Does My Whippet Need A Dog Coat?

Nothing is more exhilarating and fulfilling than having a puppy, and if you’ve selected a whippet, it’s probably because of the popularity of the virtues, a charming and friendly character associated with this breed.

This type of dog breed usually requires a lot of warmth due to their short fur and low body fat.

I know you must have wondered why does my whippet need a dog coat? Well, this article is intended to guide you through this question and expound on more details about whippets’ needs, care, and maintenance tips.

Whippets are a type of dog breed with little bodyweight, tall, long, and skinny with a pointy nose. Thus, these dogs are among the fastest land mammals, bred for racing and hunting purposes; typically, they can race at about 35mp/hr.

As much as they’re swift, they have a warm, cheeky, and lovely charisma that makes them a popular and most owned dog breed. Whether you’re a soon-to-be owner or already have a whippet, this content piece will help you understand why your sighthound needs a coat during chilly days.

Why Does My Whippet Need A Dog Coat?

Whippets have a thin skin layer and low body fat, making them very susceptible to cold and wetness during colder and rainy days. That’s is why these dogs need to be kept warm during the cold season. In most cases, they usually require an onesie, a coat, or jumper to ensure they’re warm, happy, and comfortable.

Most dog owners usually prefer to wait until their dogs are fully-grown to find the best fit clothing, but it’s not right in my opinion. What will your furry friend wear for warmth during that whole time he’s growing up, especially in winter months?

The good news is there’s an array of coats and jumpers for whippets of different sizes and ages.

Bonnie normally shakes her body a lot during cold days. Doing this enables them to warm-up their muscles, or they are simply telling you that it’s time to put their coat on.

So, every time I see her shake, I’ll immediately know what I should do; either get her inside the house or help her wear his cosy cold wear.

Besides cold, whippets also need a coat because they really don’t like rain. This type of dog breed isn’t a fan of water, which is why they usually avoid swimming, rain, and puddles. If you reside in rainy and snowy regions, it’s best to get your whippet a waterproof coat to prevent them from draughts, rain, or wind.

What Time Of Year Will My Whippet Need A Coat?

Dogs can feel what humans feel in terms of weather factor and treatment; therefore, when you feel cold while wearing your best chilling t-shirt, chances are your sighthound feels the same way too. The precise type and time for a whippet to put on his/her coat mostly depend on the location.

For instance, if you’re from the UK, the best time to ensure your whippet wears a coat starts from the early months of autumn. Your whippet will need his coat the whole winter season up to the end of spring.

Nonetheless, the coat can also come in handy during cold nights and days, even during the summer. Therefore, it’s always safe and advisable to have an onesie, jumper, or coat for your less-fury friend at all times.

Can My Whippet Wear The Coat Indoors?

Mostly, whippets wear dog coats while outdoors; however, some may require this clothing while indoors, particularly if placed in cold or draughty rooms.

Other whippets love sleeping with a jumper or onesie because it can serve as their blanket, allowing them to rest comfortably.

How To Select The Best Coat For Your Whippet

Whippet’s coats differ in sizes, colours, and designs. Selecting the best and most appropriate coat for your whippet will require that you consider various factors, such as its size, age, residing location, coats’ cost, and the whippets’ traits.

If you’re looking for the best whippet clothing for the summer season, a tee-shirt, cotton bandana, or lightweight coat isn’t a bad choice. Sighthound tee shirts can be convenient during cold summer evenings while chilling outside around a fire with your BBQ.

does my whippet need a coat?
Image: Dave Gershkoff

If your pup is not more than six months old and it’s summer, procuring an expensive coat can be a bit uneconomical because your dog doesn’t go out a lot this age. You can decide to buy a coat at a reasonable price from any local pet store or our recommended products page.

However, this is different if you’re obtaining a coat to protect your pups during winter. This period is extremely cold and snowy; therefore, you’ll need the warmest and most appropriate clothing for your whippet. Or else, you’ll encounter some toilet training issues if you lack the proper clothes.

One or two-layered fleece jumpers and a coat to put on top of are critical during winter. Or you can simply look for a high-quality warm-coat if you afford it or want to purchase both the coat and jumper. Most people usually prefer to buy a bigger size coat/jumper to serve their pups for a more extended period.

Well, that can work, but you’ll not be protecting your whippet fully. More oversized and baggy clothes allow whippets’ legs to fall out, which isn’t okay since this dog breed type don’t coordinate well when young. Also, draught and cold can easily whip in the clothes and give your pet a chill.

You’ll also need a waterproof coat if you live in rainy regions; this is very crucial for toilet training. Coats meant for rain protection can be a bit bigger if you like, but the inner clothing should well-fitting.

When your dog is more than six months, chances are the older clothes won’t be fitting properly anymore. At this stage, your dog is too big and will be moving a lot, thus necessitating cold protective wear.

Since whippets can coordinate more in this stage, obtaining a larger size cloth isn’t a biggie; however, it’s always best to buy the appropriate size at every stage.

You’ll also note that your whippet’s back shape isn’t straight anymore; it has developed. Now, this is the most appropriate stage to find a better coat for your pup. It’s best to go for washable and easily portable clothing that you can use even during adventures and travelling.

You should find a thick jumper or coat with a nice hound-shaped collar to comfortably protect your pups. Some coats have a fleece lining to boost their warmth degree too.

At nine months, your whippet would’ve already outgrown the previous clothes you purchased. By now, the whippet will be almost at full size and quite lengthy. Now, this is the best time to find your short-fur friend a warm, durable, and proper coat or jumper to get you through all winters and other cold seasons/days.

In 9-12 months, whippets are extremely jumpy, have good coordination, and love to move around a lot and play with other dogs. Therefore, it’s better to find at least two jumpers or a high-quality and warm coat.

Fleece jumpers are more effective because they’re usually warm and long-lasting. There are also jumpers with reflectors for your dog to be seen easily during dark days or oncoming traffic.

The Best Type Of Coats For Whippets

How you’re planning your dog to use his/her clothing will significantly determine the type you should choose. There are coats suitable for both indoor and outdoor use while others are suitable for only one.

For example, waterproof coats are great for outdoor use during rainy and snowy seasons. Wearing such coats indoors is impractical since there’s no water or rain inside the house.

The best dog’s raincoats are made using a softshell, a rainproof fabric attached with a fluffy and soft jersey lining that enhances the attire’s warmth to ensure the insulation and comfort of your lovely sighthound.

Check out our best dog coats for whippets post for some of excellent recommendations.

How To Ensure The Dog Coat Fits

When selecting a coat or jumper for your whippet, you should go for the designs that will not restrict limb movement in any way.

It should have sufficient space for the chest area and ensure it fits the spinal area well.

For the collar’s case, it’s best to procure them when your dog is at least six months. Slim collars are best for younger pups. Having a harness is also not a bad idea, especially if your dog doesn’t know how to walk or for practising purposes.

Martingales are the type of collars for whippets because their heads are smaller than the necks. If you use the standard dog collars, they can easily slip out of them when under duress. That’s why they require wider collars for windpipe protection.

If you can’t find the right coat and collar size for your sighthound, you can go to stores offering custom-made dog clothing and request them to make for you one that fits your dog. Others can modify already purchased coats to fit your dog perfectly. So, does my whippet need a dog coat? Yes, it’s essential for those rainy, draughty, and cold days.

Final Thoughts

Dog coats are pivotal during cold and rainy seasons, particularly for less-fury dogs such as whippets. After reviewing the evidence-based on this article, it’s inherently clear why your short fur pups require whippet wear.

It’s crucial to choose dog wear that perfectly fits your fury friends for easy movement and maximum protection. In case you’ve unused, old, or undersized sighthound wear that you’re not using, you can opt to donate them to dog organizations to help care for other underprivileged dogs.

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