Whippet Shiba Inu Mix: A Full Guide

Hey, mind if I ask a quick question? Do you know of a species that is more hyped than dogs?

Yes, you read it right! Dog – the animal that supersedes cats, rabbits, parrots, and even ponies for a bazillion reasons and is loved by every human (almost!), particularly the British people.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Come on, think a little harder. What is the one species that you adore even more than dogs? Okay, I’ll spit it out– the answer is… drum rolls…a mixed species of dog! Woo-hoo!

Now don’t tell me that you don’t like a labra-heeler more than a Labrador and a Heeler or an Aussie Tzu more than an Australian Shepherd and a Shih Tzu.

Mixed breeds dogs are loved by every family that owns a dog, and their demand doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. In fact, the business of dog breeders is flourishing more than ever.

But which mix breed is the best amongst all? With this question, rise endless debates, but let us refrain from that at the moment because we have a marvelous species of the mixed breed to discuss right now!

In this article, I will be providing you with a complete guide on a breed that tick marks every box of becoming a man’s best friend, the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix.

What Is A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix?

Have you ever seen that meme which stars a fluffy Japanese dog that looks like it has just realised a colossal blunder it made? Well, that cute creature is a Shiba Inu.

Now imagine this Japanese-originated beauty mixed with an England-originated Whippet. The resulting unique species is the spotlight of today’s article.

The Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed is one of the most in-demand dog species today in the United Kingdom, primarily because it is formed from the genes of two entirely different-natured dog breeds.

While a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed’s Whippet parent is gentle, non-aggressive, and a bit fragile, its Shiba Inu mum (or dad) is alert, bold, and dominant.

So, which of its parents does the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed resembles the most? Stay hooked to this article till the last to find out!

About The Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed

Since the genes of its parent species are poles apart, this phenomenal creature is sure to have remarkable features not commonly known.

Also, the rare breeding of its two parent species which results in a limited number of the Whippet Shiba Inu Mixes existing, adds to the fact that the fantastic features of this dog remain unknown to many.

But after reading this article, you will be rest assured to know all that is necessary for adopting a magnificent mixed dog breed, such as the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix.

Physical Appearance

A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed resembles its Shiba Inu parent in appearance. It comes with a dense and fluffy coating of hair, only that it is comparatively shorter than a purebred Shiba Inu.

It has small eyes and cropped ears, resembling those of a Shiba Inu’s. The look of this magnificent creature ends with strong, sturdy legs and a long, hairy tail.

This magnificent mixed breed comes in shades of brown (usually light, like that of a retriever) with a mix of white.


A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed is just the right size for a kid-friendly, playful indoor dog.

It inherits its height from its Shiba Inu parent, coming with a 15 to 20-inch stature.

However, unlike its size, ear shape, and hair coating, the weight of this mixed breed comes from its Whippet parent, which is an average of 20 to 35 pounds.


If you want a dog that grows old with your kids, we suggest you go for another species.

Because as much as we hate to break it to you, a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed’s lifespan is a relatively short one, owing to those of both its parents.

Just like a purebred Whippet and a purebred Shiba Inu, a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed lives anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

However, if kept in proper state and with regular walks, sports and love, the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed can surpass this tenure by a good few years.

Health Rate

While some dogs have a better immune system because of the amalgamated genes invested in them, others who are a bit unlucky get to face the negative fact by inheriting the health disorders of both their parents.

Luckily enough, a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed falls in the former category and has a great immune system.

It is a pretty healthy animal with minor health disorders like hip dysplasia, joint dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye problems, and several inhalant allergies like atopy, which causes itching.

Luckily, no major genetic health conditions are found in this particular mixed species.

Pros and Cons Of A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix

‘No human is ever perfect,’ as the saying goes. Well, don’t mind me altering this phrase to fit the nature of dogs. My version goes something like, ‘No DOG is ever perfect.’

Every dog species has its own personalised set of pros and cons. While in some cases, the pros are more significant than the cons, in other scenarios, the negatives may even surpass the positives.

And it is you who decides whether the pros of a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix are worth labelling it a ‘keeper’ or the cons are more severe to strike it off your list.


  • A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed is an active dog that does not like to lie in bed all day.
  • It is one of the easiest dog species to train.
  • They stay alert for squirrels and cats, so rest assured you will have a clean and clear backyard.
  • It is immensely popular amongst kids for its playful nature.
  • It is the ideal dog for noobie dog enthusiasts as it is easy to handle.
  • It does not make much of a mess, so you can save on cleaning time.
  • It can adjust in small spaces like a good boy IF you promise to take it on walks.
  • It is protective of its masters.


  • It is relatively high maintenance than both of its parent dogs.
  • It gets comfortable with strangers, so definitely not the breed you will want for security purposes.
  • Can get anxious and stressed it remains unnoticed.
  • It isn’t easy to groom a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix.
  • It CRAVES attention.
  • It has a curious nature and can mess up drawers and cupboards if left open.
  • It has a lot of energy that must burn to prevent it from getting cranky, so you definitely cannot book playtime elsewhere for a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix.

FAQs Related To The Whippet Shiba Inu Mix

Now comes the most exciting part, answering all your queries, which we are sure, must be tens in numbers.

But we are all prepared to respond to the most commonly asked questions so that you can get quick responses to your doubts in this very post.

So, let’s not wait another moment and get started with the FAQs related to the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed!

Does the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Get Along With Other Pets?

No, (we hope). Just kidding! A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed is lovely and gets along with others quickly, be it humans or animals.

They can be curious at times, but that can be overcome by, you know, bribing them a little by giving them extra hugs and pets for being a good boy.

Also, use positive reinforcement like play dates and doggy daycares, but don’t make it too obvious as they have an intellectual mind of their own.

Is A Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Difficult To Groom?

They can be, yes! In fact, the amount of hair this species shed is insane.

So, in case you want dog hair to exist everywhere from your bed to cupboards and even in the most unlikely of places like your pockets and socks, we suggest that you invest in a good tape roller or vacuum and get them a regular hair cut along with proper baths.

Also, your Whippet Shiba Inu Mix will need daily bushing.

How Should I Train My Whippet Shiba Inu Mix?

Even though Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breeds can be trained easily, it might be a little tricky for some in the initial stages.

Being an intelligent dog, a Whippet Shiba Inu Mix will get the hang of its routine quickly and won’t cause much of an issue, but keeping a firm hand in the beginning, is a good idea.

What Type Of Exercise Will My Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Need?

The energy this little creature has is beyond imagination. Its battery remains charged 24×7 and doesn’t even come close to draining capacity.

The best way to utilise this energy is by taking your Whippet Shiba Inu Mix on long walks and hikes.

Playing catch and setting up an obstacle course for it to run, jump, hop and twirl is also a savvy way to maintain the health of your little furry fellow.

Final Thoughts

Is the Whippet Shiba Inu Mix Breed a keeper or not? You decide! All we can say is that you won’t find a pet like this even if you look for one with a searchlight in hand.

But make sure to adopt one only if you can give it the time and love it yearns, else it will go cranky.

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