How To Go Camping With Your Whippet

I love camping, in fact, I prefer it to caravanning in some cases.

It might have something to do with being in the great outdoors rather than a small metal box on wheels, or perhaps it’s because you don’t have to worry about where you are going to park when your journey is over for the day.

But my number one reason for loving camping is because it means I get to take my whippets.

There’s nothing better than being out in the countryside with my whippets and being able to roam free for a weekend.

Wild camping, fishing, walking, I love every aspect of it.

In this post I’m going to go through exactly how to go camping with your whippet, to ensure that you both have the best time!

Let’s get to it…

Travelling With Your Whippet

When going camping with your whippet, you’ll want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible as often you’ll be driving for many hours before you reach your destinations.

The majority of people will travel by car, however, there are alternatives! You could fly with your dog if you wanted to go somewhere a little further afield.

This obviously does come at a cost but many people do it every year without issue.

Whichever form of travel you use, make sure your whippet is safe and secure in a travel carrier. This will keep them free from injury should you encounter any bumps in the road.

There are many different types of carriers, some are soft-sided which makes it easy to fold down and store away, plus they’re lightweight too.

Don’t let your whippet have any more room than they need as this will be uncomfortable and could even cause injury.

You should always check the size of the carrier to be certain that your whippet will fit inside.

Although it’s a requirement for all whippets to have a passport, they’ll need a microchip and a blood test before they can travel by plane or ferry.

Preparing For Camping With Your Whippet

Preparation is key when it comes to camping with your whippet.

Some dogs may have a higher energy level than others, so it’s important to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Whippets need a lot of exercise and maintaining their healthy diet is a must when going away with your whippet.

If they’re fit, then camping will be no problem as long as you give them plenty of opportunities for exercise.

Keeping your whippet on their leash when not in the tent is also advised, as wild rabbits can become prey to your dog if they’re out of reach.

Whippets are well known for being over-friendly and over-excited when meeting new people, so you might want to think about how this behaviour might be perceived at the holiday park or camping destination then this is also a good idea.

Although, if you’re lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) or Perseids meteor shower while camping, then your whippet will be the perfect companion for unrivaled random running and leaping about in excitement.

Unfortunately, it can’t just be assumed that any old sleeping bag will do when going away with your whippet.

You’ll need to ensure that they have their own bed, as they make your sleeping arrangements less enjoyable if they decide to take a share of your sleeping space.

You will need the below items when going camping with your whippet;

How To Ensure Your Whippet Is Warm And Comfortable

Whippets are well known for their low body fat and incredible speed, this makes them much more susceptible to the cold than other dogs such as Labradors or golden retrievers.

When camping in the wild with your whippet, you’ll need to ensure that they are comfortable and warm all night.

Whippets, like other dogs, will try and curl up as close to their owner as possible for warmth, which is a great idea to keep both of you warm if it’s a cold night!

Make sure that your whippet has an extremely comfortable dog bed (he/she won’t want to get off of it!) and that you have a heavy-duty dog coat just in case.

As Whippets don’t have anybody fat and their fur is so thin, it’s best to keep them inside during particularly bad weather as they will find it much harder to keep warm than other breeds of similar size.

Also, because the whippet is so small, this makes them very susceptible to the wind chill.

It may be a good idea to bring a portable heater with you too, just in case the wind really picks up and it becomes freezing cold.

This is a necessity in the winter months as your pup will be incredibly cold whilst out camping, in fact, it’s not advisable to go camping with your whippet at all in the winter months as it will simply be too cold for them.

Other Considerations

Now that you know what equipment you need when camping with your whippet and how to keep your pup warm.

You’ll also want to bear in mind some of the below to ensure you have the best trip possible.


Before you set off, it’s wise to check if any of your friends or family members suffer from allergies.

This is because dogs, particularly whippets, carry a lot of allergens and can leave behind evidence that many humans simply cannot handle.

Keep their sleeping area away from where your guests will be hanging out and use separate outdoor equipment so you won’t have to explain why someone is sneezing after playing fetch with your pup.

Roaming Radius

This is important to keep in mind when camping with your whippet as you will want it to be able to walk off any excess energy.

For the best experience, you’ll need an area that’s not too remote but also not on top of your closest neighbors.

You can ask other campers if they mind your whippet wandering around while you’re cooking dinner or hanging out by the fire, and always keep it in close enough range so that you can call your pup back to you.


As mentioned above, it’s crucial your whippet stays nice and warm whilst camping, so if the weather is particularly icy, remember to pack an extra sweater and its favourite toy!

But don’t risk bringing your whippet if it’s incredibly cold as they simply won’t enjoy it.


Whilst on your trip, keep your dog hydrated with fresh water. Keep in mind that you don’t want him drinking from the lake unless it’s been properly treated beforehand or you can bring him his own separate bowl.

Make sure you empty and clean it regularly so bacteria doesn’t grow.


Your dog should be fed before you go, as trying to feed him in the wild will only result in a lost food bowl and your whippet’s uneaten dinner.

The last thing you want is for your whippet to not eat his meal and then steal snacks from you from the BBQ.

Ensure you have plenty of dog food for your whippet if you’re camping for a couple of nights, and don’t be tempted to give him lots of human snacks as this is bad for their health.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, camping with your whippet can be an incredibly fun experience for all of the family.

It’s great to have your pup with you whilst out in the wild and it makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Above all, camping with a whippet is a pleasure as long as you’re well prepared and know what to expect.

In short, have fun and remember that your whippet should be considered as part of the family.

Before going on a trip away it’s important to plan ahead so your dog can come too.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post and you now know how to camp with your whippet successfully so that you have a great time!

Feel free to share this post with someone who may find it of value, and most of all, happy camping!

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