How Long Should A Whippets Nails Be?

One of the essential responsibilities of owning a whippet is carrying out routine grooming. This process involves washing, shaving, nail trimming, and deep cleaning.

Trimming your whippet’s nails is among the most critical aspects of whippet grooming services that you should never forget.

Since whippets can start fussing when you decide to trim their nails, especially during the first procedure, however, with proper training and few tricks, whippet nail trimming can become hassle-free.

This article will look at how long should a whippets nails be, when is the appropriate time to clip your whippet’s nails and how to trim your whippet’s nails. Additionally, it will also look at crucial whippet nail trimming tips you can use when grooming your hound.

Why Trimming Your Whippets Nails Is Essential

Most dog owners believe that if canines get adequate outdoor exercise, they’ll have short, well-maintained nails. Although rough outdoor surfaces can gradually reduce the whippet nails’ length, it isn’t practical.

Since whippets are ideally indoor pets, their nails may develop quickly and hence require routine trimming. When your whippet has long, unkempt nails, the toenails can affect its life negatively. The whippet will look unattractive, and you won’t even enjoy its company.

If you are questioning, how long should a whippets nails be? It would be best to understand the significance of this grooming service. Here are some reasons why trimming your whippet’s nails is essential.

Long Nails Can Affect Your Whippets Health

Whippets that have long nails are more prone to contract infections and suffer joint misalignments. Dirty whippet nails can store germs and predispose your canine to dangerous bacterial and fungal infections.

If your whippet’s nails touch the floor, it can apply pressure on your dog’s toe joint. When this situation is prolonged, the whippet will likely suffer from irregular weight distribution and be more susceptible to injuries.

Your Whippet Will Be Less Destructive Whilst Indoors

Whippets prefer spending time indoors since they have a light coat that doesn’t safeguard them from harsh weather conditions. A whippet that has unkempt nails can be very destructive indoors. First, long whippet nails can cause scratches on wooden flooring.

Secondly, your whippet will likely tear up your furniture if it has long nails. Whippets love lounging on couches and other furniture, which can be detrimental if you don’t trim their nails.

Long Nails Can Make Your Whippet Skittish Whilst Grooming

When you ignore your whippet’s nails, it results in excessive nail growth and causes pain and discomfort to your furry friend. If you attempt to trim your whippet’s overgrown nails, it will be an inconvenient and unpleasant affair.

Your whippet may even associate nail grooming with pain and will always become skittish when you approach it with a nail trimmer. Such an occurrence can develop into a vicious cycle where your whippet will never accept this procedure.

How Long Should My Whippets Nails Be?

Different people have diverse definitions of the ideal whippet nail length. However, the rule of thumb is that your whippet’s nails should be short and should be barely visible. Vets advise that your whippet’s nails should be 2-3 mm when measuring from the quick.

The quick is an inner tissue region found in all dog nails. Cutting your whippet’ nails up to this region should be avoided as it causes bleeding and pain. Since whippets have lightly coloured nails, you can identify where the quick ends can trim them appropriately.

On top of knowing how long should a whippets nails be, you also need to know how often you should trim them. Ideally, it would be best if you cut your whippet’s nails weekly or when you hear its claws clack on hard surfaces.

Monitoring your whippet’s nails can also help you know if they’re too long. If you notice your whippet scratches you during playtime or leaves marks on furniture, it’s probably time for some nail grooming.

How To Trim Your Whippets Nails

When your whippet starts to tap dance when walking on the floor or his claws start protruding outside the paw, you should trim his nails. It would be best if you knew how long should a whippets nails be before starting.

Here are the ideal steps you should follow to trim your whippet’s nails effectively, and they include;

  1. Cleaning your whippet’s legs thoroughly
  2. Prepare the cleaning equipment; they usually have nail clippers, a flashlight (to help trim dark nails), scissors, and some treats such as candy. You can utilize a nail grinder to trim your whippet’s nails safely.
  3. Look for a level and well-lit ground to sit with your whippet sitting lying or sitting beside you.
  4. Locate the right cutting edge to avoid cutting the claw veins. The best trimming range ends immediately before the quick.
  5. After that, proceed by progressively and slowly trimming the whippet’s nails. To get the best results, cut the fur found between paws.
  6. Once you finish trimming all the whippet’s nails, you can soften your canine’s paw with a dog skin softener like paw balsam. If you don’t see any blood, the process was successful.

Some Tips To Consider

Your whippet may not always be willing to stay still during nail grooming. However, you can make your whippet more compliant by using several tricks. Here are three tips that can help simplify your whippet’s nail trimming procedure.

Don’t Rush Trimming Your Whippets Nail

If your whippet seems agitated during nail grooming, it will help if you slowed down the procedure. Try to trim one of your whippet’s toenails and take a short break before continuing. If your whippet starts getting anxious, try to keep it calm.

Use The Positive Association Approach

Cutting your whippet’s nails while feeding it a treat helps it associate the grooming procedure with delicious treats. You can serve your whippet its favourite treat each time you clip one toenail, and with time it’ll love these nail clipping sessions.

Ensure You Have Sharp And Well Maintained Nail Trimming Tools

If you plan to trim your whippet’s nails, it would be best to procure the necessary nail snipping tools. Other than that, you should also ensure the whippet’s nail cutter is always sharp and well-maintained.

Final Thoughts

So, how long should a whippets nails be? They should ideally be 2-3 mm when measured from the whippet’s quick. If you wish to avoid all the adverse effects of long unkempt whippet nails, kindly consider trimming them weekly.

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