Do Whippets Like To Play?

Playtime is an important part of many dogs daily activities, it helps keep their mind and body stimulated which keeps them fit and healthy.

Allowing your whippet to play with other dogs is a great way to socialise and help your whippet make new friends.

This is especially important when your whippet is a puppy as it helps them recognise which dogs are friends, and which dogs to stay away from as they may be threatening.

Games with rules force your dog to use his brain, which helps keep him sharp and focused, especially as he grows older.

If you’re wondering, do whippets like to play?

Then you’re in the right place, as in this post we are going to go through exactly this to help you better understand your whippet and give you some suggestions to enhance your pup’s playtime.

Let’s get to it…

Why Play Is Important For Whippets

We as humans enjoy letting ourselves loose every now and again, it’s a great way to relieve stress and keeps us happy, the same is true for your dog too.

do whippets like to play?
Image: roy saunby

Incorporating playtime into your dogs routine is a great way to enhance his character and develop him into a well-rounded dog.

Here are some of the many benefits of play for your whippet;

Social skills

Allowing your dog to play with other dogs is a great way for your pup to socialise and develop his social skills.

Through this play, your whippet will learn how to interact with other dogs, as well as which dogs may not be so friendly and to stay away from.

Physical health

It’s no secret that whippets love to run, which is why playing with your whippet helps improve their physical health.

Playtime for your whippet is a chance for your pup to run at full speed in a fun environment, maybe that’s playing fetch or chasing after your other dogs. 

Bonding time

Among the many benefits of play for your whippet, one of the most beneficial is that it serves as quality bonding time for you and your pup.

This helps you build trust and an unbreakable relationship between you and your whippet which will last a lifetime.

Your health

There’s no better treatment to relieve stress from a busy day at work than some physical exercise and play with your whippet.

It’s a great way for you to get some exercise and increase your mood, whilst helping keep your dog fit and healthy. 

Mental health

Not only does playing with your dog help his physical health but games which have rules force your dog to use his brain, which helps keep him focused and sharp as he ages. 

Choosing The Right Toy For Your Whippet

Knowing which toy your whippet will enjoy playing with is important, as it’s no good trying to get your dog to enjoy playtime if he’s simply not interested in the toy.

I’ve found that over the years my whippets love to play with frisbee’s, these are toys that fly through the air and allow my whippets to chase the frisbee as fast as they can.

This toy is excellent for helping keep your whippet in shape and can be a challenge and a bit of friendly competition if you have more than one dog.

You may need to do a bit of trial and error to find the perfect toy for your whippet, as all dogs are different and are stimulated in different ways.

I recommend finding a toy that allows your whippet to run, and if also made from strong durable materials so it doesn’t break too quickly.

Check out our 8 best dog toys for whippets for some great advice on the best dog toys for your whippet. 

Whippets Play Different To Other Dogs

Believe it or not, but not all whippets enjoy playtime.

These dogs have a calm, relaxing character which makes it hard to get them going when it comes to playtime.

I’ve owned many whippets over the years, and there’s been one or two that I’ve found it incredibly hard to get to play with.

Sometimes whippets simply don’t want to play, and would much rather curl up on the sofa with their owner.

do whippets like to play?
Image: roy saunby

This doesn’t mean that they don’t love their owner, but simply means they are not in the mood to play or are not feeling up to it.

It’s much easier to get a whippet puppy into the routine of playtime as they can be brought up with playtime part of their schedule, whereas if you’ve adopted a whippet or they are slightly older and haven’t had playtime in the past, then it can be harder to get this type of whippet into playing.

Don’t be disheartened if your whippet doesn’t want to play with you, these dogs are known for not wanting to play often and it takes a lot more than other breeds to get them in a playful mood.

One thing that can sometimes get your whippet in the mood to play is by using a toy that they can chase, such as a ball or frisbee.

This triggers their hunting instinct and they’ll sometimes switch into a hyperactive state of chasing down the toys.

My whippets love any games that involve them chasing something, which is why I use a frisbee as my preferred toy.

Bonnie will chase a frisbee over and over again until she’s exhausted, this is also a great way to get your pup in shape.

How Much Play Time Do Whippets Need?

If you’re lucky enough to own a whippet that loves to play, then you’ll need to decide how much playtime you want to award your furry friend.

There is no ideal amount of time to play with your whippet, but I would advise around 20 – 30 minutes each day is plenty.

This gives plenty of time for your whippet to stimulate his mind and body but isn’t enough so that he thinks every time you’re taking him out he’s going to be playing.

do whippets like to play?
Image: roy saunby

There is a balance between finding an enjoyable, fun amount of time to play, and playing too much, as this can lead to your pup having behaviour problems down the line if it’s not monitored correctly.

Generally speaking, you should play with your whippet once a day for a short period of time, allowing you time to bond and build up your whippets character. 

Tips For Playing With Your Whippet

Before you go looking for the best dog toys for your whippet, here are a couple of tips for playing with your whippet to ensure you both have the best experience possible;

  • Stay in control of the games at all times, so your whippet knows that you’re the leader of the pack and he still needs to listen to your commands.
  • Incorporate some training into playtime by using commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and “lie down”. 
  • You decide when playtime is over, not your whippet. The best time to end playtime is when he’s still eager for more so that he’s looking forward to the next session.
  • Avoid games that involve wrestling, whippets are fragile dogs that don’t appreciate being thrown around too much, this can cause anxiety and ruin playtime for your pup.
  • Incorporate physical activity during playtime, maybe use a frisbee so that your whippet has to run after this and bring it back to you. This helps keep your whippet fit and healthy and is one of your pets favourite activities (running).
  • Don’t include your clothing as part of any games you play.
  • Have patience with your whippet, often they are confused by playing, so be patient until your pup fully understands how to play the game.
  • Avoid using treats during playtime, these should be used for training purposes only.

Final Thoughts

So, do whippets like to play? Absolutely! Whippets love playtime with their owner as it gives the pair of you quality time to bond and strengthens your connection.

However, not all whippets are incredibly playful, so if your pup isn’t as playful as you are, don’t be disheartened or frustrated.

This is part of owning a whippet, they are relaxed and calm dogs that prefer to snuggle up on the sofa and binge watch Netflix with you.

If you’re going to try to play with your whippet, then I recommend using a great dog toy that gets your whippet excited.

Usually, a frisbee, ball or a lure work great for whippets as these tend to trigger their hunting instinct and they’ll chase these toys down rain or shine.

It’s important to get to know your whippet’s character before trying to play with them, it’s not fair to try and force a whippet to play if he really doesn’t want too, so spend time getting to know your whippet inside and out first.

Hopefully, this post has helped you understand a whippets playtime habits a little more, and you’ve learned a few tips that help you make the most out of playtime with your whippet. 

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