Do Whippets Get Jealous?

We all have seen thriller movies where jealousy drives an ex-husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend to do horrible, unthinkable things and even commit murder! Okay; let’s not get carried away!

In the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word jealous has a few meanings but the one I’m going to use is “fiercely protective or vigilant of one’s rights and possessions.” Do whippets get jealous?” Yes, they can and sometimes do because they are protective of you, their possession. They want you all to themselves.

If jealousy is a problem with your whippet or you’re worried it could become one, look no further. Following is some information about jealousy, why it happens, how to prevent it and how to nip it in the bud before it becomes problematic.

Are Whippets Jealous Dogs?

Although dogs are man’s best friend and absolutely love their master’s, studies have proven that dogs do get jealous, especially when their beloved displays affection towards others.

are whippets jealous dogs?
Image: Marcus Gier

Whippets are no exception and can get bent out of shape if you, the one they adore begins to pay a little too much attention to another. Below are some reasons for jealousy.

You And You Alone

Your whippet loves you and wants attention and love from you. They may not like you showing any kind of warmth or tenderness to anyone but them.

If you are single and suddenly a new girlfriend or boyfriend shows up on the scene and even perhaps moves in, this could mean trouble, especially if your whippet was not exposed to them beforehand.


If someone is pregnant in your household your pup may smell different scents, schedules may change and routine is upset. They may sense that something is amiss and begin acting out.

New Baby

With a new baby in the house, something definitely is different in your whippet’s eyes. Everything has changed. Sounds, smells, less attention from the ones your whippet adores.

You are distracted and, not meaning to, may push your best buddy away because of other responsibilities. Your whippet was used to being the king or queen bee.

Problems can arise, especially if you’ve treated your whippet like your child and are now preoccupied with your child. This could be the start of a jealous phase.

New Pets

Having a new pet in the household is definitely a red flag for jealousy. Your whippet may take it in stride and be happy for a playmate, but they may not like their mom or dad showing affection to another.

New Home, New Schedule

A new home or a different job that leaves you with a new schedule could be a set up for some jealousy as well. Your whippet may be frightened about all of the change and begin acting out in a protective way every time you try to leave the house.

Signs Of A Jealous Whippet

There are many tell tale signs that will clue you in that your whippet is jealous. Some are obvious and some not so much.


When others or the newcomer are around you, your whippet may just up and leave the room. They may just disappear or hide.

In Your Face Behaviour

Whenever you are giving your attention to someone else, your pup may try to push in between or even climb up and get right in your face as if to say, “I’m here, what about me!” They may also begin licking your face or hands for attention.

Growling or Starting Fights

If yours is a multi-pet household this could be good or it could go the other way. If you begin paying too much attention to your new pet, the next thing you know your whippet may be trying to push their way right in between and could even exhibit anger with some growling or snapping.


The stage of jealousy that you want to avoid at all costs is if your whippet gets extremely jealous of anyone else that is around you. Displays of growling, snapping or biting is not behaviour you want to see your whippet show.


A new person or pet becomes a member of your family and suddenly your housebroken whippet begins to have accidents in the house. Granted, dogs may have an occasional accident if you don’t get to the door with them quickly enough.

But, if the “accidents” continue, then it probably hinges on jealousy. Something has upset the apple cart. Your whippet may be trying to tell you that they are not at all happy with this new situation in your home and this is how they are going to express their jealousy.


With a new addition to the family, your once well-behaved whippet may begin to exhibit less than stellar behaviour. Chewing, shredding and scratching may begin.

How To Reassure Your Jealous Whippet

Reassuring your whippet will go a long way in removing any jealous feelings and behaviour. Before you can reassure, you should truly know your whippets temperament and their ordinary demeanour.

Observe them and their body language. Just by watching, you should be able to tell if your pup is calm, nervous, restless or content. If jealousy rears its ugly head, you should be able to spot it before it gets out of hand.


Socializing your whippet from the get-go will help you to raise a well-adjusted pup that isn’t fearful of new adventures, people or animals. By seeing you pay attention to others, they will automatically feel this is normal behaviour.

Quality Time

Spending time with your whippet should always be quality time. Playing and exercise should be a priority for you both. Don’t be distracted by television while playing indoors. Give your pup full attention when it’s “whippet” time.


Give your whippet plenty of love from the day you bring them home. There can never be too much of a good thing with love.


Don’t forget the discipline, right from the start as well. Things that have been “no” or off limits before someone new came into your household are still “no.” Just because you may feel sorry for them if they feel jealous of a newcomer, rules should still stay the same. They will only become confused.

No Baby Treatment

Even though our whippets are adorable and we love to cuddle with them, don’t treat them as if they are human babies. This shows a lack of respect for their nature; their canine nature.

Yes, they are a member of the family, but canine and human behaviour are very different.

How To Stop Your Whippet Being Being Jealous

Obedience Training

Obedience training is always a good idea regardless of adding a new member to the family or not. This can also help socialize your whippet as well as gaining a well mannered, obedient dog.

Socialisation and Involvement

If you are bringing a new boyfriend or girlfriend into the mix, have your whippet get to know them first. Let them have some one on one time with your pup and get them involved in playing, walking and even feeding your whippet. Especially if food is introduced, your whippet will think, ” Hey, this new person is pretty cool!”

No Rewards

If your whippet exhibits signs of jealousy, do not reward them with treats to try and distract them. They will continue this game if it means treats.

Also, if they continually try to push in or get in your face when you are giving another attention, disregard or ignore them. By yelling at them you are giving them attention, even though it is negative. No rewards for bad behaviour and no attention either.

New Baby

If a new baby will be arriving in the future, begin early by introducing sights, and smells. Allowing them to smell baby powder or lotion and rewarding them with a treat if they remain calm helps them associate that good things happen when they smell that smell.

Pet Jealousy

With a new pet in the house, once again reward good behaviour with a treat. If your whippet and their new buddy are lying calmly together, give them each a treat. Both will associate this serene time with good things. Who doesn’t like treats?

Activities and adventures should be done with both pets. Rides in the car, walks and playtime are all better together and will help them create a bond. Soon they will be the best of playmates.

One On One Time

Don’t forget to give your pup some one on one time. Exercise and playtime with just you and your whippet is necessary to help them know you are still their buddy.

If there are two pets, take them for separate walks occasionally. If everyone is busy with baby, there’s nothing wrong with getting a dog walker or a friend to play or walk your whippet. They will still get much-needed attention and perhaps even more!

Here Are Three Additional Tips


When necessary, separate your pets or remove your whippet before things get out of hand when they seem a little too jealous of the baby.

Baby gates are an excellent idea so they can have a calm. a quiet place for themselves. A playpen is an excellent idea if your new pet is a small puppy.

Image: Marcus Gier


Exercise helps get rid of pent up energy and anxiety. It helps with humans too. You always feel better after a walk. The fresh air and exercise make for a clear, calm mind. Problems just slip away and your whippet is calmer and less anxious.

Pack Leaders

Keep in mind; you are the pack leader. You are in charge and you make the rules. Your whippet has a pack instinct and mentality. They look to you for guidance. If your whippet begins to exhibit too many signs of jealousy, get help. A veterinarian can point you in the right direction.

Things To Consider

You may not have any problems with jealousy and your whippet. Keep in mind that your whippet has had you all to themselves and by introducing another person, a baby or a pet, they may show signs of jealousy.

They may not want you to bond with anyone but them and become quite unhappy with this love triangle. As they say, “two’s company, three’s a crowd.”

If you know that changes are up ahead, prepare in advance. If someone’s moving in, let your buddy get acquainted with them before the big day.

The same goes for a new baby. Have your whippet become familiar with baby smells, sounds and as many things as you can.

When a new pet is joining the family, try to introduce them a few times on neutral ground ahead of their moving in day. No one likes surprises.

Your pup may not have a jealous bone in their little whippet body and may be welcoming and happy. Planning in advance is the key to a smooth transition.

Final Thoughts

So, do whippets get jealous? Yes, whippets can become jealous. Just keep in mind that your whippet loves you with every little wiggle of their body. If you’re planning an addition to your family, plan ahead, have patience, take it slow and follow your pup’s lead.

If problems arise and jealousy rears it’s ugly head, speak with your veterinarian or a professional trainer.

Chances are your cuddly lovable fur baby will just take it in stride and add a new playmate to the mix.

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