better instantly.

Are You Suited To Owning A Whippet?

Any dog breed is a big responsibility and they all need time and care. A whippet has needs but they are a little more low key and low maintenance than some of the other breeds. Here are some ideas to think about when considering if you are suited to owning a whippet.

Do You Have The Time?

Time is needed for every aspect of owning a whippet. They need care, feeding, exercise, playtime and your attention. As puppies, extra time is needed for housebreaking, training and cleaning up any mess.

are whippets good pets?
Image: Magdalena Nordsäter

Do You Have The Patience?

Patience is needed in almost everything you will do with your whippet. Whippet puppies need to be taught right from wrong, good from bad. Rarely do dogs act like pups on television that lay around and never get into trouble especially when they are young.

You need to be calm and take every day one moment at a time. Your whippet will pick up on any anger or stress, so keep a zen-like attitude and go with the flow.

You Need To Provide Love

Of course, love is a given. All dogs need plenty of love.

Do You Have The Money?

Even though love is essential, unfortunately, it does need some money to survive. You will need money to buy your whippet and then for food, supplies and veterinary care.

Veterinary care can be quite costly, especially if unexpected injury or illness occurs. If you aren’t going to breed your whippet there will be the added cost of spaying or neutering as well.

Do You Enjoy Walking & Exercise?

Your whippet will require plenty of exercise. Make sure you have the time to spend for that very healthy pastime. It will also be healthy for you but know your limitations.

If your health is not the best or your exercise ability is limited because of a medical condition, a whippet or any dog may not be in the cards for you.

Without proper exercise, whippets can become bored, which can lead to destructive behaviour. They need an outlet for their energy.

Are You Busy, Or Do You Have Some Downtime?

Whippets do like their downtime and they need rest to keep up their energy level and stay in tip-top shape.

If you are an on-the-go person that never sits or rests, you may want to consider a breed that is really high energy.

Are You Looking For An Indoor Dog?

A whippet is strictly an indoor dog. They are not fond of cold weather and need to have a sweater or coat when in the chilly elements.

If you are not home a lot and were considering keeping your whippet outdoors when away, then this is definitely not the breed for you. A whippet should be kept indoors only, It would be cruel to keep them outdoors.

Do You Have Time For Training?

Training is essential for a well-mannered and well-behaved whippet. They are a very loving dog but they do need guidance. You need to be their pack leader and show them the ropes.

Social, Friendly & Loyal

Whippets are social dogs, being loving with their family and children but also welcoming to outsiders. When meeting people and dogs at a park or on outings, they are wonderful greeters and extremely friendly with all.

Whippets are fantastically loyal to their “pack” family and love to spend time with them running and racing outdoors or laying around with them indoors.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that whippets make wonderful family pets, but no animal is perfect. A whippet may not enter your house being the perfect pet. None of us is perfect.

They will need training and guidance to show them what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Your pup may have accidents at first and may get into mischief, but time and patience along with proper training and much love will be the answer.

Final Thoughts

Are whippets good pets? By reading about whippets, you can be the judge and answer that question. To me, they are the best of many worlds and the perfect all-around pet.

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