Whippet Pug Mix: A Popular Cross

Whippet pug mixes are among the most loved designer dogs today, and it’s evident why. The Pug’s squishy face and attractive character, mixed with the whippet’s sweet nature and even temperament, produces uniquely beautiful, perky, and loving pups.

These pups have a unique appearance and personality and may require specific care requirements different from their parents.

If you want to obtain a whippet pug mix, but you don’t know if it’s the appropriate choice for your home, don’t worry; you’re in the right place. This article discusses everything you need to know about this crossbreed dog.

Read on to learn more about whippet pug cross, including its behavior, look, grooming, feeding, training, exercising, and other care requirements to fully enjoy the joy associated with owning this dog and decide if it’s fit for your home.

What Is A Whippet Pug Mix?

Whippet pug mixes are a result of crossbreeding a purebred whippet and a purebred pug. These dogs are usually very active, humorous, affectionate, sturdy, and energetic dogs.

Since they’re bred from toy and medium-sized dogs, whippet pug crosses are compact dogs, but they’re very spirited and playful.

Pugs usually are socially confident dogs and enjoy being around people, not on their own. They’re highly adaptable and can survive in almost any environment so long it’s maintained well. If you want a hunting or guard dog, you’ll not get that from a pug.

They enjoy sitting on people’s laps and getting constant attention and affection for their owners. However, they’re also playful and love living it up in their unique trivial ways.

On the other hand, whippets are generally speedy and energetic dogs ready to go anytime they’re signaled. Although they’re perky and relatively independent, whippets are loyal, obedient, and like to please their owners.

A whippet will enjoy snuggling with you on the couch and appreciate more if you also give it sufficient exercise. Whippets are naturally friendly, loving, and gentle, with dynamic bodies and playful energy.

Whippet pug mixes have the above Pug’s and whippet’s personalities and more. Here is a brief detail about the whippets and pugs to help you understand more about their crosses.

The Whippet

Whippets were developed to hunt and race many years ago. It’s believed they came from England in the 1800s by crossing terriers and greyhounds.

They acquired various nicknames in the ancient days for competing across multiple coursing competitions to help owners earn a living and status.

Whippets still compete today, and they’re excellent family canines. They’re popular all-purpose dogs for excelling as both working and show canines. These dogs have a high prey drive due to their hunting instincts and can quickly chase after prey.

Their even temper, gentleness, and loving nature make whippets excellent therapy dogs. They’re poor watchdogs because they rarely bark.

But if you want a canine that loves passionately and ready to accompany you in your morning runs and hikes, a whippet can be your best buddy.

The Pug

Commonly described as the canine family’s clown, pugs are surprisingly humorous pooches that love showing off. Their origin dates back 206 B.C to 200 A.D during the Han dynasty. Pugs were valued more by the Chinese Emperors and lived lavish lives. Some even under soldier protection.

With big dark eyes and wrinkled, squishy, round flat faces, pugs seem a unique and exciting breed to have. Pug is a Latin name believed to mean a ‘fist.’ These dogs were christened this name because their faces look like a human fist.

Pugs are lively and sturdy canines and are always ready to play. They’re genuine lovers and always flourish if they’re loved back. Pugs also like being the center of attraction. They’re adversely affected when ignored and left alone.

Whippet Pug Mix Temperament

Whippets and pugs were bred for different purposes; hence their mixes’ personalities aren’t usually guaranteed. However, all dog crossbreeds tend to inherit their purebred parents’ traits.

A pug whippet cross will inherit both of its parents’ traits, with one parent’s features being more, less, or fifty-fifty, depending on the breed with dominant genes.

Generally, both whippets are charming, loving, energetic, and energetic canines, so are their mixes. Whippet pug crosses are sturdy and vibrant like their parents and will require enough exercise to burn off extra energy.

Initially, pugs were primarily produced to be lap dogs, and they can be very snuggly and sensitive. Although whippets are independent thinkers, they love cuddling and relaxing too. Therefore, the mixes of these two dogs are cuddly and sensitive too.

Your pug whippet mix will unconditionally give you its love if you reciprocate, and it’ll be troubled staying alone for long durations. It may also be predacious like its whippet parent.

Therefore, it’s safe to ensure your pup is on a leash when it’s outdoors to get hold of it quickly when it decides to chase small animals.

Nonetheless, a whippet pug mix is a friendly, loving, full of character, perky, and affectionate dog that flourishes on love and companionship. They may be mischievous like their pug parent, but it’s nothing that you can’t handle.

Whippet Pug Mix Appearance

Whippet pug crosses are perfect dogs for people looking for a miniature whippet or a slightly bigger pug with a whippet’s temperaments and features. Just like personality, crossbreed dogs inherit their parents’ appearance.

Whippets are medium-sized dogs with deer-like limbs, narrow faces, arching backs, swan-shaped necks, big round eyes, little rose-like ears, broad chests, and dark eyes, nose, and rims.

Pugs are thick-bodied, small-sized dogs with wrinkly, flat, round faces, short snouts, and big round eyes.

Both whippets and pugs come in several coat colours and are short-coated. A whippet pug mix will assume the short coat like their parents, with a unique colour pattern depending on its parents’ appearance.

Since pugs are toy dogs, their crosses tend to be smaller too. An average whippet pug mix can weigh approximately 15-40 pounds with a height of about 11-18 inches.

Whippet Pug Mix Health

Research indicates that crossbreed canines are generally healthier and resilient than purebred dogs. However, it requires careful selection and breeding to produce such pups. Usually, crossed dogs can be vulnerable to infections common to their parents’ dog breed.

Whippets usually are susceptible to eye defects, hypothyroidism, cardiac aliments, congenital deafness, eye issues, von Willebrand’s disease, and cancer.

Pugs tend to ail from epilepsy, allergies, hip dysplasia, nerve degeneration, patellar luxation, and skin infections like staph and yeast infections.

Whippet pug crosses can also get the above infection. Pups produced from carefully selected and healthy parents are more likely not to get these health problems. Therefore, you should ensure to buy your dog from a trustworthy breeder or a rescue center that prioritises its pups’ wellbeing.

Vaccinations and vet check-ups are essential if you want a healthy dog. An unvaccinated canine can pose health risks to you, your family, and your neighbors; therefore, your dog should get its all jabs and immediate medical help when it’s sick.

Caring For Your Whippet Pug Mix

If well-maintained and cared for, pug whippet mixes can live for about 12-15 years. To live with your dog this long, proper grooming, feeding, adequate exercising, training, socialisation, and timely healthcare will be crucial.

One thing you’ll love about your whippet pug mix is its low grooming requirements. Both whippets and pugs are low-shedders and short-coated. Their crosses have the same features too. However, you’ll need to invest in an efficient vacuum cleaner to clean your floors quickly and easily.

Nail trimming, tooth brushing, and pest control are among the critical grooming routine you shouldn’t forget. Kindly get the right toothbrush, toothpaste, and other essential grooming items for your canine.

Your whippet pug cross can love eating like its pug parent. You should help your pup eat responsibly by reducing treats, drafting a feeding schedule, and removing bowls after every meal. You should also be careful not to underfeed it as it will be malnourished.

If you’re not sure of the correct food quantity of your dog, a vet’s advice will always be helpful. Daily exercising can also help keep your dog fit, mentally stimulated and to burn off extra energy in its body. This whippet mix requires about one hour of daily exercise.

Training is also essential for your canine to be obedient and well-behaved. Therefore, you should start potty training and obedience training your pup as early as possible. Use positive reinforcements and praise your puppy for successful and more effective training sessions.

It’s advisable not to give it excess treats during training, or it’ll quickly gain weight. Although whippet pus mixes are naturally friendly and good with people, early socialisation is still vital. Doggy daycares and public parks are great spots for your dog to interact with other people and pets.

Like humans, dogs need timely healthcare to be healthy and live longer. You should ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and get checked by the vet more often.

Final Thoughts

Whippet pug mixes are one of the most popular designer dogs in today’s world. Their loving, affectionate, charming, and playful character makes these dogs excellent families for all types of families.

They’re the best canines for anyone looking for a small dog with both the whippets and pugs characters and looks.

Due to the Pug’s temperament, a pug whippet mix will need endless love and attention from its owner. Therefore, this crossbreed dog can be a wrong choice for busy people who can’t hang out with it frequently.

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