Whippet Australian Shepard Mix: Complete Guide

Are you looking for a highly energetic, devoted dog to accompany you for your daily runs? And a perfect snuggly canine for your movie nights and calm evenings? Then getting a whippet Australian Shepherd Mix wouldn’t be a bad idea.

This crossbreed dog has its parents’ muscular bodies, friendly nature, playful energy, and adorable coats. If you desire to have a slightly larger whippet with high intelligence, feathered skin, and improved adaptability, whippet and Australian Shepherd (Aussie) crosses will provide you what you need.

The behaviour, needs, and temperament of whippet Aussie mixes can significantly determine their lifespan, bond, and happiness with their owners.

Whether you’re looking for a whippet Australian Shepard mix complete guide or information to help determine if this mix is right for you, you’re in the right place.

This post provides detailed info about whippet Australian Shepherd mix, their personality, traits, health, and caring requirements to help you know if it’s a great companion for you.

Lets jump right in…

What Is A Whippet Australian Shepard Mix?

Also called the Aussie Whip, the whippet Australian Shepard mix is produced by crossing a purebred whippet with an Australian Shepard.

It has an amicable, social, and loving personality like its parents.

Aussie Whips have the whippet’s beautiful, slender, sturdy bodies and the other Aussie’s adorable features like fluffy colorful coats and ears.

This dog may portray a mixture of traits and temperaments it inherits from both its parents. Generally, this whippet mix is naturally intelligent, affectionate, perky, protective, and good-natured canine.

The Whippet Australian Shepard Mix History

As a relatively new canine breed, not a lot is known about the Aussie Whips. However, their parents have a rich and fascinating history that can help us learn about them. Aussie Shepards and whippets were bred for different roles many years ago.

Whippets were introduced in England in the 1800s, while the Aussie Shepards originated in the US during the late 1800s. You may wonder why they’re known as Australian shepherds while they were bred in America.

Some theories suggest that Australian Shepherds were created by interbreeding collies and dogs that look like shepherds dogs shipped from Australia in the 1840s—explaining the origin of their name. They were primarily created to be herding dogs.

Aussies became famous for their brilliance, hardworking nature, and versatility, making them an excellent choice for most cowboys during the earlier days. Today, these dogs are still athletic, energetic, and attractive canines for most families and herders.

On the other hand, whippets were created to race and hunt. They were nicknamed ‘a poor man’s racehorse’ for competing in coursing games to help their owners earn a living and social status.

Whippets’ history is relatively cloudy. While some theories suggest they were first discovered in the 18th century, others say they were developed even before the 1800s.

There are ancient paintings and skeletons of dogs resembling the whippet from this period. However, whippets became incredibly famous for their unrivaled speed and hunting abilities.

As a sighthound, whippets are generally independent dogs, but they’re also surprisingly sweet and even-tempered. They make exceptional family companions and working dogs.

While these two dogs have a lot to share, they have distinctive features and traits too. Therefore, their crosses can also have unique characteristics, features, and personalities. Read on to find out more about the Aussie whippet needs, traits, appearance, and health.

Whippet Australian Shepard Mix Appearance

As a crossbreed dog, your Aussie whip is more likely to take the appearance of both or one parent. It usually has the whippets medium-size, taller and slimmer body frame, with the Aussie’s adorable medium-length coats and fluffy ears.

A standard healthy Aussie Whip can measure about 18-23 inches, weighing around 30-60 pounds. A female Aussie whippet will likely be a smaller size than a male one.

Both whippets and Australian Shepherds come in vast coat colours and patterns. Their pups can take any of the colours depending on their parents’ appearance.

The standard Aussie coat colours are black, red, blue merle, red merle, and triple colours (tan, black, and white).

Whippets usually have cream, red, blue, fawn, white, black, and brindle colours. They also have short and sleek skin that doesn’t shed much. Whippet Australian shepherd mixes can either assume this elegant coat or the Aussie’s wavy/straight medium-length coat.

Whippet Australian Shepard Mix Temperament

Like other crossbreed canines, Aussie whips can behave like both or one of their parents. Usually, whippets and Australian whippets are loving, vibrant, courageous, lively, loyal, friendly, intelligent, and charming dogs, so are their crosses.

Your whippet Australian Shepard mix can show a dominant character like its Australian shepherd parent. It’s vital you offer your pup firm leadership to keep it in line.

It can also be a bit aloof with strangers; hence, you should give it early socialisation training to help it live with pets and people freely.

Doggy kindergarten classes, daycare, busy parks, and daily strolls are the best ways for your dog to socialise.

Aussie whippets tend to be predacious since they’re produced from hunting instincts and herding dogs. However, you can train them to control their prey drive and be perfect apartment buddies.

Generally, Aussie whips are energetic, agile, active, friendly, and highly affectionate dogs that can survive very well in active households.

Whippet Australian Shepard Mix Health

While crossbreed pups usually are considered healthy and resilient, they may suffer from various dog health problems common in the parents’ dog breed. Aussies tend to be susceptible to more issues than whippets.

They’re may suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, deafness, epilepsy, cataracts, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Osteochondrosis Dissecans, distichiasis, Collie Eye Anomaly, Persistent Pupillary Membranes, hypothyroidism, allergies, drug sensitivity, Nasal Solar Dermatitis, Detached retina, and cancer.

Whippets are vulnerable to deafness, von Willebrand’s Disease, Eye problems, and Anesthesia sensitivity. Whippet and Aussie crosses are more likely to get any of the above ailments. However, these complications are avoidable by breeding only healthy parents.

Therefore, it’s essential to procure well-bred puppies. It would be best to avoid Puppy mills as most of them don’t care about the pups’ health; they mostly care about profits. You’re advised to buy your furry buddy from a reputable breeder or rescue center.

Besides purchasing a healthy pup, you should ensure your dog gets all the necessary jabs and timely healthcare for an extended lifespan and comfortable living.

Caring For A Whippet Australian Shepard Mix

Dogs aren’t much different from us humans. They require appropriate care and maintenance to be healthy and happy.

Usually, your dog will need adequate sleep, food, exercise, socialisation, training, healthcare, and proper grooming to be the happy and fun canine buddy you desire.

Grooming An Aussie Whip

Like their parents, Aussie whippets don’t require much grooming. Weekly brushing with 1-2 baths every two months will keep your dog’s coat clean and disentangled. Please do not wash it more frequently to prevent its skin from drying.

Whippets are low shedders while Aussies are moderate shedders; therefore, there mixes shed too. Getting a well-functioning vacuum cleaner and appropriate brushes will be vital.

Other essential routines to include in your dog’s grooming routine are nail trimming, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and pests control solutions.

Both these breeds are non-hypoallergenic; hence, they may not be a perfect choice for allergic individuals.

Feeding An Aussie Whip

Several factors usually affect a dog’s feeding habit, including age, size, activity level, and metabolism. It’s essential to ensure your pup gets adequate food and a balanced diet. Therefore, it’s best to know the right food type and amount to feed your dog.

Knowing what food is suitable for your puppy and the correct amount they need will help you not underfeed or overfeed your pup. If you don’t know how to feed your dog correctly, it’s recommendable to talk to your vet for further advice.

To curb their wolf-like nature, you should also include raw food in your Aussie Whip’s feeding schedule. Remember to remove feeding bowls after every meal if you didn’t want your dog to overeat and become obese.

Training And Exercising An Aussie Whip

Adequate daily exercises and proper training are essential for an obedient, disciplined, fit, and healthy canine. Your pooch requires early training to curb any indecent behaviour and temperament to become a responsible companion.

For quicker results, incorporate positive reinforcements and praises to motivate your dog. Also, make the training sessions brief, exciting, and engaging to prevent your dog from getting disinterested or bored quickly.

Aussie whippets require daily practices to burn off excess energy, get mentally stimulated, and stay healthy. Typically, they need about 30-60 minutes of exercise every day. You can buy dog toys to keep your pup busy and engaged when you’re not playing with him.

Besides training, food, exercising, and grooming, your dog will need a comfortable, fit, and warm sleeping area for better rest after playing the whole day.

Although most dog owners tend to ignore their canines’ sleep needs, it’s an essential aspect of their existence. Enough sleep helps your puppy grow both mentally and physically.

Final Thoughts

Whippet Australian shepherd mixes are excellent family dogs, but not for less-active households that can’t offer them the exercise and stimulation they need. As highly playful and energetic dogs, Aussie whippets require regular activities to live well and happily.

They’re excellent options for people for medium-sized, agile, sturdy, hardworking, yet very affectionate and good-natured canines. Aussie Whips are also very sensitive and may not be happy being left alone for extended periods.

They’re a great canines for families with kids and owners who are mostly out and about during the day. However don’t leave them tfor too long as they can become anxious.

Hopefully this post has given you a better insight into the whippet Australian Shepard mix and you’ve learned a thing or two about this beautiful crossbreed.

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