When To Start Training A Whippet Puppy

Well-known as ll-purpose dogs,’ a whippet is ideal for individuals looking for either a working or pet dog. They’re incredibly charming, gentle, even-tempered, loving, friendly, athletic, loyal, and intelligent.

Even though whippets have an appealing temperament by nature, they need proper training to be excellent and well-behaved furry companions.

Most whippet owners, especially starters, usually aren’t sure how and when to start training a whippet puppy after adopting one.

For whippet puppy training to be hassle-free and successful, it requires a high patience level and the use of appropriate skills/approaches.

This article comprehensively elaborates on when to start training a whippet puppy, plus other essential information about whippet training that you should know.

Why Training Your Whippet Puppy Is Important

Ideally, puppy training begins as soon as you bring him home. As soon as your whippet gets home, he’s learning. You should teach him everything you need and expect from him. Some of the merits of puppy training include;

Your Pup Will Learn Life Skills

Training provides puppies with essential skills necessary to live well with other pets and humans.

As much as you think dogs can live easily with humans, they’re still animals, and living with humans can pressure them; they need to learn how to deal with all that.

Eases Stress In Puppies

Failure to train your dog well is an injustice to him and can affect him drastically in the long-run.

Trained dogs usually interact well with people and are generally relaxed and unaggressive. Untrained dogs end up being aggressive, scared, anxious, insecure, and badly-behaved.

Training him is the only way ease him, reduce separation anxiety, and make him feel safer at home.

Minimises Conflict

You should know when to start training a whippet puppy to socialize with other animals and humans. Dogs lacking this skill usually feel uncomfortable around other canines, pets, and people.

They can quickly become troublesome or cause conflicts and injuries to other animals and people, some without even knowing.

Training him helps to make him comfortable and less-anxious with people and pets.

You’ll Understand Your Pup Better

Puppy training offers an opportunity for you to mingle, bond, and understand your pup better.

Enhances Dog Safety

Trained dogs tend to be safer than untrained dogs. For example, a dog that understands he shouldn’t play on the road is less likely to be hit by a car than the one which doesn’t know.

Prevents Behavioural Problems

Training puppies early helps to prevent them from developing behavioural problems, which are often hard to break after they’re fully grown.

When To Start Basic Training With Your Puppy

Training a puppy in other behavioural skills like potty-training and housebreaking is easier after learning basic cues like sit and stay. Therefore, the first most crucial training your puppy needs is a basic training program.

Even though most think puppy training should start at 6 months, it’s best to train your puppy basic commands while he’s still young, as early as 7 weeks old.

However, puppy training should start as soon as you bring him home or starts walking; you should react appropriately to everything he does, or he’ll get things wrongly.

Puppies can learn when they’re at any age. Since whippets are highly intelligent and receptive, training them is relatively easy. The training shouldn’t be too demanding and time-consuming; all it needs is your total commitment.

From the 7th week of your pup’s life, you should teach him daily routines and basic cues that will help direct his life. Controlling and keeping your puppy safe is more manageable if he knows basic cues.

At this age, you can teach your puppy the following things; the location of his water and food bowls, eating schedule, resting spot and bedtime, and the location of his grooming spot.

It would be best to be always consistent on everything you introduce to your puppy since dogs usually thrive on repetitiveness and familiar or predictable routines.

You can begin to housebreak your whippet puppy from weeks 7-8 slowly. Start by showing him the right place you want him to use as a bathroom. It’ll be a bit hard since puppies of this age usually have lower control of their bowel movements and bladders, but it’s still best to start earlier.

when to start training a whippet puppy
Image: Eros Tang

It’s vital to know when to start training a whippet puppy and the considerations necessary to successfully potty-train and housetrain your small pooch.

Don’t frequently ignore those accidents’ your little puppy keeps doing, hoping that he’ll get older and improve. If your puppy learns that he can get away with his accidents, it’ll become a habit, one which stopping won’t be so easy.

You can potty-train your whippet puppy using various methods, for example, crate training, an ex-pen, a litter box, or a dog door that leads to a potty-yard. Crates help to housetrain puppies and also offer a safe space for them to sleep and chill.

One mistake most dog owners normally make is giving their puppies more freedom while in the house, much sooner. Uncontrolled puppies get injured or develop immoral behaviours.

How Long Does It Take To Train A Whippet Puppy

The duration needed to train a puppy to be fully responsive, housebroken, and well-mannered usually varies with the puppies depending on the approach utilised and the age he started training.

Much younger pups tend to learn faster than older dogs, but it will require you about 2-3 months to successfully train a whippet puppy.

Training a puppy doesn’t only mean teaching him basic cues and his life’s routine. It also includes correcting him when he nips or scratches people, keeping an eye on his mouthing and teething, socialising, and giving him the best care and lessons possible for him to be the best furry companion for your home.

So, in a way, training a dog is a continuous and unending task, only that it gets simpler. Between week 9-16 of your puppy’s life, you teach him other skills, routines, tricks, behaviours, and cues to be the perfect dog you want.

Some Of The Skills To Teach Your Puppy Include

  1. Being calm while indoors
  2. Taking toys and food from people’s hands in a gentle way.
  3. Inhibit his biting behaviour. Most puppies bite a lot when they’re teething. It’s best to find various toys, rewards, rubber, and methods to minimize biting.
  4. Emphasize more on the basic commands for them to respond promptly to your orders.
  5. Teach him on-leash manners
  6. Teach him not to bark. Whippets don’t bark a lot, though.
  7. Teach him to walk beside you perfectly without getting distracted easily.
  8. Socialize him more often to help him get used to people and other pets
  9. Exercise is crucial for whippets; they’re extremely athletic and considered the fastest dog in the dog world, running for up to 57km/hr.
  10. Teach him to follow your commands and wait for permissions before they do something.

If you start early enough to train your whippet puppy, he’ll be able to do all the above things and everything you taught him. He’ll be very attentive and willing to do everything you ask him without relenting or fear.

If your puppy is already 6 months old and you have not yet started training him, it’s not yet late for him. You’ll have to teach him slowly from the beginning as if you’re training a 7-8 weeks old pup.

Begin with basic routines and commands that will govern his life, housebreak him, use crate training if possible, and always be consistent.

Some dog owners usually ponder when to start training a whippet puppy when above 12 months old. Well, the routine is still the same, whether your dog is 7 weeks, 8 months, or 18 months old, the order is starting with the essential cues and words, and they include; daily routines, crate training, using similar and correction words, gentleness, household rules, and praise.

If you train your whippet puppy badly, you might end up re-doing all the lessons; only now you’ll have to deal with a grown pooch with terrible habits.

In case you find puppy training a bit hard for you, you seek assistance from an expert, but doing it yourself would be best because you’ll bond more with your dog.

There are various whippet training and survival guidance books you can utilise to familiarise yourself with various practical puppy training tips.

Factors To Consider When Training A Whippet Puppy

Training a whippet without knowing the crucial considerations to keep in mind can make whippet puppy training one hell of a task for you. here are several factors to consider to train a whippet smoothly;

  1. Avoid training when tired since canines are receptive to moods.
  2. Schedule training before meals to motivate your dog more, especially if treats don’t motivate him enough.
  3. Always reward your dog’s success
  4. Ensure the training as brief and fun as possible as whippets get bored quickly.
  5. End training sessions on higher notes for your pup to anticipate more.
  6. Be always consistent.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when to start training a whippet puppy is crucial to teach your dog to be well-behaved and housebroken earlier.

A well-trained puppy will make you enjoy having a dog as a pet and makes the dog feel safe, less anxious, and unaggressive, making him the perfect companion for your home.

Always remember to be consistent, patient, use more rewards, cross-train, and only reinforce acceptable behaviors.

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