Black Whippets: A Full Guide

If you’re looking for a new whippet to bring into your home and are considering a black whippet, then you’re in the right place.

Although black whippets aren’t very rare, they are some of the most beautiful dogs on the planet. These dogs are loyal, loving and make excellent family pets.

In this post, we’re going to go through everything you need to know about black whippets, from their rarity to price and everything in between.

What Is A Black Whippet?

If the name doesn’t already give you a clear indication of what a black whippet is, it’s essentially a whippet that has black fur.

Black is actually one of the base colours of a whippet, meaning it’s totally natural, unlike the colour merle in whippets. This means that black whippets can be purebred as black is one of their natural colours.

There are two types of black that you’ll typically see in whippets. First is black with markings, for example, the whippet may have white toes and a white chest.

The other is a dominant black, which is where the whippet is black from head to toe, with not a section of any other colour.

Are Black Whippets Rare?

As a whole, black whippets are not very rare. As black is a base colour of whippets, it’s quite common to see these whippets regularly.

They are certainly not as rare as merle whippets or blue whippets but nevertheless are still just as beautiful.

Black is the “default” eumelanin colour for dogs, eumelanin is the type of pigment that occurs in dogs. Dogs that have this pigment will have a black nose and usually brown eyes.

Black whippets with markings are the most common type of black whippet, whereas dominant black whippets are rarer.

How Much Do Black Whippets Cost?

If you’re considering a black whippet, you’ll be glad to know that they generally don’t cost much more than any other base coloured whippet.

However, the price of the whippet will largely depend on the dog’s heritage. If the whippet is from racing, show or working background, they will be listed for a premium price.

This is because the chances of that dog and their puppies also being good working, show or racing dogs is highly increased.

Presuming that the black whippet isn’t from any of the above backgrounds, I’ve listed some typical prices for black whippets below.

Black Whippet Puppies

As black is a common colour in whippets, you’ll be glad to know that they don’t cost an inflated price because of the colour of their coat.

That being said, puppies will almost always cost you more than adult whippets because they are in higher demand and the owner can raise them how they see fit.

The average black whippet puppy will cost between £500 – £1500 pounds here in the UK, and around $1000 – $2000 in the US.

This price is based on the puppy coming from a reputable breeder that provides legitimate documentation for the puppy.

Adult Black Whippets

When it comes to adult whippet, you’ll find that these are cheaper because they are not in as high demand.

The average adult black whippet will typically cost between £300 – £700 in the UK and $500 – $1000 in the US.

Adult whippets are just as loving and are usually easier to train than puppies. If you’re a first-time dog owner, it may be a better idea to opt for an adult black whippet as they will require less training than a puppy.

Do Black Whippets Get Along With Other Pets?

If you’re considering bringing a black whippet into your home, then you need to understand how they are with other pets that you may have.

Whippets are social dogs that love to be in the company of their owner, they can experience separation anxiety if they are left alone for too long which can lead to destructive behaviour.

black whippet
Image: andy carter

Whippets and other dogs get along just great, and whippets can even be a great option for those with overweight dogs to help them shed a few pounds chasing after their new whippet friend.

When considering a whippet as your pet, you need to be aware of their high-prey drive. For centuries whippets have been used as racing and hunting dogs.

This means that they have a much stronger natural hunting instinct than other dogs, which can be a recipe for disaster if you have other smaller pets at home.

Pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters can all be seen as prey animals to whippets.

In my experience, if you own any of the above pets I would advise staying clear of bringing a whippet into your home, especially an adult whippet.

If you decide to bring a puppy home, the pets may be able to be introduced slowly in a controlled setting, but this will require lots of patience and attention from you to ensure all pets are safe.

Other Considerations

Now that you know a little more about black whippets than you did before, let’s take a look at what it’s like actually owning one and some other considerations you should bear in mind.

Grooming A Black Whippet

When it comes to grooming a black whippet, they don’t require much coat maintenance at all. These dogs have short, smooth coats that shed naturally.

However, you’ll need to groom your whippet and bathe them at least 1 – 2 times per month as they are indoor dogs.

After all, you wouldn’t want a smelly, dirty whippet running around your home and ruining your sofa with dirt.

Grooming a black whippet is just the same as grooming most other types of whippet, with the exception of Bedlington whippets which have longer fur.

You’ll need to brush their teeth, trim their nails and keep their coat nice and clean to keep them clean and healthy.

Living With A Black Whippet

Living with a whippet is amazing, they’re small dogs that don’t require much room so are perfect for those that live in small homes or apartments.

Not only that, but as they have short and easy fur to maintain, they won’t leave fur all over your home.

These dogs are loving and very affectionate, they love nothing more than relaxing on the sofa with their owner watching a Netflix series.

However, don’t expect these dogs to fight for you should there be an intruder, they are timid dogs that rarely bark, so are certainly not guard dogs.

Whippets have short fur so will require a comfortable warm dog coat, especially in the winter months.

Black Whippets And Children

As whippets are small dogs, they get along great with children. That is providing your children know how to treat a dog, no trail pulling or eye-poking is a good place to start.

You’ll need to be careful when you are out on walks with your whippet and children, as these dogs can run at incredible speeds of up to 35mph.

Meaning when they are off the lead they could become a hazard and may run into your child accidentally.

As a whole, whippets love children, they get along great and will build an unbreakable bond over time. However, whippets are quite fragile dogs, so being aware of what’s going on at all times is important to prevent your dog from being hurt.

Exercising A Black Whippet

When it comes to exercising whippets, often people believe they need hours and hours of running to tire them out.

This is really not the case, around 45 – 60 minutes of physical exercise is more than enough for a whippet.

These are small dogs that tire themselves out quickly when outside, after all, they are sprinters and not long-distance runners.

As long as you can provide your whippet with enough daily exercise to keep them content, they’ll be more than happy lounging at home stealing your snacks whilst you’re not looking.

The amount of exercise your whippet needs will largely depend on their age and if they are racing or working whippets.

Mental stimulation is crucial for whippets to stay happy, so try to incorporate some games with dog toys to keep your whippet stimulated.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has given you a good insight into black whippets and helped you decide whether this is the right dog for you.

Black whippets are beautiful dogs that are incredibly loving and loyal, they love exercise and long walks with their owner and don’t need a lot of maintenance to live happily.

IF you do decide that a black whippet is for you, ensure you find a reputable breeder that has given the pups their vaccinations and looks after their pups properly.

This is crucial if you want a dog that is healthy, happy and free from illness as they grow up.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, feel free to stick around and learn more about whippets, we have a ton of useful information that will educate you on this wonderful breed.

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