Are Whippet Puppies Destructive?

Ah, puppies! Those adorable warm beings that bring a smile to everyone’s face. Whippet puppies are especially sweet with their big doe eyes, long muzzle and velvety soft bodies.

They are just too cute to scold, which brings me to the question, “are whippet puppies destructive?” The answer is “yes.” they can be. Some whippet puppies can be destructive as well as rambunctious and mischievous.

Never fear! Once they get through the puppy stage, just as toddlers with the “terrible two,” adult whippets are quiet, barely knowing they’re around, calm and laid back.

If you’re thinking of adding a whippet puppy to your family, don’t panic. In the reading below, I will give some pointers on how to deter destructive behaviour in whippet puppies.

Why Are Some Puppies Destructive?

There are many reasons why some puppies are destructive and the reasons are not a fault of theirs, and most times, they aren’t doing it on purpose to aggravate you.

In fact, a few of the reasons for destructive behaviour could actually be your fault. Whippet puppies need love, but guidance and a firm owner. Read on for some causes of destructive behaviour in puppies.


This is probably the number one reason for destructive behaviour in puppies. An adult dog will have 42 teeth in their mouth when fully mature.

To make room for all of these teeth, which includes more teeth than humans, ten to be exact, their puppy teeth must fall out to clear the way for the adult choppers.

This process begins around 3 to 4 months of age. This can be painful for puppies causing them to chew on anything and everything to help relieve the pain and destroying many household items in the process if not supervised.


Puppies can chew if they’re hungry. They may be looking to satisfy their hunger, but end up making a mess instead. They can also become sick by ingesting substances that aren’t food and that may be toxic.

Never leave their bag of puppy food in easy reach. They can easily chew a hole in the bag. Puppies also will just keep eating and this could become a medical emergency.


Puppies can be bored. They need toys to keep them occupied and to chew on. Without their own chew toys, they may look to anything you have lying around.


If puppies don’t get enough exercise, they can become destructive. This is how they will release all of that pent up energy. Don’t forget fun and games. This will give them exercise as well as necessary mental stimulation.

Separation Anxiety

When left alone, puppies can suffer from separation anxiety. This can be a reason for destructive behaviour.

They may become so fearful left alone, they can get out of control and even injure themselves while trying to escape, chewing and scratching moulding, doors or anything in their path.

Are Whippet Puppies Destructive?

Whippet puppies can be very destructive just as any puppy can be especially when left to their own devices. All puppies are very curious and whippet puppies are no exception. They can get into plenty of mischief if left unsupervised.

Many owners of whippet puppies sometimes think some of the bad behaviour is cute at first and just part of puppyhood. This idea tends to reach a boiling point when the puppy begins to chew shoes, pillows, rugs, etc..

Then poor little whippet doesn’t seem so adorable. Bad behaviour and chewing is never acceptable behaviour. Your puppy will not understand why it’s cute one day and not the next, giving very mixed signals.

Whippets as adults are calm, gentle and affectionate. Until your whippet puppy is an adult they need guidance and clear boundaries.

If you have rules, stick with them and be firm. This will make for smooth sailing and an easy transition to whippet adulthood.

How To Stop Your Whippet Puppy Being Destructive

For your whippet puppy, chewing is a natural behaviour which can happen because of teething, to get their jaws in shape and even to relieve anxiety.

This, however, can lead to destructive conduct, ruining many items around your home, with some being valuable or sentimental.

Below are some tips to stop and even prevent destructive behavior in your whippet puppy.

Puppy Proofing

Even before bringing your whippet puppy home, you should sweep the area and remove or hide all things that can be chewed, anything valuable or sentimental and especially anything dangerous that puppy can chew on, especially electrical cords. This will eliminate temptation, destruction and accidents.

Provide A Crate Or Safe Area

From the beginning, your whippet puppy should never have full run of your house. Even with puppy-proofing, there is still a lot of mischief that whippet puppies can get into.

You can crate train your pup and this works well for many pet owners even for their adult years. If trained properly and patiently, their crate can become your puppy’s safe haven or spot anytime.

Usually, when dogs become accustomed to a crate, they will usually go in their crates throughout the day to sleep, rest and also to get away when households become too noisy and they crave quiet time.

The crate also keeps them safe and out of trouble when you are away. Crates should only have positive vibes and should never be used for punishment.

if you don’t like the idea of using a crate, your puppy should at least be contained in their own room with a baby gate, especially when new to your home.

are whippet puppies destructive?
Image: Michael Mangold

They can explore their whole area that should include a bed, blanket, toys, water and food. This way they cannot become destructive in your whole house.

You can allow them to explore the rest of your house under supervision always until they are old enough to understand what’s off-limits.


Training should start as soon as your whippet puppy’s paws hit the floor of your home, but in a downscaled way until they get the hang of things.


Giving your whippet puppy plenty of exercise can tucker them out so they are too tired to get into trouble. Whippet puppies need their rest as well.

Dog Toys

Make sure your whippet pup has plenty of toys for mental stimulation. Change them around frequently so they don’t become bored.

Chew toys should be appropriate and puzzle feeders and toys can be purchased that you can place food or treats in and it keeps them very busy trying to extract these tasty prizes. Also, make sure to have plenty of playtime with your pup also.

Discourage, But Encourage

If your pup is delving into bad behaviour, discourage these actions. Don’t yell or get out of control, but be firm. Redirecting their attention to something acceptable is another way, akin to changing the subject. Give them something they are allowed to play with.

if you find them playing nicely with one of their toys, encourage them with praise.


When your whippet takes a liking to table legs, furniture or shoes, there are sprays you can buy, usually with a citrus scent that pups don’t like.

Spraying off-limits items will smell and taste bad to them, causing them to leave these things alone. Sprays are non-toxic.

Whippet Teething

Whippet puppies do have uncomfortable pain from teething and chewing helps them relieve this ache, but they need to have appropriate things to chew. Below are some ideas for chewing.

Acceptable Toys

Provide your whippet with acceptable toys that are specially made just for teething. Some can be placed in the freezer for cooling relief.

If the puppy is less than happy with the taste of the toys, smear some peanut butter on and this will surely change their mind.

Frozen Treats

Ice cubes are not a great idea as your puppy may break a tooth on them, but some frozen edibles are a great idea.

Frozen carrots (puppy size), sliced bananas, apples and strawberries are a great frozen treat that will help puppy’s gums feel good.

Teething Gel

Teething gel is made especially for puppies and is usually all natural, containing clove oil, chamomile and peppermint, which are anti-inflammatories and reduce pain.


Mixing peanut butter, a small amount of yoghurt and any fruit, mashed, that is acceptable for dogs, is excellent for gums, when placed in ice cube trays and frozen.

The end product will be soft, not hard like an ice cube. but cold and feel delightful to them.

Other Considerations

Keep in mind that you are responsible for your whippet and also the person in charge. Sure, whippet puppies are adorable, but they can be a handful and shouldn’t be allowed full reign, with no boundaries.

You must teach them what is okay and what is off-limits. They won’t understand unless you guide and train them.

Final Thoughts

Some final words are that destruction does not have to happen. Offer guidance and supervision always for your whippet puppy.

Give them training and plenty of exercise, toys that will stimulate them and keep them occupied and don’t forget the love. Try to relax and enjoy your whippet’s puppyhood and take it day by day.

Before you know it you will have a calm, gentle and well-mannered adult whippet!

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