Do Whippets Shed?

Whippets typically have a short, smooth coat that doesn’t give them much protection when it comes to the outdoors.

You’ll have probably seen the adorable photos of whippets all wrapped up in their winter coat, and there’s a good reason for this.

A whippet’s skin is vulnerable to the cold weather; they feel it much more than other dogs as their fur is thin and not very protective.

This also makes whippets much more vulnerable to scrapes, tears and nicks, so it’s very important to keep an eye on your whippet around barbed fences or gates.

In this post we are going to answer, do whippets shed?

To help you understand your furry friends coat a little better and what you can do to keep him protected and safe.

Let’s get to it…

Do Whippets Shed?

When considering a new breed of dog it’s important to take into consideration their coat, as some shed more than others.

A Golden Retriever are heavy shedders that require a lot of maintenance and grooming.

If you’ve ever been in someone’s house that owns a Golden Retriever then you’ll know just how much fur they shed, it gets everywhere. 

But what about the whippet, do whippets shed?

Yes, whippets do shed, although not nearly as much as some other heavier coated dogs, like German Shepard’s, Golden Retrievers or Pomeranians.

do whippets shed?
Image: bbartlomiej

Although whippets shed their coat twice a year, it’s very light, so won’t be enough to have your house covered in dog fur like what a Golden Retriever would have.

How Often Do Whippets Shed?

Although whippets were bred for hunting small animals such as rabbits and rats, the breed has almost always been raised indoors as part of the family.

This is because of that thin coat we mentioned earlier, which makes the incredibly cold in the winter months, but also because they are a super affectionate breed that loves to be around their owner.

Whippets have two seasonal sheds, once in the spring to lose the winter coat and a lighter shed in the fall to shed the summer coat.

This is super low compared to many other dog breeds, and it’s very easy to maintain.

Simply taking your whippet to the dog groomers once every couple of months is how I maintain Bonnie, this way I ensure she stays squeaky clean and also has her nails clipped at the same time.

Whippets are incredibly low maintenance dogs that don’t require much upkeep, their fur isn’t going to ruin your house and make it untidy.

Why Do Whippets Shed?

Do whippets lose hair?

Almost all dogs shed their fur, dogs naturally lose old or damaged hair by this process and it helps keep new hair growing and protecting them.

Although the amount a dog sheds is largely depended on the breed of dog, as well as the dog’s overall health.

It can also depend on the season, as many dogs develop thicker winter coats that need to be shed in the spring, this allows them to keep cool in the hotter months and warm in the cold months.

A dog’s skin has naturally occurring protective oils that help to keep their skin moisturized and gives it that glossy look.

Regularly grooming your whippet will help distribute these oils and help keep the skin and coat looking healthy.

The slight pressure that is applied whilst grooming also helps the dogs with improved blood flow, which is always great.

You do need to be careful whilst grooming a whipped because their thin coat doesn’t offer much protection, so you may find injuries that have previously been hidden, so you don’t want to apply too much pressure whilst grooming.

How To Maintain A Whippets Coat

There are a couple of things you can do to help maintain your whippet’s beautiful coat, the first is regular grooming.

This helps remove the old hair from the surface and helps stimulate your whippet’s hair follicles so that new hair can grow, which keeps his coat looking silky smooth.

You should also control allergies and fleas, which will stop your whippet from scratching at their skin.

Scratching can increase the amount of hair they shed, so make sure that your whippet is being treated regularly with quality tick and flea treatment.

It’s also recommended to take your whippet to the vet once in a while to have a checkup, this will identify any issues that your whippet may have, and help you understand him more and also how to maintain his coat.

Bonnie in my house doesn’t shed much at all, but one thing I do to keep her coat silky smooth is give her a bath once every month or so with an oatmeal shampoo.

This helps her coat stay healthy and strong, it can also contribute to reducing the amount of hair she sheds too.

Dogs shed to get rid of damaged and dry hair, so removing the old hair from the top by brushing and them washing and cleaning the old hair with a shampoo every month or so helps keep the new hair healthy.

Managing Dog Allergies

If you’re like me and suffer from dog allergies, then a whippet is a great option for you.

Whippets and allergies are friends, one doesnt seem to set off the other, for most people that is.

Whippets don’t shed much at all, so it’s rare that they set off dog allergies.

Allergies are a triggered immune response in the body, with symptoms that include puffy eyes, sneezing, coughing and a running nose, it’s really not pretty once they set off.

do whippets shed?
Image: bbartlomiej

If you do have allergies, you should never let your whippet lick you, as this can result in a rash that becomes itchy and red.

You’ll also want to brush your whippet a little more regular than those without allergies, as it’ll help you manage your allergies and also help keep your whippet squeaky clean.

Another tip to manage allergies is to keep your whippet off the couch, and having him spend time outside, whilst you dust and clean the house is a great way to control allergies.

Are Whippets Clean Dogs?

Generally, whippets are very clean dogs.

They avoid getting themselves muddy at all costs, and will even tiptoe around puddles and mud pools to stay clean.

They are great at self-grooming should they get dirty, and often get themselves clean again in no time.

A whippets short, smooth coat doesn’t tend to trap dirt or odours, they rarely smell and if they do it’s not near as much as the smell of some other dog breeds.

Most whippets are incredibly clean, they hate to be dirty and have an elegant way of carrying themselves.

They are not like Labradors where they will bound into dirty water without hesitation, whippets actually don’t like the water, and it’s rare that you’ll see a whippet swimming.

I’ve seen Bonnie in the water once in the last 11 years and that was chasing a duck that went into a pond whilst she was only a puppy.

Believe me, she has never been in since that day!

Final Thoughts

So do whippets shed? Yes, they do.

Whippets, like most other dogs, do shed their fur, which means it needs to be maintained to keep it healthy and clean.

Whippets shed much less than most other dogs; it’s not enough to get your house covered in dog hair.

However, you will want to take precautions with anyone in your home who suffers from dog allergies, as if your whippet is not groomed regularly it could set allergies off.

I suffer from allergies myself, and personally groom my whippet every couple of weeks, and take her to the groomers once every three to four months to be professionally groomed.

This keeps her squeaky clean and keeps my allergies at bay, I find if she licks me or her hair is all over the house that this sets my allergies off.

Thankfully, whippets are very clean dogs, and they try their best to stay away from water and mud, so generally, she’s very clean regardless.

Whippets short fur doesn’t trap odours or dirt, but it’s always good to give whippets a good bath with an oatmeal shampoo every couple of weeks to keep them clean and smelling fresh.

Do whippets lose hair?

Yes, they need to be maintained but they do lose hair around twice a year due to the seaons.

Whippets, like all dogs, need to be groomed and maintained, but it’s not half as much as the likes of other breeds such as Golden Retrievers or German Shepards.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two about grooming your whippet in this post, and now know just how little whippets actually shed their fur.

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