Whippet French Bulldog Mix: Ultimate Guide

The whippet’s adaptability and the French Bulldog’s big personality can make you admire to own a whippet French bulldog mix.

Although these two dog breeds have differing dispositions, they’re friendly and affectionate canines that enjoy their owners attention and make excellent family dogs.

If you intend to get a whippet Frenchie mix as your next furry companion, you may wonder how it looks and behaves or if it’s actually a suitable choice for you.

This article aims to answer such concerns by extensively discussing every essential detail you should know about this whippet mix.

Read through to the end to learn the history, behaviour, appearance, health, and caring requirements of a whippet frenchie to know if its suits your home and lifestyle.

Let’s get to it…

What Is A Whippet French Bulldog Mix?

Commonly referred to as a whippet Frenchie, the whippet French bulldog mix is a pooch developed by crossing a purebred whippet and a French Bulldog.

The French bulldogs are small dogs that adapt fast to new homes. They love to play and can be excellent companions for families that have or don’t have children. These dogs are mostly preferred for their attractive traits, appearance and personalities.

Whippets are medium-sized canines famous for their swiftness and elegant traits.

Both the French bulldogs and whippets are loving, loyal, affectionate, playful, and muscular dogs, traits that also reflect on their mixes.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix History

The birth of hybrid dogs started about two decades ago, so their history is usually shallow. However, it’s easier to understand more about them by reviewing their parents’ backgrounds.

Below is a quick overview of the history of the French Bulldog and whippet to help you know about their mixes.

The Whippet

Whippets were also called snap dogs’ or the poor man’s racehorse’ due to the tasks they used to do in the earlier days.

They originated in England during the late 18th century and were primarily created to hunt and race.

They’re sighthounds bred from terrier and greyhounds. Whippets nowadays still resemble the miniature greyhound, and people rarely use them as hunting dogs.

However, they still compete in many canine competitions like flyball, rally, lure coursing, obedience, and agility.

Whippets are even-tempered, gentle, outgoing, and caring dogs with extremely playful energy and slim, muscular bodies.

They need plenty of daily exercise and love to relax or cuddle with their owner when they’re not playing.

As hunting dogs, the whippets’ prey drive is usually high. But it’s also very managable, so don’t worry too much about this.

Whippets are known to be great all-purpose dogs. They excel as family companions, working canines, and even as show dogs.

Their poised posture, elegant looks, dynamic, and warm character make them a suitable addition to most homes.

The French Bulldog

French bulldogs were produced to be smaller versions of the original Bulldogs, and people purposefully kept them as companion dogs.

At first, you may think that this dog breed originated from France, but that’s not true. They originated in England.

They acquired the French Bulldog name when England’s lace workers migrated to France to get better opportunities and migrated with them.

It was a famous breed among European and France citizens before being noticed by the Americans.

French bulldogs are generally loving and intelligent dogs who enjoy human contact. It may be the wrong choice for an individual looking for an outdoor pup that can stay home alone for extended periods.

This dog is a true lover and will enjoy pouring its companions with endless love in return.

However, French bulldogs need firm and consistent leadership due to their mischievous and humorous character.

They are good watchdogs and alert canines you can sustain with moderate exercise, proper training, and care.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Temperament

A whippet french bulldog mix is an outgoing and charming dog with quirky and playful energy. It can have the whippet’s even temper and swiftness, allowing it to chase after anything that moves or looks like prey.

This mixed dog is going to need regular exercise to keep its athletic and energetic body fit.

It can also have the French Bulldog’s protective character and unique appeal. It’ll hate to stay solo for long hours, so it’s best to leave it with someone who can watch it whenever you’re not home.

Usually, a pup’s temperament can also be affected by other non-hereditary factors like socialisation and training.

Therefore, your dog should get proper training and adequate socialisation at an early age to be an all-rounded companion.

You can take him to the park, invite visitors regularly to your home, or take him to daycares, strolls, or busy environments to interact with other pets, sights, sounds, and people.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Appearance

Predicting the appearance of hybrid dogs can be a bit tricky as it’s determined by both their parents and the degree of their genes’ dominance.

Whippets and bulldogs have entirely different postures.

Whippets have deer-like legs, broad chests, tapered faces, arching backs, swan-shaped necks, little rose-like ears, big round eyes, and dark eyes, nose, and rims.

Bulldogs have low-slung bodies with short-nosed and square heads, broad chests, thick, strong limbs, and wide, muscular bodies.

A whippet French bulldog cross can inherit a mixture of the above looks based on the parent with higher dominant genes.

For example, it can take the whippet’s slender bodies or the Bulldog’s bat ears and stocky, muscular stances.

It can also come in several coat colours and patterns depending on its parents’ skin appearance. Whippets and bulldogs usually come in various skin colours, including red, fawn, red, cream, black, white, blue, and brindle.

However, whippet frenchie coats are usually short-coated like both their parents and have average body sizes.

Your whippet Frenchie will weigh approximately 16-40 pounds and stand at about 11-21 inches when fully grown.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Health

Like most dog breeds, a whippet frenchie cross can suffer from health problems common in its parents’ gene pool.

While it’s not a guarantee your dog will get these health issues, it’s still best to know them if you’re planning to procure this dog species.

Whippets usually are prone to deafness, eye problems, Addison’s disease, arthritis, von Willebrand’s disease, heart murmurs, and anesthesia sensitivity.

On the other hand, French bulldogs tend to suffer from hip dysplasia, allergies, hemivertebrae, brachycephalic syndrome, patellar luxation, cleft palate, and intervertebral disc disease.

Your whippet french bulldog cross can also be vulnerable to the above ailments. However, well-bred pups tend to be resilient to hereditary issues.

Therefore, you should ensure you buy your puppy from a trustworthy breeder who prioritises their dog’s health.

It’s highly advisable to avoid puppy mills as most of them are after profits and tend to breed poorly-bred canines that get exposed to diseases easily.

Caring For A Whippet French Bulldog Mix

All dogs need to be adequately fed, groomed, trained, exercised, and socialised to live a happy, long, and comfortable life.

A whippet frenchie mix can live for around 9-15 years with proper care, providing you with nothing but constant love, fun, and experience.

This dog is among the easiest hybrid canines to groom. Its short and low-shedding coats only require weekly brushing and monthly washing to remain clean, combed, and striking.

However, it’s good to invest in essential grooming tools and an effective vacuum cleaner to keep your dog and home clean.

As an active and playful breed, this whippet cross requires regular exercise and mental stimulation to lower excess energy levels in its body and stay focused. Unlike the purebred whippet, this dog will only need a medium exercise level.

Food is another crucial need for your dog. It’s advisable not to overfeed this breed as they can become chunky quite quickly.

Therefore, it’s essential you know the right food type and food quantity your dog should take.

If you’re unfamiliar with the best food types to give your dog, you should reach out to a veterinarian for further guidance.

Obedience is a very vital trait in dogs, but it doesn’t come naturally to them. They need proper training. Hence, you should ensure you start training your dog as early as possible to be a submissive and disciplined lad.

Training this dog breed can be quite challenging due to its high intelligence. However, you can ensure it’s successful through consistency, firm leadership, the proper training techniques, and patience.

It would help if you broke the training periods into short, fun, and engaging lessons to get your dog’s full attention.

Use positive reinforcements and remember to praise your canine whenever it acts correctly. However, you should be careful not to give it excess treats as it can cause it to be obese, making it susceptible to many health problems.

Dogs also thrive more on sleep to grow physically and emotionally, especially puppies. Getting a warm and comfortable bed can go a long way in ensuring your dog’s happiness, health, and satisfaction.

Is A Whippet French Bulldog Mix Right For You?

A whippet Frenchie mix is a warm-natured, gentle, and energetic dog suitable for anyone who can give it the time, exercise, and care it needs.

This dog will enjoy spending most evenings snuggling with you and about 30-60 minutes of daily activities or games.

This dog tends to develop separation anxiety and get destructive if left alone for more extended periods. Therefore, you should plan for daycare expenses if you’re hardly home during the day.

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