Are Whippets High Maintenance Dogs?

Whippets are non-aggressive, gentle, and love to be around humans. Dubbed as poor man’s racehorse’, whippets are popular for their speed and intelligence.

Sometimes mistaken for greyhounds, whippets are an individual breed with their distinctive trim waist and deep chest body structure.

So, are whippets high maintenance dogs? Now, that’s what we’re going to go through in this post and help you decide for yourself as it’s a subjective question. In short, whippets need little maintenance other than regular grooming each week to keep their coat clean.

If you’re considering a whippet, it’s important to know if you can take care of your puppy in terms of care and grooming. That’s one of the most crucial factors when you are considering bringing a new whippet into your home.

Do Whippets Need A Lot Of Maintaining?

The short answer to this question is, no. Whippets don’t need a lot of maintenance when compared to other dog breeds. If you are someone who remains busy throughout the day but wants to own a whippet, this breed is the way to go.

Although all kinds of dogs require ample attention and care, some dog breeds are willing to blend in with your hectic schedule.

Whippets are one of the breeds that can easily fit into your busy lifestyle, making them a great choice for those with busy lifestyles. When it comes to low maintenance, you won’t find many dogs that compare to whippets.

Whippets tend to lay down on their dog bed until you are back home from work, they will patiently wait until you’re ready to take your pup on a walk to a nearby park or garden.

are whippets high maintenance dogs?
Image: Melanie Kawka

The whippet’s smooth, and short coat doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and you can groom them with a brush and a wash weekly. So, if you are worrying about grooming a whippet, don’t fret, it is quite simple and easy.

Like with other pets in your home, you have to check your whippets ears regularly for signs of any kind of infection. Also, keep an eye out for their nails and be sure to not let them grow too long.

Keep in your mind that long nails cause your pet a lot of discomfort, especially when they are running at speeds of up to 35mph.

Therefore, if maintenance is an issue you have been pondering over, it is time to eliminate that concern, not all the dogs are high maintenance and need a lot of attention, and whippets don’t need much maintaining at all.

Ensure that they are fed, watered, have enough exercise and have a clean comfortable bed and you’re pretty much set. These dogs enjoy relaxing on the sofa just as much as they love being out on a walk.

Can Whippets Be Self Sufficient At Home?

Because whippets are house dogs, they can be self-sufficient at home without much effort or worry from their owner. Whippets are comfortable when it comes to staying in apartments, provided you take them outdoors for a good sprint at least two times a day.

This dog breed spends a lot of their time relaxing and the more you provide them with their regular dose of exercise, the happier and healthier they will be.

Whenever whippets get a chance to run, they run fast to quench their thirst and releasing endorphins. Whippets simply hate being cold and don’t like to be around hard surfaces, so ensure you’ve got a comfortable dog bed and a quality dog coat for your pet.

If you are someone who doesn’t like your pet dog to be in your bed or on your furniture, then a whippet may not be the best choice for you.

Remember that whippets have emotions quite similar to that of humans and so they want to be touched and stroked even when they are sleeping or relaxing. Such behaviour says a lot about the characteristic of whippets, which is non-aggressive, gentle and a joy to own.

Whether you live in an apartment or live in a house with little to no yard, this dog would be content in spending a lot of time inside with their owner.

Whippets are a great house pet that love to play inside and settle down on the sofa after a long day of fun and activity.

Apart from their intensity when sporting, whippets are dignified and quiet at home. With their gentle, friendly, and amicable nature, whippets are loving, sweet companions that are quite happy to join in with the family curling up on a bed or sofa.

Are Whippets High Maintenance Dogs?

No, whippets aren’t considered to be high maintenance pet dogs for a couple of reasons. If you are a someone with a bit of a hectic daily routine, you would probably prefer to have a pet that is low maintenance.

Although the cost of owning a whippet is going to be a little higher, it does compensate as they don’t take much looking after and don’t require a lot of money to own and maintain.

While much of the cost of owning a whippet will be spent on grooming, with a whippet, things are a bit different.

You will find that whippets are pretty easy to groom without much complication, they don’t require a huge amount of food, and the exercise requirements can be managed effectively in a short time.

All you have to do is brush their coat one or two times a week so that it doesn’t get dirty or start to matt.

To keep your pet clean and tidy, you have to give them occasional baths using dog shampoos and conditioner. However, you also need to check their ears from time to time too to make sure that no wax forms on the inside.

If you find any kind of wax formation, along with a decent amount of dirt, you have to clean them as soon as possible as this is a sign of infection.

Nails must be trimmed regularly so that they can remain comfortable for your pet, and their teeth should be brushed properly to maintain good dental hygiene.

When you are training your whippet, it can be a little trick, but thankfully these dogs are quite easy to train. By having patience and determination during the training sessions, you can make your pet a well-trained companion.

Reasons Whippets Are Low Maintenance

Whippets are considered low maintenance dogs because of certain qualities they possess. You won’t find these qualities in most other breeds which make whippets very unique.

Here are some reasons that make whippets a low maintenance pet dog.

Whippets Are Apartment Friendly

Now, one important characteristic you won’t find in most of the pet dogs you come across is to remain calm while there is no one in the house.

In short, whippets have mastered this art and it is because of their non-aggressive nature. They know how to adjust to this kind of lifestyle and they remain relaxed and calm.

This saves you money from spending on shelter homes or deploying someone in your home while you’re not home or at work.

All you need to do is fulfil their exercise requirements and ensure you’re not leaving them for too long and they will be just fine at home alone.

Whippets Are Easy To Train

Dog training is an integral part of any pet owners routine, as I’m sure you already know. A lot of patience is required to properly train pet dogs, most dog owners tend to hire professionals. This can come with some hefty fees and some come with some sub-par results.

But when you have pet whippet, you don’t even have to hire training experts, these dogs are relatively easy to train. Training your whippet requires little effort and can be done effectively by new dog owners. As such, you can save a huge amount of money, which you can spend otherwise on your pet dog.

Whippets Grooming Needs

This is the section where you may need to spend a little more cash on your pet whippet. Grooming is crucial for all pets and your whippet is no different. But the only difference lies in the fact that whippet’s grooming needs are quite minimal.

For many pet dogs, their coats need to be brushed at least three to four times a week to avoid any kind of fur shedding issues.

Moreover, they are to be bathed regularly to keep them clean and free from skin diseases. With whippets, you don’t have to worry about these issues, and you can keep them clean by giving them occasional baths and some basic brushing.

Other Considerations

Owning a whippet is a perfect choice if you are a first-time dog owner. Whippets are not only friendly and gentle, but they are not very hard to handle.

When you own a whippet, you would be surprised by their grooming and exercise requirements, which are fairly manageable without the serious time and complication.

If you are a someone who doesn’t like loud noise and loves to have a calm environment in your house, the similar characteristics of whippets could surprise you.

are whippets high maintenance?
Image: Chris Huang

Whippets prefer a quiet household without intense shouting and slamming of doors because that makes them nervous and can trigger anxiety. Sensitive to human emotions, whippets love to be around physically active people and pick up on their owner’s emotions and feelings.

Some people like to explore different kinds of activities with their pet dog and if you have a similar taste, a whippet in your household can provide you with the same a fun adventure. Whippets are adaptable, versatile, and you can find them happy both in rural settings and in city apartments.

Final Thoughts

While most pet dogs need a lot of attention and healthcare, some breeds are pretty much adjustable with your busy hectic lifestyle and ready to blend in.

Remember that whippets are not for everyone, but they can be a great companion for anyone looking for an amazing lifetime companion.

As a whole, whippets are not high maintenance dog and don’t require much upkeep at all.

Providing you have enough time to give your whippet around 60 minutes exercise each day and can give them love and attention, these dogs are perfect for a lot of people, especially those with an active lifestyle.

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