When Do Whippets Calm Down?

If you’re whippets running wild and being hard to train, control and walk than you expected, then chances are he’s still in his infantile stage.

So when do whippets calm down?

It’s different for every whippet and needs to be looked at on an individual basis, however, it’s usually at around 1 – 2 years old when whippets start to mellow out.

You’ll know as they’ll become a lot easier to train and walk, and they’ll love nothing more than to chill out on the couch with their owner.

Many people are under the impression that whippets are wild and crazy dogs, but once they calm down it’s really the exact opposite.

My whippet loves being in her bed at home just as much as she loves being outside; she’s a pleasure to walk and is extremely calm.

Look out for whippet separation anxiety, as if they’re still getting this then chances are they are still too young to be left alone whilst your not home.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means for your whippet to calm down…

What Does A Calm Whippet Mean?

We all know how demanding it can be to look after a small child, they’re hyper, messy, clumsy and love to run riot when let free.

The same can be said for dogs, and whippets are no exception.

Young whippets are full of energy and can be a lot to handle sometimes; they run circles round you and can be hard to get back on their leash.

However, once they get to around 1 – 2 years old, your whippet will start to mature, and become a lot easier to handle.

when do whippets calm down?
Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

A calm whippet is one that is easy to walk both on and off the leader, loves to play but isn’t hyperactive to the point of exhaustion, and loves chilling out just as much as running.

When your whippet starts to mature it can sometimes feel like a different dog altogether, as they’ll suddenly become much calmer and less troublesome.

How Do I Know If My Whippet Has Not Matured

You’ll usually be able to tell when your whippet is starting to mature, as mentioned they can seem like a different dog altogether.

However, there are some signs that will help you understand what stage of life your whippet is currently at;


Adult whippets are no different from other dog breeds, and can also be very destructive if not trained.

Whippet behaviour problems are common when these dogs are young, and they’ll often grow out of these by the time they are 2 – 3 years old.

Puppies can also be very destructive because they are so small they are able to get themselves in a lot of trouble and make quick work of a sofa or table.

when do whippets calm down?
Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

If you’re whippets causing a lot of destruction then chances are he’s still in his infantile stage, and you should look at investing into some dog toys for him to play with instead.

One way to stop your whippet being destructive is to firstly ensure he has toys to play with, but also ensure he’s getting a lot of exercise and is worn out when he’s back at home.

After a year or two, he should grow out of this destructive phase, and will no longer be causing you a nuisance at home.


Whippets are very timid, quiet dogs that rarely bark. I have heard my 11-year-old whippet bark a handful of times, and she only does this when threatened by another dog.

If your whippet puppy is being loud, yappy and a little bit annoying, then there’s a strong chance he’s still in his infantile phase, so be patient and give them time.

Once he gets a little older he should start to calm down and come out of this yappy phase, but it’s a great way to spot a whippets age based on how loud their being.


Whippets aren’t that difficult to train, but can certainly be a handful when they are puppies.

They have energy pouring out of them and just want to jump, run and play all day.

If you’re struggling to train your whippet, or if he’s pulling whilst on the leash and making it difficult, then he’s probably not fully mature yet and may need a little more time.

Once he gets out of this phase, he’ll become a lot easier to train and should stop pulling whilst on the leash (unless he sees a rabbit or small prey to chase).

Whippet behaviour problems may mean that they dog is still too young or has not been trained highly enough.

Toilet time

When whippets get over-excited they can sometimes urinate by accident, this is common in puppies especially as they have a smaller, weaker bladder.

As whippets get older and their bladder grows, it’ll be easier for them to hold it in until its time for a walk.

If you’re finding that your whippet is urinating a lot, this could be caused by separation anxiety. So you may want to spend a little more time with him to keep him comforted and ensure he’s taken for walks regularly.

Can You Leave A Mature Whippet Alone?

When your whippet fully matures at around age 1 – 2, you’ll notice that they are a lot more comfortable with being left alone.

Whippet separation anxiety is common, so if you notice your whippet being anxious then you should comfort him and not leave him alone as much until he is older

Puppies tend to whine a lot and suffer from separation anxiety when being left alone from their owner, which can result in extreme behaviour changes.

It’s not recommended to leave you whippet alone for long periods, but once matured they can be left alone for a little longer, but this is still not recommended.

when do whippets calm down?
Image by steiningeraurora123 from Pixabay

Leaving your mature whippet alone for up to 8 hours can be done, however, it’s not recommended as this can lead even a mature whippet into separation anxiety.

If you do need to go to work for long periods throughout the day, then having another dog to keep your whippet company is a good idea, as they’re incredibly social dogs and love to be in the company of others.

Alternatively, asking a trusted friend or family member to take your whippet for a walk during the day is a good idea to keep them company.

How To Tell If Your Whippet Has Matured

So how do I tell if my whippet is matured?

You’ll usually be able to tell right away as they’ll seem a lot calmer and more relaxed.

They won’t need as much attention and you’ll be able to leave the house without them whining as much or chewing the sofa into pieces.

That’s not to say just because your whippet has matured, that it’s fine to leave them at home for long periods, as they still need love, affection and company like all dogs.

A matured whippet is one that loves to relax and chill just as much as he loves running in the park.

They are calm, relaxing dogs that are low aggression, however, they’ll still chase down any small prey animal they see.

Mature whippets still love to play and have fun, but they’re a lot easier to train and will walk nicely on a leader instead of pulling.

This isn’t the case for every whippet, but I found that once my whippets had matured they were much easier to train and walk on a leader.

However, this can’t be said for all whippets as I know friends who have still had trouble training their whippets even at ages four and five.

Final Thoughts

When asking when do whippets calm down, It can be hard to put a time frame on it, as each whippet calm’s down at different stages.

Generally, whippet calm down at around ages one to two, they’ll start to mature and you may see a difference in their behaviour.

This is usually a good thing, as when they calm down they become much less destructive and a little easier to train when walking on a leader and recalling.

If you’re going to be using a whippet as a working dog, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate when your whippet matures, as they generally become easier to work with and listen to your commands more.

If you have a busy working life that requires you to be out of the house for long periods of the day then you’ll also appreciate when your whippet matures, as they’ll be able to be left in the house for longer periods compared to when they were puppies.

Whippet separation anxiety is common, so be sure not to leave your whippet alone for too long.

It’s still not recommended that you leave your whippet alone for long periods, as even in adulthood they can experience separation anxiety and undesirable behaviour changes.

One way to help a whippet with this anxiety is to have another dog in the house, they’re social dogs that love to be in the company of others.

Hopefully, I have helped you answer your question of when do whippets calm down, and you now know the signs of a calm whippet and what to look forward too.

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