What To Look For When Buying A Whippet Puppy

You’ve decided to buy a puppy and you have chosen a whippet. How wonderful! Whippets are lovable, affectionate and devoted companions. Their short coat makes grooming easier than other breeds with long, thick fur.

A whippet is also fairly easy to train because they aim to please. Good choice!

When considering getting any puppy or breed of dog, you should clearly think about the responsibility and, if you have the time, money, patience and love to give.

Sit back, take a deep breath and get comfortable. The following article will answer the many questions you have and you will find out what to look for when buying a whippet puppy.

Plan In Advance

In advance of getting your whippet, there are many decisions to make, things to consider and supplies to have on hand before your whippet comes calling.

Below is a list of items to think about and also to purchase before becoming a pet parent.

  • cost of a whippet
  • do whippets get along with children and other pets if you have any
  • male or female
  • cost of care for: food, treats, toys, bed, blanket, crate, grooming supplies, grooming, veterinary bills (vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchipping)
  • training
  • exercise
  • responsibility
  • patience
  • love

Before your whippet makes an appearance, you should plan to have a space for them that is all their own. whether a crate, or gated room (at first), or a corner of a room.

This area should be comfy and complete with a bed, blanket, toys, food and water. You should puppy proof your house as well, removing any breakables, dangerous objects and hiding power cords that little teeth may find. Puppies should never be given full reign of the house.

Decide What Type Of Whippet You Want

In the 19th century, there were smooth-coated whippets who became the modern whippet of today, and rough-coated, who many believe were a crossbreed of a whippet and a Bedlington terrier, this is the Bedlington Whippet.

There are basically two types of whippets today, the smooth-coated whippet and the long-haired whippet. The smooth-coated is the most common that you will see.

Many consider the long-haired, which is often called the silken wind sprite a separate breed. It is very similar to the smooth whippet but is somewhat smaller with wavy, curly and very soft fur.

Some believe it is actually a crossbreed between a whippet and a Shetland sheepdog. This whippet would require a little more grooming because of the longer fur.

Whippets come in a variety of base shades to choose from, for example, tan, orange, cream, red, fawn and black.

The white whippet is rare and there is even a blue whippet, which is a diluted black shade and can give the coat colour from lighter blue/grey to a very dark, almost black shade. Whippets also can have a brindle pattern that is like swirls of colours.

Look For The Best Reputable Breeder

Before covering what to look for in a reputable breeder, I will tell you what traits you do not want in a breeder.

Avoid a puppy mill breeder at all costs. The main goal of these breeders is to strictly make money and they most often offer many breeds instead of concentrating on the best of one breed.

These breeders have absolutely no concern for their dogs, puppies or buyers. Usually, their dogs are kept in very unsanitary conditions that are inhumane.

They breed their dogs continuously and are only interested in having many puppies to sell for as much money as they can make. You will rarely get a sale contract with a guarantee of good health.

Another breeder to steer clear of is a breeder running a business in their backyard. These people may love their dogs, but they rarely have much, if any knowledge of breeding.

They are breeding their dogs for the money, but they have no concept of what it takes to be a reputable breeder. Sometimes these dogs also live in unsanitary conditions and you may get a handshake but rarely a contract.

What you are looking for is a reputable breeder. The Oxford dictionary states that the meaning of reputable is “held in good regard; honourable; respectable.” You need to do some research in order to find a good breeder and it may take a few months.

what to look for when buying a whippet puppy
Image: Andy J Lewis

If you get the chance to go to any dog shows, speak with whippet owners and ask questions.

The reputable breeder you are looking for will have certain qualities and will be concerned about the development, health and welfare of their breed. They are well educated and knowledgeable.

Unlike puppy mills and backyard breeders, this breeder generally deals with only one breed and is an expert in this type of dog. Their facilities are clean and well maintained while working with a veterinarian and keeps health records with the involvement of genetic screening.

You will receive a contract, even two; one a neuter/spay contract and the other a guarantee of health and also an agreement to return your puppy if you are unable to care for them.

Check out breeder’s web sites and get references from veterinarians or friends. Below are some important questions and concerns for the breeder and to check out when you are visiting their facility.

  • how long are they in business
  • do they socialize the puppies and adults
  • do they get exercise
  • what kind of food are they using
  • ask for a tour of the facility
  • view the dogs they are breeding as well as the puppies
  • make sure the dogs are living in sanitary conditions
  • ask if they have a contract or guarantee
  • ask about all prices, what is included (any worming, vaccinations, etc.)

The breeder you choose should not be put out by any questions or anything you’d like to see in their facility. They should also be concerned and questioning you. They will want to know that their puppies are going to a good and responsible home.

Check The Puppies Credentials (Temperament, Health & Ability).

Knowing what to look for when buying a whippet puppy is super important, and once you’ve decided on a reputable whippet breeder, it’s time for the fun part, selecting a whippet puppy!

You must check out the puppies as well as their credentials. The credentials would be their bloodline or history.

Any breeder you deal with should be happy to give you the history of any puppies he has bred. If he is not very forthcoming, then it’s back to the drawing board!

The history of your future pup, parents and ancestors alike, is very important, as this plays a big role in hereditary health as well as genetic defects and behavioural problems.

Here are some tips when observing a litter of whippet puppies.

  • Do not pick the first puppy that catches your eye. Study all of the puppies carefully and don’t be hasty.
  • See puppies together with littermates and with their mother.
  • Spend time observing the interaction between puppies and puppies with their mother and also any humans who happen to be around.
  • Puppies should be active and energetic unless they are napping.
  • Hang out with the puppies but wait and let them interact with you. Whippet puppies are very fun and sociable and they will also be curious too.
  • Take some time with each pup individually and see how they react with you. Play with them with toys and pet them to make sure they don’t show any fear or aggression.
  • If you can be present when they are fed, make sure they are all good healthy eaters.
  • While observing and playing with the puppies, look for any signs of illness.
  • They should be alert with plenty of energy.
  • Their coats should be clean with no dry or bare patches.
  • Their body should not look underfed and skinny.
  • Their eyes should be sunny, warm and without any type of discharge. Their vision should also be good.
  • Clap your hands when they aren’t looking to make sure their hearing is good.
  • Their stride or gait should be easy without any limping or stiffness.

All of these tips will help you in checking the temperament, health and ability of your future whippet puppy.

Choosing Gender

Another decision to make when getting a puppy is what gender of whippet you would like, male ore female? Many people have a personal preference; they only want one or the other.

Listed below are some traits of both male and female with the ladies first. Keep in mind, that all dogs are individuals and all have some of their own personalities, so these traits are not a given.


  • smaller
  • more delicate and graceful
  • some feline qualities
  • more timid
  • easy to housebreak
  • can be stubborn
  • comes into season every 6 months
  • can be a little agitated or clingy when in season


  • larger
  • not aggressive like some people think
  • muscular and taller
  • better at games that are repetitive
  • may be more affectionate
  • easy to housebreak
  • even-tempered

Other Considerations

When buying a whippet puppy. take the time to do some research and also time in choosing a puppy. Don’t be hasty and make sure to choose wisely.

It may be tempting to pick “the runt of the litter,” but if the smallest one hangs back and seems too timid or fearful, it’s not a good idea.

Final Thoughts

Buying a whippet puppy may take several months. It’s best to make sure you consider all of your options and are prepared. By reading the material above, you’ll know what to look for when buying a whippet puppy.

It is a big responsibility being a pet parent. but in the end, you will get a loving companion and so much more.

Hopefully you now know what to look for when buying a whippet puppy and have a clear idea on whether a whippet is for you.

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