Whippet Pitbull Mix: A Full Guide

Whippet Pitbull Mixes, also called the Pit Whips, are among the most loved and unique crossbreed dogs today. With the whippet’s loyalty, agility, beautiful disposition, and swiftness, whippet crosses are getting very popular lately.

Whippets Pitbull crosses are great medium-sized family companions with their parents’ affectionate nature, undying loyalty, and playful energy.

Although they’re produced from highly energetic and powerful dogs, pit whips are very friendly and gentle canines.

If you’re planning to get a whippet Pitbull mix, it’s essential to know more about it to decide if it’ll fit your home and the best way to raise one comfortably.

Kindly read on to learn more about this exciting crossbreed, including its personality, appearance, needs, and care requirements.

What Is A Whippet Pitbull Mix?

A Pit Whippet is an adorable dog produced by mixing a purebred Pitbull and a Whippet. They’re highly loyal, calm, and energetic companions suitable for active households and people who are ready to give them the exercise and training they need.

Although Pitbull dogs are known to be aggressive, they’re generally trainable, obedient, loving, and brilliant canines.

Therefore, mixing a pitbull with the whippet will produce pups that easy to train, friendly, and eager to please.

Whippet Pitbull Mix History And Origin

Pit Whips have been in existence for several decades now. They may have likely started during the dog breeding craze in the 1990s, but the first Pitbull and Whippet crossbreed came during the early 2000s.

To understand more about this beautiful dog, let’s briefly look into its parents’ history.

Whippets are a type of sighthounds that arose in England during the 1800s. However, they’re believed to exist even before this time. There are shreds of evidence showing petite greyhound-like canines in paintings that trace back to the Ancient Egyptian age.

They were bred by crossing English greyhounds and Terriers and later mixed with Italian greyhounds for smoother and elegant skin. Whippets resemble miniature greyhounds, weighing around 28 pounds and stans ate about 18-22 inches in height.

The primary purpose of breeding whippets was to hunt and race. They competed in various coursing games for entertainment and to help owners earn a living, making them be nicknamed a poor man’s racehorse’.

The AKC first recognised whippets in 1888 and ranked 61st in terms of popularity. They’re still famous for their tremendous speed, and most people keep them as couch potatoes.

However, they still compete in various dog competitions like agility and lure-coursing in some areas of the world.

On the other hand, Pitbull dogs are believed to originate in the UK around the early 1800s. They were produced to participate in popular spectator games like bull-baiting. However, this game was banned in 1835, and another sport called dog-fighting started.

Pit Bulls were later crossed with various types of terriers for improved strength and agility. Finally, they arrived in the US in the 19th century, where they were most respected and utilised as herders, guarders, hunters, nannies, and companions.

The Pitbull is generally a strong, confident, alert, protective, but incredibly loving pooches. With their parents’ rich histories and personalities, Pit Whips aren’t only a fashion status but excellent canine buddies too.

Whippet Pitbull Mix Temperament

Both whippets and Pit Bulls are loving, friendly, sensitive, loyal, and energetic dogs, traits that their mixes also take. A Pit Whip will be a very protective, outgoing, friendly, quiet, calm, and affectionate buddy.

However, several factors can determine a dog’s temperament, for example, its training level, socialisation, and hereditary composition.

Therefore, early socialisation and training are pivotal for a well-behaved Pit Whip, considering they can be pretty stubborn and jumpy.

Although Pit Whip’s parents are independent and muscular dogs, they’re sensitive and rely a lot on their owners’ love and company.

Pit whips are no exception too. They hate staying alone for extended hours and can develop separation anxiety or become destructive during this time.

Whippet Pitbull Mix Appearance

Usually, the appearance of a Pitbull Whippet will depend on its parents’ coat colours, genes, and sizes. In addition, it may either show more, less or fifty-fifty features of the whippet and Pitbull, which usually depend on the parent with more dominant genes.

While it’s a rare breed, you can easily distinguish it from its parents. Most of its features usually resemble that of Pitbull, though. For example, a Pit whip can have a big and broad muzzle, big muscular neck, and round eyes with the whippet’s slim frame.

These aspects make this designer dog a very active and highly adaptable breed. It has the whippets racing speed and the Pitbull’s powerful body. Of course, it’ll need a spacious field to exercise and display its athletic ability.

An average healthy whippet can weigh around 25-60 pounds, standing at about 18-22 inches in height. Hence, it’s generally a medium-sized canine.

Both whippets and Pit Bulls have short coats that come in vast colours and shades. Whippets usually have red, tan, blue, cream, fawn, white, and brindle colours. Some can have combined colours with various kinds of spots, patches, and blazes.

On the other hand, Pit Bulls can have blue, grey, brown, white, black, red, and brindle coat colours.

A whippet Pitbull mix can assume any of the above coat colours depending on its parent’s appearance.

Whippet Pitbull Mix Health

Usually, crossbreed dogs tend to suffer from the common health issues their parents are susceptible to.

Some of the common health problems in Pit bulls and whippets are hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, hypothyroidism, skin allergies, mange, nerve disease, joint issues, arrhythmia, nerve issues, and ichthyosis.

If you want to avoid getting a Pit Whip that’s vulnerable to these issues, it’s best to get your pup for a trustworthy breeder. You should ensure you confirm the pup’s and its parents’ health.

Check if the places they’re raised from are clean and if the breeder has the proper health documentation for the dog.

Although hybrid dogs are generally healthy, they require proper healthcare to be resilient to hereditary problems.

Timely immunization and vet checks can go a long way in ensuring that your canine is always healthy and lively.

Caring For A Whippet Pitbull Mix

A balanced diet, sufficient exercising, good sleep, early socialisation and training, grooming, and timely healthcare are essential aspects of a dog’s wellbeing.

All these aspects are critical if you want your Pit Whip to be happy, contented, and fully enjoy its company.

Feeding Requirements

Several factors will determine the food type and amount your dog should get, including age, activity level, size, and metabolism.

Pit Whips usually require enough food and water to sustain their muscular, active bodies since they are highly playful and energetic dogs.

However, it would be best if you don’t overfeed your whippet Pitbull mix since it’s prone to obesity. Therefore, it’s proper to ask your veterinarian for guidance on the best food type and quantity your pup should consume to avoid giving it less or excess food.

Usually, puppies need foods rich in calories and proteins. However, you should also remember that some high calories dog foods are healthful.

Hence, be very careful of your dog food’s content. You can include both commercial, raw, and homemade foods for a more balanced meal.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming keeps your pup clean and healthy and provides you with a great bonding opportunity with your dog. In addition, grooming your canine from an early age makes it used to people’s touch and become non-hesitant for grooming sessions.

As short-coated dogs, grooming whippet Pitbull crosses is relatively fast and easy. Brushing them once a week with 1-2 bathes every two months will suffice. However, there’s usually no specific routine to dog grooming.

You can clean your dog whenever you feel it’s dirty or stuffy, but you shouldn’t bathe it too frequently to avoid drying out its skin. Nails trimming, pest control, and dental care are crucial for your dog too.

You should regularly check for flea and ticks and use the best method and tools to remove them. You can brush your dog’s teeth and trim its nails about 1-2 times every month. Its sleeping area also needs to be well-kept and sanitized.

Training And Exercise Requirements

Pit Whips are very energetic and sporty canines that require adequate daily exercise to burn off extra energies in their bodies. But, like other dogs, these dogs also need early socialisation and proper training to be disciplined, obedient, and likable little furry buddies.

Your whippet Pitbull cross will love accompanying you to your regular morning walks, runs, and hot-headed hikes. It would help if you also get several dog toys to keep your playful furry friend engaged when you’re busy with other chores.

Your pup can be a little stubborn and independent; therefore, you should ensure you start obedient training him as early as possible. Take him to dog kindergartens, daycares, and busy parks to mingle with other people and pets and see the different environment settings.

If a Pit Whip is adequately cared for, he can comfortably live with their owners for about 8-15 years. They’re highly adaptable and trainable. However, you should be consistent and patient if you want to train your Pit Whip successively.

Is A Pit Whip Right For You?

Whippet Pitbull crosses are perfect furry companions for active owners and homes. They require adequate daily exercises to lower the high energy levels in their bodies, be mentally stimulated, and happy.

They’re generally friendly, loving, playful, and easy to groom. However, if you’re rarely home and not ready for daycare expenses, this dog may not be the best for you because they hate staying alone for long periods.

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