What Is A Saluki Whippet?

If you’re looking for a new dog and like the sound of a Saluki whippet then this post is for you.

We’re going to go through everything you need to know about the Saluki whippet, from their average life expectancy, temperament and much more.

The Saluki whippet is a lurcher which has genetics from both the Saluki and whippet.

These dogs have been bred together to produce the Saluki whippet, a dog that has exceptional speed, loving characteristics and a beautiful coat.

So what is a Saluki whippet? Let’s find out…

What Is A Saluki Dog?

If you’re a regular reader here then you’ll be well aware of what a whippet is, but you may not be so familiar with the Saluki.

The Saluki dog is one of the oldest breeds of dogs and was once considered a gift from Allah.

These dogs are popular in middle eastern countries and are often used for hare coursing because of their exceptional speed and agility.

These dogs have been recorded at speeds of 30 – 35mph! Making them one of the fastest dogs in the world, perfect for those looking for a working dog.

what is a Saluki whippet?

The Saluki was specifically bred for speed, strength and endurance, this is evident by their long, narrow head and slim muscular build.

The Saluki is part of the sighthound family just like Greyhounds, Whippets, Scottish Deerhound and the many more.

This means they hunt primarily with their eyesight and speed, allowing them to chase down prey and snatch them up easily. 

What Exactly Is A Saluki Whippet?

A Saluki whippet is a cross between a Saluki and a whippet, this mix pairs two incredibly athletic and speedy dogs.

The Saluki whippet is a dog that many have come to love, thanks to their loving temperament and loyalty to their owner.

They have a distinctive look thanks to their much larger ears than a purebred whippet.

These dogs are devoted to their family and love companionship, they need a lot of exercise as they’re full of energy but also love lounging on the couch with their owner in their leisure. 

How Long Do Saluki Whippets Live?

As the Saluki whippet is a lurcher, which means it’s got a mix of different breeds in its genetics, it’s life expectancy is generally longer than a purebred.

This allows the Saluki whippet to fight off disease and live for up to 10 to 17 years providing the dog has been fed on a healthy, nutritious diet and also has plenty of exercise.

The Saluki whippet is a hardy breed that doesn’t suffer from many health conditions, however, you must be careful as they have thin skin which can easily be cut on barbed fences or sharp objects. 

What Does A Saluki Whippet Look Like?

Spotting a Saluki whippet is easy as they have the fluffy large ears of the purebred Saluki.

These ears are so long that they are bigger than the dog’s head as a whole, helping you spot this dog from far away.

Saluki whippets have a slim build which doesn’t hold a ton of muscle like the bull whippet or purebred whippet, but that doesn’t take away from their athleticism and endurance.

They have short fur which is easy to groom and maintain, making them perfectly suited to a life indoors.

However, they aren’t suited to a confined home or an apartment, as they need plenty of room to run flat out when given the chance. 

What Is A Saluki Whippet’s Temperament Like?

Both the Saluki and whippet are incredibly loving dogs, so combine these two together and you’ve got a Saluki whippet that is loyal to the death and as loving as can be.

These dogs are gentle and have a tendency to bond with a single person, however, this can cause them to suffer from separation anxiety when their owner is away for too long.

Try not to leave your Saluki whippet at home for extended periods, as they will miss you dearly and can become anxious which may result in behaviour changes.

Saluki whippets are reserved dogs that often appear shy at first, however, when they meet friends they come out of their shell and love to play and socialise with other dogs.

As these dogs have a slim build, they love to be comfortable, so be sure to have a nice and comfy dog bed for your Saluki whippet to sleep in so he doesn’t wake up sore in the morning.

Socialising your Saluki whippet is incredibly important, they love to meet new people and be exposed to new experiences, such as the beach and woodlands.

These dogs are immaculately clean, they enjoy being pampered and don’t like to be dirty at all, be sure to give your Saluki whippet a bath every once in a while to keep him squeaky clean. 

Are Saluki Whippets Good Working Dogs?

The Saluki whippet is well known for their exceptional speed and determination, this makes them incredibly working dogs which is why they’ve been used for hare coursing in the middle east for decades.

The purebred Saluki is a large dog which has amazing stamina, allowing them to chase prey relentlessly until the prey becomes exhausted allowing the dog to close in for the catch.

Combine this with the lightning-fast acceleration of the whippet, and you’ve got a dog that is incredibly fast off the mark but also has the stamina to keep up with small prey.

So yes, the Saluki whippet is an incredible working dog and a popular one among that, here in the UK this is a dog that is very popular for hunting, as well as in the middle east and USA.

Are Saluki Whippets Good Family Pets?

As mentioned earlier, the Saluki whippet is a loving companion that would do anything for his owner.

They are friendly, loving and amazing dogs that are well suited to family life.

If you own other dogs and are considering a Saluki whippet, then this is a great choice, these dogs are so fast that they are excellent at helping other dogs lose weight and get fit.

However, if you own other pets such as birds, cats or hamsters then I wouldn’t recommend this dog as they have a high prey drive and can’t be trusted around small pets.

Owning a Saluki whippet is a pleasure for many, they are a joy to walk and are relatively easy to train.

what is a Saluki whippet?
Image: PicPick

They do need at least 60 minutes of physical exercise per day and enjoy being mentally stimulated with games and toys, so before making a Saluki whippet your choice, be sure you can provide this for your pet.

I would not recommend a Saluki whippet for those that live in small homes or don’t have a garden, these dogs love the outdoors and need plenty of room to stretch their legs, they are certainly not suited to apartment life.

You won’t need to worry about excessive grooming with a Saluki whippet either as they have an odour-free coat which sheds only very lightly, meaning you’re home will be kept clean with minimal effort. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has given you a better insight to the Saluki whippet, and you now know if this is going to be the right dog for you and your family.

I’ve never personally owned a Saluki whippet but I’ve been around a lot of them, and can confidently say that these are amazing dogs that deserve a loving family to take care of them.

They are incredibly loyal dogs that love their owner unconditionally, they’re a joy to be around and love to play with kids and other dogs.

The Saluki whippet is a dog that shouldn’t be overlooked as a working dog either, they have incredibly burst speed and are capable of running at speeds of up to 35mph, allowing them to catch small prey easily.

Now you have an answer to your question “what is a Saluki whippet?”, and hopefully you’ve learned a thing or two about this wonderful lurcher.

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