Whippet Greyhound Mix: A Complete Guide to the Grey Whippet

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Quick Whippet Greyhound Mix Facts

Size: Medium, standing 18 to 22 inches (46 to 56 cm) tall.
Coat: Short and smooth.
Energy: Moderate to high.
Suitability for Children: Excellent.
Life Span: 10-14 years.
Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, laid-back, and adaptable.
Training: Intelligent and responsive, requires consistent training.
Grooming: Minimal, with minimal shedding.
Socialization: Generally sociable and friendly with both dogs and children.
Space Requirements: Adaptable to both apartments and houses.
Health: Generally healthy, with some breed-specific conditions.

Origin of the Grey Whippet

The Grey Whippet originated in 1800s England. It was bred from a mix of Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, and Bedlington, Manchester, and English White Terriers.

These dogs, known as ‘snapdogs’, were valued by coal miners for their ability to catch rats and hares. They were also used in racing and poaching.

Despite coming from working-class backgrounds, these dogs were loved family members. They were often found warming themselves by the fire or snuggling in bed with their owners.

Origin of the Whippet

The Whippet breed emerged in England in the late 1800s. It was the result of deliberate crossbreeding between Greyhounds and smaller terrier-type dogs.

Initially known as “snap dogs”, these dogs were praised for their fast hunting skills, especially their ability to quickly catch prey. They became very popular among the working-class communities in northern England. This was particularly true in coal mining regions, where they were often used in coursing events.

The breed’s journey to the United States started in 1954. However, it wasn’t until the late 1970s that they were seriously imported for breeding or showing. The first Whippet litter in the U.S. was born in 1979.

Origin of the Greyhound

The Greyhound’s beginnings are unclear, with ideas going back to the late Middle Ages. Some think the name “Greyhound” comes from the Old English “grei-hundr,” meaning a “dog hunter” or a high-ranking creature.

Alternatively, it might come from “gre” or “gradus,” showing the Greyhound’s high status among dogs. Another idea is that the term “Greyhound” developed from “Greekhound,” suggesting a possible Greek link.

A less common idea is that the name reflects the breed’s colour, as early Greyhounds were mainly grey. Historical records differ, with Romans saying the breed came from Gaul (Western Europe), while the Celts thought it came from Greece. This difference suggests a possible Middle Eastern origin for these fast dogs.

Whippet Greyhound Mix Appearance

The Grey Whippet has a slinky, athletic build. They are more muscular than a Whippet, with a short, smooth coat, a long muzzle, and large round eyes.

Their appearance can vary, looking like either a smaller Greyhound or a larger Whippet.


The colour of a Whippet Greyhound mix can vary greatly, reflecting the diverse range of its parent breeds. Common colours include black, white, fawn, blue, and brindle.

Some may even have a combination of these colours, resulting in unique and striking patterns. But, no matter the shade, their short, smooth coat always adds a sleek elegance to their overall look.


The Whippet Greyhound mix usually stands 18 to 22 inches (46 to 56 cm) tall and weighs between 25 to 40 pounds (11 to 18 kg).

This makes them a medium-sized breed, ideal for those wanting a dog that’s neither too large nor too small.

Typical Temperament Traits

Whippet Greyhound mixes usually show a mix of temperaments, reflecting their parent breeds. They’re known for their loving, loyal nature, often showing a gentle, caring attitude.

Their playful, energetic side needs moderate to high levels of exercise for physical and mental stimulation. Despite their energetic nature, they are patient with younger family members.

But, they can also show traits of being reserved and occasionally stubborn.

Whippet Personality

Whippets are famous for their loving and loyal character. They form deep connections with their human families. These kind and affectionate companions are playful and full of energy, thriving on activities and interactive play.

Their patient and gentle nature makes them excellent with younger family members. However, they do need a moderate to high amount of exercise. Daily exercise is necessary to keep them physically and mentally active. This could include long walks, runs, or playtime in a securely fenced garden.

While they make excellent family pets and can adapt to different living situations, they can sometimes show signs of being lonely, needy, reserved, and occasionally stubborn.

Greyhound Personality

Greyhounds are known for their relaxed attitude and low energy levels, making them the perfect gentle companions. They are affectionate and loyal, with a playful and energetic side that makes them great family pets.

They are patient with younger family members and need a moderate amount of social interaction and attention. Despite their calm nature, Greyhounds need daily exercise to keep them physically and mentally active. Long walks, runs, or playtime in a securely fenced garden are ideal.

Originally bred for chasing hares, they don’t drool, snore, bark, or dig much. Their short, flat coat and overall low grooming needs make them relatively easy to look after.

Whippet Greyhound Mix Combined Temperament

The Whippet Greyhound mix has a charming temperament, a mix of both parent breeds. They usually show the Whippet’s loving and faithful nature, along with the Greyhound’s relaxed and low-energy behaviour.

This mix is typically calm and gentle, making them superb companions. But, they can also be playful and energetic, particularly during their puppy years.

Their temperament can change depending on the individual dog, but generally, they are friendly, loving, and easygoing. This makes them a fantastic choice for families and individuals.

Raising a Grey Whippet Puppy

Raising a Grey Whippet puppy needs patience, consistency, and love. Early socialisation and obedience training shape a well-behaved adult dog.

Puppies should meet different environments, people, and other animals to boost their adaptability. Regular exercise is also vital to keep these lively pups healthy and happy. Remember, a tired puppy is a good puppy.

Finally, positive reinforcement methods are best for this breed. Reward good behaviour with treats, praise, or playtime.

Whippet Greyhound Mix Socialization

Socialising a Whippet Greyhound mix is a key part of their upbringing. It helps build their confidence and adaptability.

This process involves introducing them to a range of experiences, people, and environments. This ensures they develop into well-rounded, sociable dogs.

Socializing With Other Dogs

The Whippet Greyhound mix usually gets on well with other dogs. This breed’s natural friendliness makes it a good mate for other dogs. But, each dog is unique and their comfort around other dogs can differ.

Early and regular socialisation is vital for promoting positive interactions. Introduce your Whippet Greyhound mix to different dogs in controlled settings to help them learn proper behaviour.

Don’t forget, positive reinforcement greatly helps in promoting good social habits.

Socializing With Children

Whippet Greyhound mixes are usually gentle and patient with children, making them a perfect family pet. But, their interaction should always be watched to guarantee the safety of both the child and the dog.

Teaching children how to approach and handle the dog respectfully is also vital. This breed’s friendly nature and tolerance make them a great companion for kids, creating a bond that can last a lifetime.

Training And Exercise

Whippet Greyhound mixes need a fair amount of exercise. They love long walks, runs, or playing in a securely fenced garden.

These dogs are clever, and activities like puzzle toys or obedience training can stop them from getting bored and keep them interested.

Training these dogs works best when using positive reinforcement techniques. They form strong bonds with their human family members and respond well to encouragement.

Their playful and energetic behaviour makes them a joy to train and exercise. Their patient and gentle nature makes them a great fit for families with children.

Space Requirements

Whippet Greyhound mixes can live comfortably in both flats and houses with gardens. But, they do enjoy a safe, enclosed space for occasional runs. Despite their adaptability, they’re not suited for living outdoors because of their thin coats and low body fat.

Whippet Greyhound Mix Health And Care

The health of a Whippet Greyhound mix can be influenced by both parent breeds, potentially inheriting various health issues.

Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet are vital for maintaining their overall health.

Grooming Requirements: Do Whippet Greyhound Mixes Shed?

Whippet Greyhound mixes have short, smooth coats that don’t shed much. This makes them easy to look after. Regular brushing keeps their coat looking good and removes any loose hair.

Unlike many breeds, they don’t have an undercoat, so they shed less. This also means they’re less likely to cause allergies, which is good for sensitive people.

But, they might need more baths when the weather is bad or if they’ve been rolling in the mud.

Whippet Health

Whippets are usually healthy but can suffer from specific health problems. These include heart disease, eye disorders, and von Willebrand’s disease, a blood clotting disorder.

They might also have a condition known as “Whippet skin,” making their skin more prone to cuts and scrapes. Regular vet visits and a balanced diet can help keep them healthy.

Greyhound Health

Greyhounds, known for their athletic build and high-speed abilities, are usually healthy dogs. But, they can be prone to certain health problems. These include osteosarcoma, a kind of bone cancer, and bloat, a serious stomach condition. They may also have heart problems, like heart disease and heart murmurs.

Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet can help keep them healthy.

Also, Greyhounds have thin skin and little body fat, making them more sensitive to extreme temperatures. They need extra care in both hot and cold weather.

Whippet Greyhound Mix Health

The health of a Whippet Greyhound mix largely depends on its genes, which can carry potential health risks from both parent breeds. Regular vet visits and a balanced diet can help keep them healthy.

Life Expectancy

The Grey Whippet usually lives for 10 to 15 years. This is similar to its parent breeds, with Whippets living for 12 to 15 years, and Greyhounds for 10 to 14 years.

Things like exercise, companionship, and interaction with people can greatly affect their lifespan. Despite needing a fair amount of exercise, these dogs are a good fit for first-time dog owners.

But, they might find it hard if left alone for long periods, as they need companionship.

Rescuing A Whippet Greyhound Mix

Adopting a Whippet Greyhound mix from a rescue organisation is rewarding. It not only gives a deserving dog a loving home but also supports the organisation’s mission. The adoption process usually involves completing an application, providing references, and sometimes, a home visit. This ensures the dog goes to a safe and loving environment.

The Whippet Greyhound mix, with its mix of grace, athleticism, and loyalty, is a wonderful addition to any home. Their elegant look and affectionate nature bring joy and companionship to their human families. They have moderate exercise needs and can adapt to various living situations, fitting well into a range of households.

Where to Find A Whippet Greyhound Mix Puppy

Finding a Whippet Greyhound mix puppy can be done through adoption from a rescue organisation or getting one from a specialised breeder. On the other hand, breeders specialising in this mix can offer puppies with known health histories and specific traits.

Whippet Greyhound Mix Breeders

Finding a good breeder for a Whippet Greyhound mix can be tricky due to the breed’s special nature. But, it’s not impossible. Begin by contacting local dog clubs or online groups dedicated to Whippets, Greyhounds, or mixed breeds. They can often suggest or guide you to reliable breeders.

When assessing a breeder, look for signs of professionalism and care. A decent breeder will put the health and temperament of their dogs before profit. They should provide health clearances for both parent breeds and be open to questions about the puppy’s lineage and upbringing.

Don’t forget, adopting a mixed breed like the Whippet Greyhound mix is also a great choice. There are many rescue organisations that focus on these breeds and can help you find the perfect companion.

Adopting a Mix Breed Dog. Cost and Challenges

Adopting a mixed breed dog like the Whippet Greyhound can be rewarding, but it comes with costs and challenges. The adoption price can vary greatly, influenced by the dog’s age, health, and the rescue organisation’s policies. For example, puppies often have a higher price due to vaccination and neutering costs.

Mixed breeds can also inherit health issues from either parent breed, leading to potential future vet expenses. You should consider these factors when budgeting for a new pet.

Adopting a mixed breed dog can bring challenges, including unpredictable temperaments and physical traits from the blend of two breeds. But, these challenges can also result in unique and endearing traits that make your pet truly unique.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment. The rewards of providing a loving home to a Whippet Greyhound far outweigh the costs and challenges.


We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about the Whippet Greyhound Mix.

What are the different names for a Whippet cross Greyhound?

The Whippet cross Greyhound is often called a Grey Whippet.

Does the Grey Whippet Breed Bark a Lot?

Whippets aren’t usually very vocal, but they might bark to alert their owners to outside animals or if the doorbell rings.

Some might also bark during play or to express a need.

Is the Whippet Greyhound Mix Breed Intelligent?

Whippet Greyhound mixes are recognised for their cleverness and response to training. They flourish with mental enrichment activities such as puzzle toys or obedience training. These activities help avoid boredom and use their intellect.