How Much Exercise Does A Whippet Need?

Whippets are dogs that are known for there speed and agility, but how much exercise does a whippet need?

Well, it’s not as much as you may first think, although whippets the opportunity to run free, they also enjoy chilling at home in their bed just as much.

Whippets are naturally low in body fat; they have a slim, muscly build that helps them stay thin all year round.

It’s a lot harder for whippets to put on weight than some other dogs, but that’s not to say that your whippet can’t get fat.

Whippets need daily exercise just like all other dogs; this helps them stay fit and healthy and keeps them in good shape all year round.

But how much exercise does a whippet need?

Let’s find out…

Why Do Whippets Need Exercise

Whippets need daily exercise for a variety of reasons, one being that it helps them stay fit and healthy and stops them from getting fat.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a fat whippet as these dogs love nothing more than to run, it’s usually down to some poor choice made from the owner, maybe he’s being fed too much and not exercised enough.

Another big reason why whippets need exercise is the fact that it provides them with mental stimulation, and stops them from getting depressed whilst at home.

how much exercise does a whippet need?
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It’s the same as you or me, if we were to do nothing but stay at home constantly, I’m sure we would start to feel depressed and want to go outside more.

Exercise also helps your whippet’s longevity, they have a much larger chance of living for longer periods if they’re getting a level of daily exercise that can keep their muscles active and their minds stimulated.

Whippets Are Naturally High Energy

Whippets are naturally high-energy dogs, especially as puppies.

They are notorious for their love of running, which is why they need daily exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Whippets were initially bred for hunting here in the UK, and they are still used as working dogs to this day.

They would be used to chase rabbits and other small game and retrieve them to the hunter.

This would involve lots of physical activity and intense running.

Whippets were bred to have lots of high energy and a natural love for running, which is why it’s very important to let them blow off some steam every single day.

Although whippets are mostly pets in today’s age, they still have a deep-rooted instinct and desire to run and chase prey animals.

Their body is built for running, with large leg muscles and low body fat, they have a frame that can rocket off at lightning speeds after prey.

Whippets are the fastest accelerating dogs on the planet, and they didn’t get that way for no reasons.

As a whole, whippets are incredibly high-energy dogs that need the opportunity to run every day; this helps them in a variety of ways and helps them stay happy.

What Happens If You Don’t Exercise Your Whippet Enough

Not exercising your whippet regularly can quickly put your whippet on a downward spiral.

Here are some things that may happen if you don’t exercise your whippet enough;


Just like humans, dogs can suffer from depression.

How would you like being cooped up in the house all day whilst your owners are at work, and when they get home they’re too tired to walk you?

Well, this can lead dogs into a depressive state, which can become severe in some cases.

If your dog is experiencing behavioural changes, such as not eating, not listening, or not sleeping then this could be a sign that your whippet is becoming depressed.


Whippets can also become fat if they are not exercised regularly.

This is sad to see but it is rather common, especially in older dogs.

Whippets are made to be slim, muscly dogs, they should have two to three ribs visible at all time, this is a sign that they are fit and healthy.

If your whippet doesn’t have a couple of ribs showing then he could be getting overweight, which is a clear sign that he’s not getting the exercise he needs.

Behavior changes

A dog that’s not getting enough exercise can become very agitated and start to show behaviour changes.

This could be anything from barking, chewing or toileting in the house.

Agitated dogs also tend to over-groom, which is where they lick themselves far too much.

If your whippet is showing any of these changes then it could be a sign that he’s not getting enough exercise.

How Much Exercise Does A Whippet Need?

Now that we know why whippets need exercise, as well as some signs to look out for which may indicate that they’re not getting enough.

Its time to look at how much exercise does a whippet need?

You may think that whippets require a ridiculous amount of exercise because of their love for running and their slim build, but it’s actually not true.

Whippets don’t require much more exercise than a dog of a similar size; they need around 40 – 60 minutes of exercise per day.

This gives them the opportunity to run and stretch their legs, but you may also want to spread this out over the course of a day, as your dog will need to go to the toilet as whippets have a small bladder.

The reason whippets don’t need a ridiculous amount of exercise is that they are small dogs, and after 40 – 60 minutes of being outside running, they become tired easily.

These dogs are sprinters, not marathon runners, so they don’t require hours of running each day.

As long as they get the opportunity to run each day, they’ll be happy, fit and healthy.

How far can a whippet walk?

Whippets can walk very far if they need too, but they do get tired if they’re off the leash and running around a lot.

On long walks it’s important to keep your whippet hydrated and ensure he has food in his stomach before hand for energy.

The level of exercise a whippet need may vary from dog to dog, as those that have working whippets will want to exercise their whippets more frequently to keep them in tip-top shape, and those that race their whippets will want to do the same.

However, those who don’t race or work their whippets and have them as purely pets can stick to this guideline.

How Much Exercise Does A Whippet Puppy Need?

Whippet puppies are just adorable, they’re cute, loving and are incredibly small.

Whippet puppies generally have incredible amounts of energy and require more exercise but in short bursts.

This could be several short walks per day or play sessions, this will be more beneficial than one huge walk for a puppy as he needs time to rest and recover.

how much exercise does a whippet need?
Image: bbartlomiej

Whippet puppies also have an incredibly small bladder, which means they need to be able to go to the toilet more frequently than adult whippets.

Every puppy is different, and the more time your spend with your whippet puppy the more you’ll get to understand when he needs to go to the toilet and how often you should take him for walks.

Generally, whippet puppies need around the same level as exercise as adults, only in shorter bursts, so four or five short walks per day should do the trick.

One thing you should remember with a puppy is that exercise is a great way to socialize and get your whippet used to other dogs, it doubles up as exercise but also helps him grow and understand his surroundings more.

Speak to your vet or breeder about how much daily exercise is needed for your whippet puppy, but as time goes on you’ll gain a better understanding of how much exercise your whippet needs.

Final Thoughts

So how much exercise does a whippet need?

Not as much as you may first think, they need around 40 to 60 minutes of physical exercise each day.

This will help keep your whippet happy, as well as fit and healthy.

This level of exercise does vary from dog to dog, as if you have a whippet that’s in training for a race, he will naturally need more exercise than a pet.

Whippet puppies need around the same level of exercise; only they need it in shorter bursts, as they get tired a lot quicker than adult whippets.

How far can a whippet walk?

Very far, they love to be in the ourdoors and take long walks with their owner.

But they also get tired quickly too if they’re running around a lot, so the longer the walk the more time on the leash is what I usually opt for.

They also have a smaller and weaker bladder, meaning they’ll benefit more from short burst walks than one big walk.

Exercise has a ton of benefits for dogs, from keeping their brain stimulated to keeping them slim and living longer.

Hopefully, you now know how much exercise your whippet needs, and have a better understanding of signs that your whippet may not be getting the correct level of exercise.

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