Whippet French Bulldog Mix: A Complete Guide to the French Bullwhip

Whippet French Bulldog Mix

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to the Whippet French Bulldog Mix, also known as the French Bullwhip. If you’re eager to discover:

  • The unique temperament of the French Bullwhip
  • The training and grooming needs of this mixed breed
  • Health concerns and expected lifespan

Then you’re in the right place! This guide is packed with detailed information to help you understand this fascinating breed mix better. So, let’s get started.

Quick Whippet French Bulldog Mix Facts

Size: Medium, standing 11 to 15 inches (28 to 38 cm) tall.
Coat: Short and smooth.
Energy: Moderate.
Suitability for Children: Good.
Life Span: 9 to 15 years.
Temperament: Balanced, agile, affectionate, and easygoing.
Training: Intelligent and energetic, but requires consistent training.
Grooming: Minimal, with occasional shedding.
Friendliness: Generally sociable and friendly.

Origin of the French Bullwhip

The French Bullwhip, a special mix of Whippet and French Bulldog, doesn’t have a well-recorded start. This interesting blend is quite new, and its exact start is still unknown.

Breeders probably started mixing these two breeds to make a dog that has the Whippet’s quickness and nimbleness with the French Bulldog’s small size and friendly nature.

Origin of the Whippet

The Whippet’s history goes back to the late 18th or early 19th centuries, but their exact beginnings are a bit unclear. We can find pictures of smooth-coated dogs that look like small Greyhounds as far back as the 1400s.

These early Whippet-like dogs were mainly used to chase hares across open fields. They were perfect for this job because of their speed and agility. But, they aren’t known for their scent-tracking skills.

The breed, which looks like Greyhounds and Italian Greyhounds, comes from Northern England. Here, they were often used by poachers. The name “Whippet” is thought to come from the phrase “to whip it,” showing their fast movement.

But, the Whippet breed as we know it has only been around for about 200 years.

Origin of the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog’s origins can be traced back to England in the 1800s. They were first bred as smaller Bulldogs. At first, they were loved by lace workers in Nottingham. These workers liked their small size and playful character.

When a lot of these workers moved to France during the Industrial Revolution, they took their cherished dogs with them. The breed soon became popular in France, which is how they got the name “French Bulldog.” Their unique bat-like ears, which were not common in their English counterparts, became a key feature of the breed.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Appearance

Whippet French Bulldog Mix, puppy

The French Whippet looks like a perfect mix of the slim Whippet and the sturdy French Bulldog, giving it a balanced, sporty build. This mix is both calm and fun-loving, making it a popular choice for many families.

This dog is both patient and playful. This makes it a great choice for many families.


The colour of a French Bullwhip can change a lot, showing the wide range of colours from its parent breeds. The Whippet’s smooth coat can be solid black, white, cream, or fawn, or a mix of these colours.

On the other hand, the French Bulldog’s small body can have brindle, fawn, white, or piebald. So, a French Bullwhip can have any mix of these colours, making each puppy uniquely lovely.


The French Bullwhip usually measures 11 to 21 inches (28 to 53 cm) tall and weighs between 16 to 40 pounds (7 to 18 kg). They might have bigger heads like a French Bulldog, but still have the loose skin and droopy ears typical of the breed.

Typical Temperament Traits

The French Bullwhip is famous for its even-tempered nature, combining quickness and a protective instinct. This mix is very friendly, doing well in family settings and showing a love for play. But, early socialisation should be encouraged to help them feel at ease around others.

Long spells of being alone might cause worry or damaging behaviour, so regular activity and company are important. Strong, steady leadership is also needed to handle their playful character.

Whippet Personality

Whippets are known for being sensitive and in tune with their human friends. They do well in calm settings. These dogs are full of energy and love to run and play.

But they can also fit into a more relaxed lifestyle, often seen cuddling with their owners. Their quickness and agility make them great at activities like flyball, lure coursing, and racing.

Whippets are kind and loving, traits that make them good as therapy or mental health service dogs. Their strong instinct to chase and their curiosity make them playful.

They might be a bit shy with strangers at first, but they soon become friendly in a safe and comfortable place. Like Boxer mixes, they are affectionate and love spending time with the family. They need a basic level of care and upkeep.

French Bulldog Personality

French Bulldogs are loved for their friendly and relaxed character. They’re usually called “clownish” because they’re fun and entertaining. Even though they’re small, they have a big personality, full of charm and a bit of stubbornness.

They’re known to be great friends, creating strong connections with their human families. Their alertness also makes them top-notch watchdogs. But, they can be a bit clingy, needing regular training to handle.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Combined Temperament

The Whippet French Bulldog mix has a lovely mix of traits from both parent breeds. This breed gets its sensitivity and emotional understanding from the Whippet, and its loving and relaxed nature from the French Bulldog.

The result is a breed that is both fun-loving and gentle, making it a great pet. They are known to be friendly, enjoying the company of their human family and other pets.

Their smartness and desire to please make them quite easy to train. But, they do need regular, positive reinforcement training methods.

Raising a French Bullwhip Puppy

Raising a French Bullwhip puppy needs a mix of exercise, training, and grooming. Regular trips to the dog park, walks, or even exciting hikes and runs are needed for their physical growth.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix, Puppy, Outside

Training should be tackled with patience and steadiness, using positive reward methods. High-value rewards like treats and toys can be very effective. If you need extra help, professional training is a good idea.

Grooming is another important part of their care, with weekly brushing to get rid of loose hairs and dirt from their coat. Bathing your Bullwhip puppy every 2-4 weeks, or more often if they’re active in outdoor activities like hiking and swimming, will keep them clean and comfy.

French Bullwhip Socialization

Socialising is crucial for a Whippet French Bulldog mix. It helps create a balanced, self-assured dog. This process includes introducing the puppy to different surroundings, people, and other animals. It encourages good interactions.

The aim is to make the dog comfortable in various situations. This way, they can react appropriately and not become fearful or aggressive.

They should be socialised at a young age because puppies are more receptive to new experiences. Also, remember that socialisation should be a positive experience. It should not cause stress or fear in the dog.

Socialisation is an ongoing process, and shouldn’t not stop once the dog has grown up.

Socializing With Other Dogs

When socialising with other dogs, the Whippet French Bulldog mix usually does well. This breed’s natural friendliness, coming from both the Whippet and French Bulldog, makes it friendly towards other dogs.

But, you should start socialising your dog early and keep it consistent. Introducing your dog to different breeds, sizes, and temperaments from a young age can help create good interactions.

Dog parks, obedience classes, or planned playdates can offer great chances for this. Keep in mind, each dog is different, and patience is important in this process.

Socializing With Children

The French Bullwhip is usually good with children. They are gentle and playful, making them a great friend for kids.

But, you should always watch over them when they’re playing to keep both the child and the dog safe.

Kids should also learn how to approach and handle dogs. This helps to build a good relationship.

Training And Exercise

The Whippet French Bulldog mix is a smart and lively breed that needs regular exercise and training. This active dog needs at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to stay healthy and full of life.

This can be walks, playtime in the park, or even agility training, using their sporty nature. It’s also key for this mix to socialise early on. Being exposed to different environments and regular visitors helps to shape a well-rounded pet.

Their smartness and calm nature make them quite easy to train. This is a trait that can be very attractive to first-time dog owners. Even though they are full of energy, they also have a loving and affectionate side. This is a trait they get from the French Bulldog side, making them loyal family pets.

Space Requirements

The French Bullwhip, a blend of Whippet and French Bulldog, adjusts well to different living situations. They can live happily in flats, as long as they get enough exercise.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Lying Down

But, a house with a safe garden is best for their lively nature. It gives them room to play and explore.

No matter the size of the home, don’t forget to offer mental challenges. This keeps this smart breed interested.

French Bullwhip Health And Care

The health of a French Bullwhip can be affected by both parent breeds. This mix might get a variety of health problems, so regular vet visits and a good diet are key. But, each dog is different and may not develop these inherited health issues.

The French Bullwhip might inherit health issues from its parent breeds. Regular check-ups and a balanced diet are necessary. However, each dog is unique and might not necessarily develop these inherited health problems.

Grooming Requirements: Do French Bullwhips Shed?

The grooming needs of a French Bullwhip are quite simple. Although there’s no direct research on shedding, given the short coat of both parent breeds, we can safely guess this mix will shed a fair bit.

Regular brushing can help control this and keep their coat in good condition.

The dog’s larger, floppy ears, passed down from the French Bulldog, should be checked often to avoid infections.

Whippet Health

Whippets are usually healthy but can have some health issues. These can be heart problems, eye problems, and a skin condition called alopecia. They can also get von Willebrand’s Disease, which affects blood clotting.

Because of their low body fat, Whippets can be sensitive to changes in temperature. They might need more care when it’s cold.

Regular visits to the vet and a good diet can help keep them healthy.

Sources: PetMD

French Bulldog Health

French Bulldogs, even though they look strong, can have many health problems. These include brachycephalic syndrome, a breathing problem common in flat-faced breeds.

Hip dysplasia, a joint problem, is also common, as is patellar luxation, a knee problem. Eye problems like cherry eye and cataracts can happen, and skin problems are common because of their skin folds.

Also, French Bulldogs can easily become overweight, which can make these health problems worse. Regular vet visits and a good diet can help control these conditions and make sure your French Bulldog is healthy and happy.

Sources: PetMD

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Health

The health of a French Bullwhip is usually good. However, they might be prone to health problems common in their parent breeds.

Feeding them high-quality dog food, like their parents, helps their healthy growth. You should get a puppy from a trusted breeder who focuses on health to avoid inherited problems.

With the right care, including good feeding, grooming, training, exercise, and socialising, a French Bullwhip can have a comfortable and happy life. Their short, low-shedding coats need weekly brushing and monthly washing for the best grooming.

Life Expectancy

The Whippet French Bulldog mix usually lives for 9 to 15 years. This lifespan can be extended with the right care. This includes balanced meals, regular grooming, consistent training, plenty of exercise, and good socialisation.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Life Expectancy Comparison Chart

To make sure you get a healthy pup, you should pick a breeder who cares more about the breed’s health than making money.

Known for their patience, playfulness, and friendliness towards strangers, the French Bulldog mix is a lovely companion for many years.

Rescuing A French Bullwhip

Choosing to give a home to a French Whippet is a fulfilling choice. These flexible dogs are known for their patient and playful nature.

They’re also friendly towards strangers, making them a lovely addition to any family.

But, you should make sure that the dog you’re rescuing comes from a good source. Stay away from puppy mills and instead choose rescue centres that put the health and happiness of their dogs first.

Where to Find A Whippet French Bulldog Mix Puppy

Finding a Whippet French Bulldog mix puppy can be a thrilling adventure. This well-liked mix is known for its fun-loving nature and appealing features. It’s a mix of two loving, faithful, and strong breeds. As a result, their puppies are often wanted for their unique mix of traits.

While there are other Whippet mixes, like the Whippoula, the French Bulldog mix stands out for its friendly attitude towards strangers and easy care. But, you should find a trustworthy breeder who puts the health and happiness of their dogs first. This makes sure you’re bringing home a puppy that’s had a good start in life.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Breeders

Finding a good breeder for a French Bullwhip needs careful study and thought. They should put the health and happiness of their dogs first. They should give health checks for both parent breeds and be open about any possible health problems.

A good breeder will also know a lot about the breed and be able to answer any questions you might have. They should also care about the type of home their puppies are going to. If you can’t find a specific breeder for this mix, think about getting in touch with breed clubs or rescue groups for Whippets and French Bulldogs.

They might be able to guide you. Don’t forget, adopting a mixed breed dog can be a great choice too, giving a loving home to a dog in need.

Adopting a Mix Breed Dog. Cost and Challenges

Adopting a mixed breed dog like the French Bullwhip can be a rewarding experience. However, it comes with its own set of costs and challenges. The adoption price can change a lot. It’s affected by things like the dog’s age, health, and the specific rescue group. Puppies, for example, often cost more to adopt than older dogs. This is because they’re popular and need extra vaccinations.

Whippet French Bulldog Mix Outside

A challenge of adopting a mixed breed dog is the unpredictability of their traits. We’ve talked about typical traits of the French Bullwhip. But, each dog will have its own unique mix of traits from its Whippet and French Bulldog parents. This can make it difficult to guess their future size, look, and temperament.

Another challenge is the chance of health problems. Mixed breed dogs can inherit health issues from either parent breed. So, you should be ready for possible vet costs. You should talk to the rescue group about the dog’s health history and any known problems.

Despite these challenges, adopting a mixed breed dog can be a very fulfilling journey. You’re not only getting a new family member but also giving a deserving dog a loving home.


We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about the Whippet French Bulldog Mix below.

What are the different names for a Whippet cross French Bulldog?

The Whippet French Bulldog mix is known by a few names. It’s often called the French Whippet. A less usual name for this breed is the Whippoula.

Does the French Bullwhip Breed Bark a Lot?

The barking habits of the French Bullwhip can change, but they usually bark a fair amount. This is due to their parent breeds, which are not known for barking a lot.

But, each dog’s personality and situation can change this.

They should always get enough training and socialising to control their barking well.

Is the Whippet French Bulldog Mix Breed Intelligent?

The Whippet French Bulldog mix, also known as the French Bullwhip, is a smart breed. These dogs learn quickly and are easy to train, making them a great choice for new owners.

Their cleverness, along with their lively and sporty nature, means they need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to stay fit and active.

Their devotion to their owners and friendliness to strangers further show their balanced intelligence.

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