Do Whippets Like To Cuddle?

Whippets are a very affectionate breed of dog, it’s not uncommon for a whippet to constantly want love and affection from his owner.

They love to run, play and spend time with their owner to help build a bond that’s unbreakable.

Whippets are part of the sighthound family, which aren’t particularly known for their obedience.

However, the whippet is definitely the most obedient of the sighthound family.

This is because they want to please their owner and work together to help understand each other, a whippet wants to work with you which is why they can be trained to such a high level without much experience.

In this post we are going to find out, do whippets like to cuddle?

Helping you better understand the reasons why your furry friend wants to be as close to you as possible, and what you can do to help strengthen the bond between you and your whippet.

Why Do Whippets Like To Cuddle?

Whippets are a loving, affectionate breed that loves nothing more than to be involved in family life.

They love to snuggle in close to their owner to help build a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Cuddling your whippet is a great way to get closer with your whippet and develop the relationship, if he’s coming to you for cuddles then you know you’re on the right track.

Whippets may also want to cuddle in with you to help keep warm, they have very short fur which isn’t good for trapping heat.

do whippets like to cuddle?
Image: Angelica

So in the winter months, you may find that your whippet is coming to you for a cuddle more often, which is always a lovely surprise.

If you’re a whippet owner then you’ll know how much these dogs love to cuddle, they’ll push their heads into your chest to try and get as close to you as possible.

Cuddling has been shown to be a great stress reliever for both dogs and humans.

Stroking and talking to your dog for just a few minutes has been shown to increase oxytocin levels in both dogs and humans.

Oxytocin is the love hormone, so giving your dog a cuddle is relieving him of stress and filling him with love, which is why whippets love it so much.

New research has found that human and dog interactions can elicit the same positive hormonal response that mothers have with their infants, it’s incredibly powerful.

How Do Whippets Prefer To Cuddle?

Whippets like to cuddle in a variety of ways, this could be curling up next to you on the couch and simply touching you with his paw.

This is very common and is showing you that your whippet wants to be close to you. It’s almost like he wants you to know he’s there for you.

Another way whippets love to cuddle is to rest their head on your lap whilst sitting on the couch, this is something Bonnie does regularly, she likes for us to be touching which helps her feel close to me.

Other times your whippet will like to cuddle you just as a human would.

If I’ve been away for a few days and come home, I’ll give her a cuddle like I would with a human.

I’ll get down on my knees and wrap my arms around her, she will push her head into my chest and snuggle right in.

There are lots of ways that whippets love to cuddle their owner, whether that be on the couch, with a simple paw touch or snuggling into your chest. 

When Not To Cuddle A Whippet?

There are certain times where you may not want to cuddle your whippet, as like us humans, dogs are not always up for close affection.

For example, feeding time – when your whippets are eating you shouldn’t try to cuddle or interrupt him.

Approaching some dogs whilst they feed may trigger a dog’s protective or guarding response, which isn’t good for building the bond between you and your whippet.

Whippets enjoy personal space, especially when feeding, it’s unlikely that they will respond negatively but this does not make it appropriate for you to interrupt his feeding time.

Another time that you’ll want to pass on giving your dog a cuddle is when immediately after he’s been injured.

When dogs get injured they are in a heightened state of awareness, this could trigger a fight response that leads to aggressive behaviour which you don’t want to encourage.

It’s important to understand your whippet, and once you do you’ll know exactly when to give him a cuddle and when to let him have some space.

You also should not try to cuddle with a whippet that you haven’t bonded with, so if you’re with a friends or family members whippet it’s probably wise not to give him a cuddle unless you’re confident that you can.

This could make a whippet feel trapped or claustrophobic, which can trigger a defensive response that will weaken the bond between you and him.

If you’ve just taken your whippet home for the first time from a rescue centre then you’ll want to build up trust and a relationship with him before you give him a cuddle.

Over time, when trust is built this will become easier, let him come to you and demonstrate affection first so you know what your boundaries are with him. 

Do All Whippets Love A Cuddle?

All dogs are individuals, which means they have different characters and personalities.

This means that some whippets may love to cuddle, whilst some may not. It’s all about knowing and understanding your dog inside and out, as you won’t want to cuddle him if he doesn’t enjoy it.

It’s easy to stereotype dogs and assume that because they are the same breed they enjoy the same thing when this really is not the case.

As a breed, whippets are known to be loving, caring and affectionate, however, this is not the case for all whippets.

Some do not like to cuddle and would much prefer you give them lots of personal space.

You cannot force a dog into being affectionate, some are simply more affectionate than others just like humans. 

Does Your Whippet Like To Cuddle?

You’ll usually be able to tell if your whippet is enjoying a cuddle, as he will push his head further into you and try to get as close as possible.

You should pay attention to his body language too, if he’s squirming to get out then this is a sign you shouldn’t stop and give him space.

Whippets are small animals that can sometimes feel claustrophobic in small spaces, so don’t grip him too tight and ensure he’s got room to release if he wants too.

do whippets like to cuddle?
Image: andy carter

Paying attention to your whippet tail is also a key indicator as to whether or not they are enjoying a cuddle, if it’s wagging then this usually means they are happy.

If the tail is between the legs, then this is uncomfortable for your whippet and not something you should continue with.

If your whippet doesn’t want to cuddle you one day then don’t be disheartened, whippets have good and bad days just like us.

Some days they need more space than others, this doesn’t mean they love you any less. 

Final Thoughts

So do whippets like to cuddle? Generally speaking yes, they love a cuddle!

Bonnie absolutely loves to be snuggled into me whilst on the couch, she’s happy as a larry when we’re touching and this really helps us have a connection that’s unbreakable.

Most whippets are incredibly affectionate and loving dogs that love to be close to their owner, however, some are not.

It’s all about understanding your whippet and paying close attention to their body language whilst your cuddling.

You’ll usually be able to tell if they enjoy it or not, as they’ll either snuggle in closer or want to dash out of there.

What does this mean?

This emphasises the fact that whippets need love and affection, they love physical contact and want to be close to their owner.

Whippets will come up to you and rest their head on your lap at any given chance, they love to be stroked and feel loved.

If your whippet isn’t so keen on cuddling, then you should work on building up the relationship between you so that he feels more comfortable.

Allow your whippet to instigate the cuddle, you don’t want to pressure him into something he doesn’t want to do.

Dogs have good and bad days just like us, some days they may be incredibly affectionate whilst others they may want lots of personal space.

It’s all about getting to know your whippet inside and out so you know that’s going to make his day better or worse.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this post and have learned a thing or two about cuddling your whippet. 

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